Best Angle Grinder Stands – Durable & Adjustable

Are you looking for the best angle grinder stand for professional work or unprofessional work? I have brought for you the list of four best angle grinder stands that you are definitely going to love and can use for either professional work or DIY projects.

Tag along and learn about each one, and select the most appealing one. Select the one that suits you the most. I have mentioned the features, pros, and cons of each product just for your ease. Hope you find what you are looking for. So, let’s begin.

Best Angle Grinder Stand Overview

Budget Friendly Budget Friendly Angle Grinder Fixed Holder
  • Weight : 12.1 lbs.
  • Material : Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
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Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Beamnova Angle Grinder
  • Weight : 10 lbs.
  • Material : Metal
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Premium Pick Premium Pick RO&LY 100-125 Angle Grinder
  • Weight : 4.22 lbs.
  • Material : Aluminum
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Best Seller Best Seller Drealin Angle Grinder Stand Angle Grinder
  • Weight : 7.33 lbs.
  • Material : Iron
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4 Best Angle Grinder Stands Review

Best Angle Grinder Stand Review

1. Angle Grinder Fixed Holder Stand

Budget Friendly

Angle Grinder Fixed Holder



  • The clamp can reach 45 degrees
  • Ergonomic design

The double rod angle grinder undoubtedly works efficiently. It comes with screws and nuts which you have to assemble later on. The instructions that come along with the angle grinder are simple. The steel base used is thick and as compared to the other brands in the market it is durable as well. It cuts the material smoothly and lowers the human effort.

The material used in the making of his angle grinder is of high quality. You will not see any rust even after years of use. As this is a huge and dangerous machine to be around children, it is better to place it somewhere hidden after use. The angle grinder will not take so much space in the room. The maximum space it acquires is 150mm when it is at zero degrees.

It is light in weight and does not try to press hard while operating it as this could damage the machine. The range can turn up to 45 degrees and you can clamp a material that is 80mm in width. It has a thicker base than many other angle grinders on the market. It is best to cut the general size objects, keep in mind not to cut too long objects.


  • Durable
  • light in weight
  • Easy to handle


  • Poor instructions about assembling

The efficiently working machine is light in weight and cuts the material smoothly without consuming a lot of your precious time.

2. Beamnova Angle Grinder Stand

Heavy Duty

Beamnova Angle Grinder



  • Max clamping is 45 degrees
  • The protective cover is available
  • non-slip silicone shaft

This Angle Grinder is designed for easy cutting of items. The stand is given, over which the angle grinder is fixed easily. The screws are provided with the angle grinder and you can easily set up the machine in 10 to 15 minutes. The non-stick ergonomic handle is made by keeping in mind the ease of the user.

It has a large protective cover which prevents the small pieces of wood from flying and protects your hand as well. You can clamp wood and metal and adjust their angles the way you want. Press the yellow button and hold it while you pull back the screw and clamp wood or metal and adjust the clamping tightness with the turning knob.

You can clamp material and adjust the angles to cut them according to your desire. The maximum angle turn is 45 degrees and the material of 80mm can be clamped easily. Clamping is pretty easy, you just have to press the yellow button and hold it simultaneously, push or pull the rod and adjust the material accordingly.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Metals and wood can easily be cut


  • Fixing the screws take time

Along with a lot of features, the extended arm holder keeps the user safe from any harm and the guard helps to prevent the debris from getting into the eyes of the user.

3. RO&LY 100-125 Angle Grinder Stand

Premium Pick

RO&LY 100-125 Angle Grinder



  • Pivot mechanism
  • Reinforcing lever with spring return
  • Adjustable cutting

The material used in the making of RO&LY is of high-quality, that will not catch rust for years. Its design is compact and once you assemble it you don’t need to open it up again. You can use it anywhere because it’s not too big. The assembly of RO&LY is difficult though. Some people also say that it doesn’t come with accurate assembling points and drawings.

The handle used to cut the metal or wood is very easy to use due to the spring attached to it. The spring functions really well. The protective cover refrains the dust created by the object. It is light in weight and easy to carry. The clamping system is pretty secure to use.  It has a universal cutting angle of 100mm to 125mm. The base plate used in this angle grinder is made of cast iron.

I will be honest with you in my review, some people say that the base is not made of cast iron but of stamped steel. Also, do not depend on the miter guide to perform any cuts, use a protractor for the important cuts. But I think the product is great for its price. Moreover, the cuts made through this angle grinder are smooth.


  • Light in weight
  • Compact
  • Easy to use


  • A bit difficult to assemble

This compact design is the best for ones who like to work in the backyard and want to do all the projects on their own without help.

4. Drealin Angle Grinder Stand

Best Overall

Drealin Angle Grinder



  • Holder has a light which helps while working
  • Secure clamp for even oblique workpieces

A Drealin angle grinder is the best to save human effort. It cuts the metal in less time. It is a multi-functional machine that cuts the iron and wood efficiently. It comes in an unassembled form but don’t worry it is very simple to assemble, if you read the directions carefully you can assemble this angle grinder stand within 5 to 6 minutes.

The base of the drealin angle grinder is made of cast iron, which does not catch rust and is durable. The handle is easy to hold and made according to ergonomic style. It is also non-slippery. Some people say that the instructions given are confusing but you can figure it out on your own if you spare some time. It has an aluminum body stand.

The guard or protector is present which prevents the user from small wood cuttings which splash while cutting. It has an adapter that can clamp 4-5 inches (115 to 125mm).  The clamp can be rotated from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. This high-quality angle grinder is easy to understand and is easy to use even for the ones who have not used angle grinders before.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Great for small-medium cutting


  • Not much durable

With the Drealin angle grinder, you no longer need to go out to a workshop for small cuttings, you can do it at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I store my angle grinder?

An angle grinder is not a safe tool in the house where toddlers are around. Try to keep it in the cupboard and somewhere higher where it is out of reach for children. 

How many amp angle grinders do I need?

On average 5 or 6 amps is enough, but some are as high as 11 amps. Some heavy-duty machines also reach 14 to 15 amps, this is the maximum. If you are not working on a professional level then it is better that you use a 5 to 6 amp machine.

How do you sharpen an angle grinder blade?

To sharpen the angle grinder blade, run the blade along with the beveled side of the blade. Keep on sharpening the blade until you see the fine and clean side of the blade. It might take 1 to 2 minutes if the blade is really blunt.

Wrapping Up Angle Grinder Stands Review

I have mentioned every product in detail so that it might become easy for you to select the best angle grinder stand. To make it easier I am going to recommend your top three products out of these 5 products. But before making the decision keep in mind it is my selection and you might like a different one, which is totally fine. The top three products which I recommend are as follows:

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