Angle Grinder Overheating: Signs & How To Repair

Is your angle grinder not working smoothly? Is it generating a bad odor along with getting heated? Then it’s high time to take an internal tour through your angle grinder and find out where the problem lies.

Don’t worry, as this is a common problem that occurs while using an angle grinder and the good news is you can handle it on your own with a little information which I am going to provide you right now. Keep on reading and find out how to solve this problem.

Angle Grinder Overheating: Signs & How To Repair

Angle Grinder Overheating

Angle grinder performs heavy-duty work and gets heated after a certain time and needs some rest but if your angle grinder gets heated after every short time of use and starts burning your hands or produces a weird smell or produces any kind of smoke then it’s high time you put it off.

This is not so uncommon as an angle grinder is an electrical device that can get damaged at any time, sometimes without even a reason. The good part is you can repair the angle grinder on your own once you find out where the problem is. The common regions where the problem can occur are:

  • Armature: Heated above average
  • Gears: Not much lubricated
  • Fan: Damaged
  • Fields: Dirty with debris
Angle Grinder Overheating


The armature is a component of the angle grinder that produces power. So you can say it is the main component of the angle grinder and thus it comprises cooling units and a fan that keeps its temperature low. If the armature is getting heated above average then the cooling components that keep the armature’s temperature low have collected debris.

Firstly, clean the armature with the contact cleaner and then check if the bars are damaged or not. If you see any bar damaged then it’s time to replace it. After troubleshooting, use the ohmmeter to check whether the armature is in a good working condition or not.


Sometimes the fan of the angle grinder gets broken and thus the ventilation system within the angle grinder stops which produces extra heat inside the angle grinder. You can simply replace the fan in this scenario. But there is one thing that you should check where the fan is located. If the fan is located in the front of the armature then you have to change the whole armature as the fan cannot be replaced alone and if the fan is located at the back of the armature then you can simply change the fan alone.

Signs & How To Repair


When you turn on the angle grinder with dry gears, friction is produced between dry gears, due to which the gears start producing awful smells and ultimately produce heat in the angle grinder. For proper functioning of the angle grinder, its gears should be lubricated. Gears should be lubricated more often. Try to lubricate the gears with oil every third day only if you are using an angle grinder on a regular basis.


The field is the electromagnetic tool in the angle grinder that helps to generate magnetic fields in the system. This tool attracts particles from around and thus dust and debris accumulate inside its structure. Therefore, the field should be cleaned more often otherwise the dust particles won’t allow the angle grinder to perform well and when it makes an effort to perform its task normally, the field gets heated and as a result warms up the whole angle grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if the angle grinder starts getting heated?

 As soon as you feel that the angle grinder is getting too hot you should stop using it and let it cool down.

How often should you grease the angle grinder?

This depends on your use. If the angle grinder is used more often or on a regular basis then try to grease the components of the angle grinder every third day as this is a heavy-duty machine and needs lubrication as much as possible.

Why is my angle grinder not working?

The reason the angle grinder is not working is that it could have accumulated a lot of dust particles. Along with lubrication angle grinder needs cleaning and other maintenance as well for the proper working.

Concluding Angle Grinder Overheating Guide

Angle Grinder’s overheating is a normal problem that can occur at any time due to the negligence of maintenance. But when it gets too heated, wait for it to cool down. Then keep on checking that it doesn’t get heated after short periods.

The troubleshooting of the problems mentioned above is simple and can help you fix your angle grinder all by yourself, without any professional help. Moreover, to prevent angle grinders from such problems maintenance of angle grinders is necessary.

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