Angle Grinders vs Sanders – The Real Comparison

If you are into the woodwork and DIY projects, you must have heard about angle grinders and sanders. The carpentry industry simply cannot function with these tools. The purpose of both the tools is more or less the same, that is to sand the top layer of wood. However, there are still many differences between them that many people might not know.

Angle grinders and sanders are used to sand different parts of the wood. Moreover, there are many differences in the design as well. Sometimes people want to buy a sander but end up buying angle grinders mistakenly, and vice versa. Therefore, you need to have a clear understanding of the similarities and the differences between them.

Angle Grinders vs Sanders – Comprehensive Guide

Angle Grinders vs Sanders

Angle grinders vs sanders is a comprehensive article that gives you a detailed guide on the difference between these two tools.

What Is An Angle Grinder?

There are many types of grinders in the carpentry industry, all having multiple uses. When people talk about grinder, they generally mean angle grinder. Although the purpose of grinders and sanders are more or less the same, that is to grind parts of the wood. However, there are many differences between them. As the name suggests, an angle grinder is an electrically operated power tool.

What Is An Angle Grinder

It comes with a cutting disc installed on the motor which is used to grind or cut the wood. An angle grinder is used for small DIY projects and is cheaper as compared to other power tools used for wood cutting.

However, there are many companies manufacturing larger and more powerful angle grinders that come with a higher cost. In addition to that, the angle grinders are simple to use, even people with little or no knowledge can easily operate them. Also check out the difference between angle grinder and die grinder.

Moreover, angle grinders are versatile. You don’t have to only cut through or grind just wood. You can cut through or grind any material using the angle grinder. It comes with a sharp cutting disc which is apt for cutting anything. However, one should always be very careful while using any kind of power tool including an angle grinder.

What Is Sander?

Sander is also a tool that is used in the carpentry industry. It is different in design than the angle grinder. It comes with a flatter surface that is used to sand the top surface of any material. There are multiple kinds of sanders. Some are manual sanders that can be used to sand a surface using one’s hand. Moreover, there are also electrically operated sanders out there.

What Is Sander

There are many types of sanders each with its own purpose. Some sanders, like palm or hand sanders, are used to carry out small DIY projects. Whereas, power sanders are used to do larger projects. Such as belt sanders, orbital sanders, or table-mounted sanders. All of these sanders consist of sandpapers that are attached to them which when operated moves quickly over the surface to sand the top layer of the material.

The difference between these sanders is that they are used for smaller or larger projects. For instance, the belt, and orbital sanders are used to carry out low-scale projects, whereas the table-mounted sanders are used to carry out larger projects. Now, the difference between the angle grinder, and sander arise from various factors. Let’s see on what basis these power tools are different from each other in the section angle grinders vs sanders.

Angle Grinder Vs. Sanders

1. Attachments

The main difference between these two machines arises in the type of working tool attached to the motors. Angle grinders use a grinding disc to a motor that rotates extremely fast to cut through a material. Angle grinder comes with a variety of discs that are used to grind or cut an object. On the other hand, the sander comes with sandpaper, which is to be attached to a belt or a flat surface.

The motor installed in the sander moves the belt of the flat surface at a high speed which runs the sandpaper on wood or any other object. This in return sands the top surface of the object to bring out a cleaner surface. Moreover, the discs are available in vast varieties for different purposes while the sandpapers or pads are limited to a few types.

Angle Grinder Vs Sanders

2. Versatility

When we make a comparison between the versatility of the angle grinder and sander, the angle grinder takes the award. This tool is more versatile in its uses as compared to the sander. A sander is only used to sand or buff a surface of a wood/metal/concrete or paint stripping. On the other hand, an angle grinder allows you to cut any material. Other than that, it is also used to buff or polish metal and other objects. You can also do polishing and stripping of metal objects using an angle grinder.

3. Precision

When it comes to precision, sanders are more precise in their job than angle grinders. The reason is that the angle grinders are more powerful and the grinding disc rotates at a higher RPM. It is a handheld tool that affects the precision of your work. On the other hand, sanders are less powerful than grinders which allow you to have more control over the tool. Adding to that, sanders do not require cutting of an object therefore, you will see more accuracy in your work.

4. Safety

When you compare the two tools based on safety factors, the sander is relatively safer than the grinder. The grinder comes with a disc that rotates at a higher RPM because of the powerful motor. The disc can cause serious injury if you fail to handle the tool properly. You might end up in the ER if something unforeseen happens. On the other hand, the newer models of sanders are a lot safer as they come with sand dust collectors. Sanders may cause some minor injuries but the risk of serious injury is less.

Angle Grinder Vs. SandersWhich Power Tool To Buy?

The decision of buying either of the power tools depends on the nature of your work, and your personal preference. If you are a professional carpenter, and your job requires cutting material then you should opt for a grinder. Grinders are more versatile and can get many jobs done for you just by changing the disc. You can also get the sanding job done with a grinder by changing the disc.

However, if you really need just a sander, for small DIY projects, then you don’t need a grinder because it will end up in your storeroom. The palm sanders or handheld sanders offer great uses, such as sanding, buffing, polishing, and much more. In the end, it also depends on your personal choice. We hope this article “ angle grinders vs sanders’ ‘helps you understand the difference between both accurately so that you can purchase the product you really need.

FAQs about Angle Grinders vs Sanders

Can you use an angle grinder as a sander?

Yes, the angle grinder is a versatile power tool that can be used as a sander. It comes with many discs all specific to certain purposes. Some are for cutting, buffing, polishing, sanding, and stripping. You just need to change the disc type if you need to get the sanding job done from your angle grinder and that’s all.

Can you use a sander on metal?

Yes, there are some sanders available in the market with a specific grit number sanding pad that can be used to strip polish metal objects. Those sanders effectively polish the top surface of the metal by stripping the older layer from the metal. Some sanders are also used at jewelry shops to polish jewelry to make it new.

Is sander safer than angle grinder?

No power tool is safer as long as there is a motor installed in it. Sanders can cause minor injuries if not properly held. It can take off layers of your skin which can get septic. On the other hand, the angle grinder is more dangerous to use if you are not properly skilled to handle it. It consists of discs that rotate at higher RPM which can cause serious injuries and might land you in an ER.

Concluding Comparison of Angle Grinder and Sanders

Angle grinders and sanders are two useful tools in the carpentry industry. There are many projects that cannot be achieved without them. Many people assume them to be the same things. However, both the tools are entirely different from each other.

Angle grinders are used to cut, grind, polish, buff, and sand objects such as wood, metal, concrete, and much more. Whereas sander is used to sand, polish, and buff. Read the article “ angle grinders vs sanders to know the basic comparison between the two power tools.

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