Best Portable Sump Pumps – Unbiased Reviews

Sump pumps undoubtedly bring you countless benefits like they prevent underground water outflow, seepage issues, fungal growth, and more! These are the worthiest addition to your home basements to ensure complete protection against flooding. Though among all kinds of pumps the portable sump pumps are winners for their improved convenience and maneuverability.

Spending dollars on a high-power pump for usual housework is unworthy! Therefore, you need to opt for a pump that suits your requirements as there are moderate to heavy-duty pumps available in stores at different rates.

For your assistance, I compiled some information related to portable sump pumps so that you can peacefully live in your home without stressing the external weather fluctuations.

Best Portable Sump Pumps Overview

Best Overall Best Overall Trupow 1/10 HP Mini Sump Pump
  • Weight : 6 lbs.
  • Max. Flow Rate: 5.5 GPM
  • Power Source: AC
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Heavy Duty Heavy Duty DEKOPRO Sump Pump
  • Weight : 9.81 lbs.
  • Max. Flow Rate: 55 GPM
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice WAYNE 1/6 HP Pump
  • Weight : 6 lbs.
  • Max. Flow Rate: 23 GPM
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
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Premium Pick Premium Pick Superior Pump 91250
  • Weight : 6.8 lbs.
  • Max. Flow Rate: 30 GPM
  • Power Source: AC
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FLUENTPOWER 1/4 HP Utility Pump
  • Weight : 6.52 lbs.
  • Max. Flow Rate: 25 GPM
  • Power Source: AC
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5 Best Portable Sump Pumps Review

Best Portable Sump Pumps

1. Trupow 1/10 HP Mini Sump Pump

Best Overall

Trupow 1 10 HP



  • 330 Gallons per hour
  • Stainless steel
  • Great quality

The Trupow is not a heavy-duty sump but is designed to offer the utmost convenience and maneuverability. There are two materials mainly used in making sump pumps: metal and plastic, while metal pumps are the headers for lifting with excellent sturdiness. Trupow is a go-to sump pump that boasts all-metal construction to ensure promising resilience. There is no need to worry about corrosion as Trupow is completely rust-resistant!

Over that, this lightweight pump doesn’t mean any less powerful performance! It is sourced by a 1/ 10 HP (horsepower) powerful motor which is sufficient enough to pump more than three hundred gallons of water in sixty minutes. In consideration of its performance, I found the Trupow sump pump great for regular house tasks like draining the pool, reducing water level from the basement, clearing the aquarium, etc. Also check out what is elevator sump pump.

Over that, the Trupow has great water suction ability meaning it can pump water from 39 ft. depth. It comes with an excellent quality six inches hose through which you can drain water with no hassle. There is no need to worry about usability even if you’re a beginner as the Trupow pump is super-easy to use. I strongly suggest this convenient sump pump for moderate-level tasks!


  • Best choice for home tasks
  • All-metal build quality
  • Super convenient


  • A bit louder

In a nutshell, the Trupow pump is a casual product for homes to prevent seepage issues, basement flooding, mold growth, or more at medium-level. It is powerful enough to suck gallons of water from height within an hour. It relaxes you from the effort of arranging additional machinery and stuff as it is super portable and convenient. If you’re looking for a reliable pump, the Trupow is surely meant for you because it possesses all-metal construction that facilitates end-level durability and robustness.

2. DEKOPRO Sump Pump

Heavy Duty




  • Powerful
  • Automatic float switch
  • Noise is low
  • Efficient

The portable submersible sump pumps are integrated with motors that are sealed within the body of the entire pump. These pumps are based on the phenomenon of submergence as they dipped into the fluid to pull out the water. Shortly, the submersible pumps have a unique and interesting assembly. Besides their profile, these sump pumps are also convenient and effective in functioning. Among all submersible pumps, the DEKOPRO has won the market by offering unsurpassable performance.

The DEKOPRO sump pump is constructed with a highly rugged and resilient thermoplastic composite that ensures utmost resistance and durability. Thermoplastic is an extensively used material for building excellent quality pumps for its anti-corrosion properties. As far as submersible pumps are concerned, you should not rely on materials that are prone to rusting otherwise you’ll waste your money by getting an unreliable product in your hands!

The DEKOPRO is integrated with a powerful 1 HP motor that utilizes up to 750-watt energy to lift around three thousand gallons of water in an hour. It can lift water from the height of 16 feet which is impressive. I found the power efficiency of this pump striking as it cut down your future electricity bills! Over that, it has automatic switching that requires no man forced to shut down once the level of water reaches 4.6 inches or below.

 DEKOPRO Sump Pump

I found DEKOPRO great for various tasks like you effortlessly empty swimming pools, fish tanks, water tanks, sinks, ponds, gardens, and more for extensive cleaning. You can do irrigation on a moderate scale using this potent pump! It is also suitable for reducing flooding as it can reduce the water level effectively. The best thing about DEKOPRO portable sump pump is its power efficiency, portability, and user-friendliness.


  • Versatile
  • Power-efficient
  • Durable


  • Not a popular brand

In summary, if you’re not a brand-oriented person you’ll love the DEKOPRO sump pump! I am impressed with the idea of a submersible pumping system that is efficient and powerful enough to suck water from depth. The DEKOPRO boasts reliable build quality, resistance against impact factors, maneuverability, and whatnot! In a word, this is the best portable sump pump for basements, pools, ponds, aquariums, sinks, and irrigation.

