Best 230mm Angle Grinders – Expert Review

A 230mm angle grinder can be a great support when it comes to small professional businesses. These are equipped with extremely high speed and powerful motor setups. So, you can easily cut and grind through materials like concrete, masonry, and metal.

Hence, while buying one, there are some things you need to consider, including the needed safety, durability, and motor capacity. To save your day, I have included some best 230mm angle grinder reviews that can help you in choosing wisely. So, dive right in for more.

What is the best 230mm angle grinder?

This Dewalt D28499X is a great choice for anyone who is running a small professional business. It is hugely popular for its 5.3HP motor and incredible speed range that can facilitate heavy-duty tasks. Similarly, the comprehensive safety functions protect you throughout.

Best 230mm Angle Grinder Overview

Best Overall Best Overall DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool
  • Material : Other
  • Weight : 16.37 lbs.
  • Power Source : Corded Electric
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Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Makita GA9060 Angle Grinder
  • Weight : 12.1 lbs.
  • Power Source : AC
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice PROMAKER Angle Grinder
  • Material : Metal
  • Weight : 12.57 lbs.
  • Power Source : Corded Electric
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3 Best 230mm Angle Grinders Review

Best 230mm Angle Grinder

1. DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, 7-Inch/9-Inch

Best Overall

DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool



  • Power source: electric
  • Speed range: 6000 RPM
  • Power range: 5.3 HP
  • Adjustable guards

I am starting my list of the best 230mm angle grinders with this Dewalt D28499X, all thanks to its powerful motor and speed range. I really like this one for its sturdy and protective construction that serves you well. In addition, the easy ignition system and assembly make it worth the money.

Starting off, it is made up of epoxy-coated aluminum that is absolutely sturdy and resists dust to a great extent. For replacements, this grinder automatically shuts down, preventing potential damage and accidents. Here, the tool kit included in the package facilitates you well.

Finally, for performance, this one operates on 5.3HP which is accompanied by a 6000 RPM speed range. So, you can easily facilitate professional trimming and grinding projects with absolute accuracy. Lastly, I absolutely loved the fact that it supports both the 7 and 9 inches disks.


  • Powerful and convenient
  • Includes two discs
  • Durable and safe


  • It can be a bit heavy

In essence, this Dewalt D28499X is a great choice for anyone who is running a small professional business. It is equipped with a high-speed range and powerful motor that can cut through thick and dense materials. Finally, the two-disc sizes give it an edge over others.

2. Makita GA9060 Angle Grinder

Heavy Duty

Makita GA9060



  • Speed range: 6600 RPM
  • Motor: 15 amp
  • 90 degrees gear housing
  • Power source: AC/ DC

These Makita GA9060 angle grinders work best for professional trimming and grinding jobs. It is hugely popular for its sturdy construction and powerful motor that facilitates you well. Similarly, the no-load speed can work for a variety of small trimming and grinding tasks, with absolute accuracy. Also, check out the 9-inch angle grinders for heavy-duty work.

First of all, it is equipped with an aluminum gear house accompanied by a labyrinth design. So, you don’t have to worry about dust and debris getting into the engine, not to mention, with a long lifespan. Here, the zig-zag pattern also reduces the chances of contaminants entering the motor.

best 230mm angle grinder

Lastly, this grinder operates with a powerful 15-amp motor that has a no-load speed of 6600 RPM. So, you can easily cut through dense and thick materials, with considerable accuracy and precision. Finally, the fact that you can switch between AC and DC power sources adds to its value.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Incredible speed range
  • Convenient and safe


  • It can feel a bit heavy

In essence, if you are a professional in search of something powerful to facilitate grinding jobs, I would recommend you go for this Makita GA9060. It is famous for its high-speed range and motor capacity that serve you well. In the end, the ergonomics design makes the process safe and convenient.

3. PROMAKER Angle Grinder, 9-inch

Editor’s Choice

PROMAKER Angle Grinder



  • Speed range: 8400 RPM
  • Motor: 17.52 amp
  • Soft Start technology
  • Includes carbon brushes

If you are a budget enthusiast yet want something functional and fast, this Promaker grinder might work well. The highlight of this model is its Soft Start Technology which provides you with safety. Likewise, it has a considerable speed and power range to cut thick and dense materials.

To begin with, it includes carbon brushes that keep the debris out of the engine. Similarly, it is equipped with a locking mechanism that ensures safety throughout. To further enhance protection against overheating, the manufacturers have added soft start technology for easy ignition.

In the end, for performance, this grinder is powered by a 17.52-amp motor that is accompanied by an 8400 RPM speed range. Hence, you can easily cut through dense materials like hardwood and steel sheets. For grinding jobs, you can always customize this speed as it is a no-load range. Also, have a look at large angle grinders (12-inches).


  • Great value for money
  • Safe and convenient
  • Incredible speed range


  • Not the most durable

Wrapping up, this Promaker angle grinder is an attractive choice for anyone in search of something powerful to cut through thick materials. It integrates a high no-load speed capacity that provides you with accuracy and precision. Lastly, the comprehensive locking mechanism adds to its value.

FAQs about 230mm Angle Grinders

What are 9-inch angle grinders used for?

The 9-inch or 230mm angle grinders are powerful tools designed for professional jobs. These are used to cut and grind tough materials, including concrete, metal, and hardwood. These are equipped with extremely high speed that facilitates the process.

Which brand is best for the angle grinder?

Well, there are a number of brands that have come up with their own series of angle grinders. My favorites are Dewalt, Bosch, Black+Decker, and Makita. This is because they have included different budget options, with a considerable set of specifications that serve you well.

Final Thoughts about 230mm Angle Grinders Review

Finally, 230mm angle grinders can be a great support when it comes to small professional businesses. This is because of their incredible accuracy and power range. If you are planning to buy one, some things need to be considered, such as power range, accuracy, speed, and safety.

  • Here, my absolute favorite is the DeWalt D28499X, for its comprehensive safety mechanism, speed range, and durable construction.

In the end, I hope you soon will find the best 230mm angle grinder that suits you well.

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