Automatic Sump Pump: What Is It & How Does It Work?

An automatic sump pump saves you from the trouble of going into your basement every time the sky starts pouring as it does not require to be turned on manually. Tell me something, how would you feel if you had to drag yourself out of your cozy bed and stick your head into the sump pump basin at midnight when the rain starts pouring just to find out that the basin is not filled yet?

Automatic Sump Pump

Disturbed and thoroughly done with life, right? So why go to the trouble of finding yourself more trouble? The best, simplest, and most obvious solution to this problem is that you get yourselves an automatic sump pump and sleep tight at night knowing that you have a watchdog installed in your basement to do all your dirty work.

Sounds perfect, right?

If yes, then keep on reading to find out everything there is to know about the need and mechanism of the sump pumps.

How Does An Automatic Sump Pump Work?

The workings of a sump pump are really quite simple but you have to understand the basic need of a sump pump. So, the thing is, during the rainy season, water floods the soil surrounding your house. This water seeps underground and starts flooding the very foundations of your home.

Now, if you don’t have a sump pump, this rainwater will keep accumulating in the foundations of your house, and even make your basements wet and moldy. This water mold spreads and weakens the foundation, which will in severe cases make the entire building crumble to dust. Also read, what to do when sump pump alarm goes off.

How Does An Automatic Sump Pump Work

Here a sump pump comes to rescue like a knight in shining armor! It includes a sump basin that is dug deep into the foundation of the house.

This basin collects all this unnecessary and unwanted water. When the water reaches a certain level inside the sump pump basin, an automatic float switch is triggered which activates the motor of the pump. This motor pushes up the water from the water basin into a discharge pipe which later adjoins a nearby gutter. So, this is how an automatic sump pump protects your house from disasters without you even knowing.

Benefits Of Automatic Sump Pumps

  1. They protect the foundations of a building from submerging in the accumulated rain/flood water, which ultimately weakens the entire structure of the building.
  2. Keep the basements dry and free from the attack of water molds.
  3. Reduce humidity levels thus regulating the airflow and quality within the building.

FAQs about Automatic Sump Pumps

Does a sump pump work automatically?

Yes, most of the sump pumps currently available in the market are automatic. They come with a highly efficient float sensor which activates when the water reaches a certain level in the sump pump basin. Once the float sensor is activated, the sump pump motor starts running, which pushes the water inside the basin upwards into the discharge pipe attached to it. The water travels through the discharge pipe into the nearby gutters.

How much does an automatic sump pump cost?

You can find sump pumps at different prices in the market, which means that you can buy a pump while keeping your budget in mind. You can expect a sump pump to cost around six hundred to seven hundred bucks at the highest and a hundred to two hundred bucks at the lowest. However, on average you can get good quality and highly durable sump pump within a price range of two hundred to three hundred dollars.

Does a sump pump turn off automatically?

Yes, just as a sump pump can turn on automatically, it can also turn off when the need ceases to exist. It is all linked to the water levels inside the sump pump basin. Just as the motor is triggered to start running when the water reaches a certain level inside the water basin, it is also triggered to stop running when the water level falls below this trigger limit.

Should I be worried if a house has a sump pump?

As a matter of fact, you should be worried about your sump pump, not anxiously worried but mildly worried. The reason is that like every piece of technology, sump pumps also require regular upkeep. If you don’t give it its due maintenance, it will surely crap out. One of the most common and disastrous problems people face with their sump pumps is leakage. If the sump pump basin is not regularly cleaned or gets filled to the full, the walls of the basin will crack and the water will seep into the foundations, ultimately resulting in a far more precarious situation.

What is the average life of a sump pump?

The sump pump manufacturers estimate that a normal sump pump with regular use has an average life expectancy of ten years. However, it is not a verdict that the sump pumps will automatically stop running when ten-year deadline comes to an end. Their life also depends upon how well you maintain them. Regular upkeep may increase its life for a few years beyond the average life.

Final Thoughts about Sump Pump Brands

Summing it all up, it is safe to conclude that you must install a reliable automatic sump pump from a trusted brand. In today’s saturated market you will be able to find all different kinds of sump pumps as per your budget constraints. The most sought-after sump pump brands currently are WAYNE, Zoeller, Superior Pumps, and The Basement Watchdog.

A little research into the features of the sump pumps offered by each of these brands will be enough to get you a fair idea of what you need and what you can afford. Also have a look, at Why Is Sump Pump Running Without Rain

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