Best Large 12-Inch Angle Grinders Review

Angle grinders are undoubtedly a significant tool in every carpenter’s collection of tools. Hence, it is equally important to consider the right size and set of specifications. If you are a professional and want to facilitate industrial applications, a 12-inch angle grinder can work for you.

These alternatives are equipped with incredible speed and motor capacity that can grind through considerable thickness and density. To save your day, I have brought together some best large 12-inch angle grinders, based on speed, power, and safety. So, dive right in for more.

Best Large 12-Inch Angle Grinder Overview

Best Overall Best Overall Evolution Power Tools 008-0001 Electric Cutter
  • Blade Length : 305 mm
  • Power Source : Corded Electric
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice Makita EK6100 61cc 12″ Petrol Disc Cutter
  • Blade Length : 110 mm
  • Power Source : Petrol
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Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Dewalt DWE4206 1010W 240V Mini Angle Grinder
  • Blade Length : 115 mm
  • Power Source : Air Powered
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3 Best Large 12-Inch Angle Grinders Review

Best Large 12-Inch Angle Grinder

1. Evolution Power Tools 008-0001 Electric Cutter

Best Overall

Evolution Power Tools



  • Power source: electric
  • 2400W input
  • 4500 RPM speed range
  • DM305 diamond blades

I am starting my list of the best large 12-inch angle grinders with this Evolution Power tool. It is hugely popular for its speed range and powerful motor that provides you with a stable and accurate process. In addition, the low-profile design further helps you in achieving absolute control.

Starting off, the highlight of this model is its low-profile gear design which is made up of aluminum. So, you don’t have to worry about its lifespan and contaminants polluting the engine. Here, the manufacturers have also added diamond blades for improved accuracy and precision.

 Evolution Power Tools 008-0001 Electric Cutter

Finally, speaking of performance, this cutter has a powerful 2400W motor capacity which is accompanied by 4500 RPM speed. Hence, you can ideally grind and cut through the considerable thickness. In the end, it is equally worth mentioning that it is easy to assemble and use.


  • High power range
  • Accurate and precise
  • Safe and durable


  • It can feel heavy

In conclusion, this Evolution Power cutter is a great way to facilitate routine jobs, with needed accuracy and precision. It is equipped with a high-speed range and powerful motor that serve you well. Likewise, the ergonomics design provides you with convenience and stability.

2. Makita EK6100 61cc 12 Petrol Disc Cutter

Editor’s Choice

Makita EK6100



  • Power source: petrol
  • 110mm cutting depth
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Includes adjustable guard

Here comes yet another best large 12-inch angle grinder for its easy ignition setup and quality construction. I really like its integrated filter adjustments that regulate the pressure and prevent contaminants. Similarly, the sturdy case and lightweight add to its value.

To begin with, it has an aluminum gear house which is accompanied by an electronic ignition system. So, you don’t have to worry about waiting before each task. Here, the manufacturers have added intake filters that makes sure there is no issue of debris contaminating the cutting setup.

Makita EK6100 61cc 12" Petrol Disc Cutter

In the end, for performance, this one operates a 61cc engine that can cut and grind through considerable thickness and density. Here, you can use it for masonry, concrete, and hardwood. Finally, the driving belt allows you to adjust the tension as per the task requirement for improved accuracy. You can also check out small angle grinders of 230mm.


  • Easy to start/ use
  • Includes belt adjustments
  • Durable and light


  • It can be a bit noisy

Wrapping up, this Makita EK6100 is undoubtedly a great choice for large commercial projects with accuracy and precision. It is equipped with a powerful engine that can cut through the max thickness. Likewise, the sturdy case and dust protection mechanism gives it an edge over others.

3. Dewalt DWE4206 1010W 240V Mini Angle Grinder

Heavy Duty

Dewalt DWE4206



  • Air powered
  • 240V power
  • Low-profile gear case
  • Anti-vibration handles included

This one from Dewalt is designed for commercial purposes, all thanks to its ergonomic design and powerful motor. It is hugely popular for its dust ejection system which improves the life of this grinder (Also check out the overheating issues of angle grinders and fixes). Similarly, the fact that it remains stable and balanced through the process makes it worth the money.

First of all, it is made up of aluminum which is quite durable and can resist any damage. It also includes a functional dust ejection setup that makes sure there are no contaminants in the engine. This function further aids you in promoting airflow in the engine, with regulated temperature.

Lastly, when it comes to performance, this grinder works at a regular power which is safe and prevents any accidents. Moreover, it is designed to grind some thick materials like hardwood and concrete, with accuracy ensured. Here, the low-profile case allows you to achieve absolute control.


  • Resist vibrations ideally
  • Easy to use
  • Offers great accuracy


  • It feels a bit heavy

Final thoughts, this Dewalt DWE4206 is a great choice for anyone who wants something functional yet convenient. It integrates a low-profile design and anti-vibration function that serve you well. All in all, it allows you to grind any dense material, having accuracy and stability ensured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is best for angle grinders?

There are various brands that have come up with reputed angle grinders over time. Arguably, Makita, Metabo, Black+Decker, Evolution Power, and Dewalt are leading manufacturers for their budgeted and innovative models. However, while buying, you should always consider preferred specifications.

What is the most popular size of angle grinders?

Well, it primarily depends on your individual requirements and skill set. For instance, small businesses and beginners demand something between 4 and 7 inches for a smooth cutting process. However, if you want something for industrial applications, 9 or 12-inch grinders can work well.

Is a brushless grinder better?

Yes, brushless motors are absolutely worth the money for their durable construction and power capacity. Most commonly, these grinders have a variable speed that allows you to facilitate a variety of products. However, if you are a beginner, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to invest in a brushless motor.

Final Thoughts about 12 inch Large Angle Grinders Review

In the end, if you are a professional and want to facilitate industrial applications, a 12-inch angle grinder can work for you. While buying, you must consider some important things like motor capacity, power, speed, and safety protocol. This can provide you with a stable and convenient process.

  • Finally, my favorite here is the Makita EK6100 for its speed range, motor capacity, and low-profile gear case.

In conclusion, I hope you choose the right product as per your requirement.

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