Best Hilti Angle Grinders – In-Depth Review

My toolkit is incomplete without an angle grinder as it covers all grinding, cutting, polishing, carving, shaping, deforming, and similar tasks with power, speed, accuracy, and convenience.

It is tedious to choose the best brand for power tools because there are plenty; among all, I found Hilti pretty reliable and trustworthy in terms of price and performance. I am writing down the best Hilti angle grinders review below to ease you guys:

Best Hilti Angle Grinders Overview

Best Overall Best Overall Hilti 2075613 Angle grinder
  • Item Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Voltage: 120 V
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice Hilti 2075614 457D Angle Grinder
  • Item Weight : 6.1 lbs.
  • Voltage : 120 V
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Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Hilti 2075615 Angle Grinder
  • Item Weight : 1 lbs.
  • Voltage : 120 V
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Top 3 Best Hilti Angle Grinders Review

Best Hilti Angle Grinders

1. Hilti 2075613 Angle grinder

Best Overall

Hilti 2075613 Angle grinder



  • Powerful
  • Convenient
  • User-friendly profile
  • Multitasker

The first product from my recommendation bucket is none other than Hilti 2075613 angle grinder. It is a popular grinder that has gained all the hype for its powerful performance. It is equipped with a 7 Ampere powerful motor that works at a speed of more than 11,500 RPM, which is extravagant. You can perform basic to professional level tasks effortlessly using this powerful machine.

Hilti 2075613 angle grinder comes in a low-profile design that looks super sleek and easily maneuverable; however, some traveler carpenters complained about its weight. I found it super easy to use even for entry-level users–all credits to its one switch functioning. There is no need to do fancy setups and mounting procedures for working with this top-notch Hilti grinder.

Additionally, the Hilti 2075613 4.5 inches angle grinder comes with a spindle lock that aims to add unbeatable accuracy to your work. The spindle lock keeps the wheel of the angle grinder in one position and makes your work smoother, faster, convenient, and precise. The applications of the Hilti 2075613 angle grinder include: grinding metals or PVCs, cutting hard materials, finishing or welding concrete or other tough substances, and so forth. Also check out the top rated Hitachi Angle Grinders.


  • Versatile
  • Professional
  • Easy to handle


  • Not a lightweight option

The Hilti 2075613 angle grinder stands out for its powerful performance and multifunctionality as it perfectly deals with all kinds of materials including hard metals. Its low profile, convenient usability, and lock-on action make it a picture-perfect machine for carpenters.

2. Hilti 2075614 457D Angle Grinder

Editor’s Choice

Hilti 2075614 457D Angle Grinder



  • Highly compatible
  • Based on advanced technology
  • Popular model
  • Wide application

Choosing the right angle grinder is necessary to carry out your job like a pro! In consideration of that, you should take care of a few things while buying a grinder; most importantly its disc size. In simple words, large wheel size is appropriate for big-scale jobs and vice versa.

The most common and practical size of an angle grinder is 4.5 inches as it is enough to carry out max work. That’s why I added Hilti 2075614 – a 4 ½ inches tool in this best Hilti angle grinders review. This tool offers wide application as it is compatible with all soft or tough surfaces.

The Hilti 2075614 is another front-running model by Hilti that pops out for its unbeatable performance and accuracy. It comes with some built-in features like a dead man’s switch, safety guard, and disc changer that will make your work-life smoother, efficient, and clean. As an asthmatic, I love the addition of a dust guard that keeps the work environment clean and user-friendly.


  • Dust-free working
  • Perfect disc size
  • Include safety guard


  • Corded

Looking for a promising angle grinder at an affordable price? Here you go with the Hilti 2075614 which is budget-friendly yet super powerful, versatile, and efficient in performance.

3. Hilti 2075615 Angle Grinder

Heavy Duty

Hilti 2075615 Angle Grinder



  • Includes safety features
  • Fast performance
  • User-friendly
  • Wide application

As far as carpentry is concerned, Hilti is the leading company for providing convenient, efficient, powerful, and affordable solutions to all basic, intermediate, or expert-level tasks. The Hilti 2075615 angle grinder comes with a powerful motor that is suitable enough to deal with welding, grinding, and metal preparation. In simple words, no matter how thick a substrate is, this grinder will easily mold it in one go.

The Hilti 2075615 is an upgraded model that is based on advanced technology that aims to improve your worksite productivity. It is integrated with a multi-finger switch that adds extraordinary safety to avoid any accident. The addition of a spindle lock and disc change makes this angler grinder the most considerable in today’s market.

Power tools cost you hundreds of dollars at least, so you must be a little anxious before spending your money. If you can relate, the Hilti 2075615 is a perfect device for you because it includes a money-back warranty. Over that, the running cost of this angle grinder is very low as it requires no maintenance at all. You can also read the review of Ozito Angle Grinder.


  • Productive grinder
  • Versatile
  • Includes warranty


  • Late shipping

If you’re ready to experience a super affordable yet very productive and precise grinding, the Hilti 2075615 is there for you. It comes with safety features, advanced technology, removable disc space, a convenient profile, and whatnot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wattage for an angle grinder?

It depends upon the application, for instance, a heavy-duty 2500 W powerful angle grinder is suitable to deal with tough substrates while for polishing a 500 W grinder is also practically good. That’s why you need to address the activity you’ll be performing to get a suitable angle grinder.

Is a variable speed angle grinder worth it?

I never thought of such a smooth and well-controlled operation before I got my hands on a variable speed angle grinder. Little that I knew was that it’s not a popular choice in today’s market.

How do I choose an angle grinder?

Power tools cost you no less than hundreds of dollars, so considering the brand name and reputation is mandatory. While writing the best Hilti angle grinders review, I ponder profile, interface, application, power, and safety features to list down the most reliable choices.

Conclusion of Hilti Angle Grinders Review

Bring your woodworking and carpentry to the next level with the best Hilti angle grinders that offer accuracy, smoothness, affordability, potency, and convenience. There is nothing like sponsorship here, as I worked with the Hilti power tools and found them excellent in terms of performance. Among all my favorite angle grinder by Hilti is:

In my opinion, a top-notch power tool in your hands can improve your skills and enhance your worksite productivity like magic. That’s why never compromise over getting more technological and practically better equipment! I hope that this best Hilti angle grinders review will ease your carpentry or cabinet-making tasks. Visit official website by clicking here.

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