About MechanicsGear

Have you ever wanted to buy a mechanics tool for DIY or your professional work and been confused about which one is best? Or, worse, bought a mechanics tool only to learn later that you did not buy the right one according to your needs? I have, and that is the reason why I started mechanics gear.

The Mechanics Gear mission is straightforward: to create world’s best platform for mechanics and DIY gear reviews.

We believe that the right gear reviews are based on objective and independent testing of each & every mentioned product, with usage experience, ratings, and expert insights that assist you to choose the right product for your particular needs, interests, and budget.

We express our work as “Reviews You Can Trust and Rely On” because of our commitment to create objective, independent, and honest reviews based on our extensive hands-on testing results.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We select the top mechanics products in each category.
  2. Then we collaborate with those products specialist (mostly the mechanics) and finalize the top products of the category.
  3. We purchase all the finalized products and review ourselves, at retail just like you, to assure independence in our reviews and ratings. Note: We will never accept free products for evaluation or paid promotions of any products.
  4. Our Product Testing Teams put the items through detailed comparison, both in our testing lab and the field, and carefully evaluate performance, reliability, and ease of use.
  5. We rate the products, explain why, and give awards like Best Overall, Editor’s Choice etc. to the best.
  6. After our testing and reviews are finished, we publish the content and keep checking the products to calibrate them according to their quality maintenance and latest products available.