Angle Grinder Vs Cut Off Tool: Which One is Better?

Whether working with metal or doing a DIY task at home, you will be needing a tool that can cut different objects. If you are confused you can refer to our article on Angle Grinder Vs Cut Off Tool down below. A detailed comparison is done between them so you can have an idea regarding the performance. They might look similar but have different powers and functions. Read the article till the end so you can invest in a power tool that will fulfill all your requirements over the years.

Angle Grinder Vs Cut Off Tool

Angle Grinder Vs Cut Off Tool

Both the cut-off tool and the angle grinder are lightweight and compact. The cut-off tool can be managed with one hand but you will have to use both hands for working with an angle grinder. They look quite similar but there is a huge difference in the performance and functions. Let us discuss them one by one and then draw a comparison. This will help you choose the power tool that will fulfill all your needs at home.

Angle Grinder

Angle Grinder

Angle grinders have high power and are versatile. They come with a portable design and are lightweight so you can manage them alone at your home. These have motors that produce power from 3 to 7hp. Angle grinders are also known as “Side Grinders” or “Disc Grinders.” and can be used for polishing, grinding, sanding, welding, and metal cutting. These grinders are multi-functional tools that are very handy and can perform well. Check out the best angle grinders with the best performance.

You can deal with several objects by using the side grinders as they can cut a metal piece ranging between 4 inches to 9 inches. The motor or the blades can be changed if you want to get involved in heavy-duty tasks. You can achieve perfection while working with these tools precisely. A number of tasks can be performed easily but it limits your access as the grinder is parallel to its body. You have to be careful while using the disc grinders at home because these are loud and will produce sparks.

Working with angle or disc grinders can be difficult initially but slowly you’ll get a hold of them. The blades are replaceable and have a cover for protection. The grinders have a high-powered motor so they move a lot, hence you should use both your hands for a strong grip. These can help you perform tasks quickly which saves a lot of time but you might get more tired.


  • These have a powerful motor that works efficiently.
  • The design is ergonomic and user-friendly.
  • The blades and attachments can be replaced easily.
  • They can cut thick metal objects.
  • The blades are covered for protection.


  • These are not recommended to use for making precise cuts.
  • They can make you tired quickly.
  • Angle or disc grinders can be heavy and make you tired.

Cut Off Tool

The cut-off tools are very much handy and can easily be used with one hand. These are light, compact, and portable. They use a motor that has a power of 1hp and is only capable of cutting thin and lean metal sheets or pieces. Unlike the angle grinders, these can be used for cutting purposes only. They have a length of 6 inches and are capable to cut 3 inches thick steel or metal sheets.

Cut Off Tool

Cut-off tools are used to get those perfect cuts as they help you work with utmost precision. They are extremely easy to use and come with two options. You can either choose a wired or a wireless tool for your convenience. These are highly affordable and do not require much of your effort while working. You can carry them around the house, unlike other tools that come with heavy attachments.

Angle grinders tend to miss out some places as they limit your access but it is the opposite in the case of the cut-off tools. They reach the tiny spots and cut them with accuracy. Out of the two versions, the air-powered tools are mostly used by the common people. These are not very efficient and will take a longer time to complete a task.

Working with cut-off tools is relatively easier than any other tools used in the fabrication industry. Two power sources such as electricity or air can be used to power these user-friendly tools. They are widely used by people who like experimenting at home or own automotive shops. One of the reasons for them being common is their affordability and convenience.


  • These are small in size and very handy to use.
  • Cut-off tools can be wired or wireless.
  • They are extremely affordable and are available in two versions.
  • These can be used to get detailed and precise cuts.


  • Additional attachments cannot be added or replaced.
  • These are only suitable for cutting thin metal sheets.
  • Cut-off tools are not appropriate for heavy-duty tasks.
  • The blades are fixed and cannot be changed.

Major Difference Between Angle Grinders and Cutt-off Tools:

While comparing the angle grinder vs cut-off tools, we found some differences and similarities between them which are important to know if you plan on investing in any of these tools.

Angle Grinder Vs Cut Off Tool

Working Mechanism

As discussed above, both of these tools have different working mechanisms. The angle grinders can be heavy depending upon the additional attachments so they have to be managed by using both your hands. Moreover, they work fast and can make your arms feel tired quickly. Whereas when you use cut-off tools, they are small and lightweight so you can manage by using either of your hands. These work slowly so you might have to work for hours and not get tired. Also, check out the difference between Angle Grinder and Reciprocating Saw.


Angle grinders are multi-purpose power tools that are used for grinding, cutting, sharpening, polishing, welding and sanding. These are all in one and are considered a lifetime investment if maintained properly. On the other hand, cut-off tools as by the name are used for cutting metal sheets only. These can be used for cutting with precision to achieve perfection.


Working with angle grinders can be safe as the blades have a protective covering on them. You can also replace the blunt blades with sharp ones to protect yourself from any injuries. While working with cut-off tools, you cannot change anything as they are fixed and no additional attachments can be used either.


When comparing the prices, you can tell that there is a huge difference between them. Angle grinders are expensive while cut-off tools are highly affordable. You can add additional attachments or change the blades or motor which will add up to the cost of the side or disc grinders. Although these are expensive, buying power tools is considered an investment by the people. These work for years and will help you complete several projects at your home.


Is an angle grinder the same as a cut-off tool?

The angle grinder might look similar in appearance to the cut-off tool but they have different functions. Angle grinders are multi-purpose tools that can perform various functions while the cut-off tool can cut thin metal pieces or sheets only.

Can an angle grinder be used for cutting?

Yes, angle grinders can be used for performing many tasks which include cutting as well. These have high power and can cut thick objects easily.

What is a cut-off tool used for?

The cut-off tool is only used for cutting thin metal sheets having a thickness of 3 inches only. These are not suitable for cutting thick and heavy materials.


A detailed comparison is drawn between Angle Grinder vs Cut Off Tool in the article above. Both of these can be used at work and at home too. They have different functions and performances due to the power of the motors. Some of the differences along with the pros and cons are mentioned so you can make a decision for yourself. 

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