3. WAYNE 1/6 HP Pump

Editor’s Choice

WAYNE 16 HP Pump



  • 1300 Gallons per hour
  • Efficient
  • Can be used for multi purposes

Less powerful pumps are disgusting as they take ages to suck water from the tank and make the process even more hassling! To get rid of that awful experience, you need to get your hands on something like the Wayne VIP50 is among the best sump pumps that stand out for their unbeatable power. It is sourced by a 1/6 HP motor that effectively sucks more than thirteen hundred gallons in an hour. You can clear out the water from 1/16 inch height by Wayne VIP50 effortlessly, isn’t it incredible?

The Wayne VIP50 is based on “MULTI-FLO” technology invented by Wayne itself! The Multi-Flo technology, as the name indicates, refers to multiple pumping systems in which the sump pump sucks water from the top as well as from the sides. This innovative system aims to make pumps more productive and quicker compared to regular products. If you’re tired of slow pulling old pumps, get updated with this swifter yet efficient Wayne VIP50!

In addition, the Wayne VIP50 offers excellent build quality. It is made up of brass material: a special alloy of zinc and copper metal that possesses increased resistance against corrosion and other external impact factors. It is not prone to breakage which makes Wayne VIP50 a super durable and reliable product out there! Over that, I love the eye-catching yellow body of this pump, though the appearance doesn’t usually matter a lot.

Precisely, the Wayne VIP50 offers wide applications as you can use it outside or inside your home. It is best suited for pools, water tanks, ponds, and containers because of its fast-sucking ability. However, you can also use it for irrigation, seepage reduction, and more as per your suitability. From the interface to its performance efficiency, the Wayne VIP50 is a wholesome best portable sump pump!


  • Durable construction
  • Wide application
  • Multi-flow system


  • Not ideal for basement installation

Get rid of large water-filled tanks in minutes with the Wayne VIP50 sump pump which is based on multiple flow technology that pulls out water through more than one channel at a time. It is constructed with brass, a metal alloy with improved resistive properties. This corded-electric pump stands out for its excellent potency and performance. I find it great for all indoor and outdoor applications; though it is not a perfect pick for permanent basement installation.

4. Superior Pump 91250

Premium Pick

Superior Pump 91250



  • 1800 Gallons per hour
  • 10 ft cord
  • Removable suction screen

Here comes the Superior Pump 91250, a popular choice in today’s market for its endless durability and resilience. It is composed of highly rugged thermoplastic material, which is resistant to exterior impact factors like pressure, temperature, and more. The best thing about opting for the plastic building is that it is not prone to corrosion at all, unlike metal pumps! Besides its excellent build quality, the profile of this pump is also very user-friendly and portable.

The Superior Pump 91250 is powered by a ¼ HP motor that is capable of sucking more than eighteen hundred gallons of water in sixty minutes only. It means you can empty a water tank, pond, swimming pool, or aquarium in no more than an hour, which is incredibly fast. It consumes power using a ten-inch cord; while the dimension of the cord could be lengthier to add superlative convenience.

Over that, the Superior Pump 91250 is available in many variants based on its power supply, which is a good thing. Whether you need a moderately powered pump or a highly powerful one depends upon the final application. For instance, a small sump pump is enough for indoor tasks while for permanent basement installation a heavy-duty sump pump would be suitable. Remember that price also elevates with the power of a sump pump so choose accordingly!


  • Tough build quality
  • Easy to handle
  • Long-lasting choice


  • Need a coolant sometimes

In conclusion, the Superior Pump 91250 is one of the finest portable sump pumps that come in power variants. You can choose one as per your work requirements easily. I love the rugged build quality of this user-friendly pump which makes it a long-lasting choice in today’s market. Ranging from profile to performance, Superior Pump 91250 has it all!

5. FLUENTPOWER 1/4 HP Utility Pump




  • 1500 Gallons per hour
  • 1/4 Horsepower enough for small tasks
  • Eco-friendly

Last but not the least, we have a super-efficient FLUENTPOWER sump pump that brings extraordinary protection against flooding, seepage, fungus outbreak, and other similar problems by keeping the basement water level maintained. It is integrated with an efficient and powerful ¼ HP motor that can lift more than twenty-five gallons of water in a minute, which is amazing.

If you’re new to sump pumps, you must be wondering about their usability and maintenance. In this sequence, the FLUENTPOWER is a perfect choice for you as it offers an elementary interface with no hassling hoses or attachments. It has one hose for water discharge which is located horizontally to expel all the lifted water effortlessly. As I said before, it has an excellent quality motor for working, so there is no need of oiling repeatedly.

FLUENTPOWER 1/4 HP Utility Pump

Over that, you can buy FLUENTPOWER with full confidence even if you’re concerned about environmental health because it is made up of eco-friendly thermoplastic that not only possesses utmost resilience and strength but also is safe for the motherland. I love the addition of a warranty in this product which allows buyers to make a safe purchase.


  • Lightweight
  • Includes warranty
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Single hose discharge

The FLUENTPOWER is an all-inclusive product that delivers unbeatable performance, power efficiency, convenience, portability, and whatnot. It is especially recommended for beginners because of its single-hose discharge system, though the single hose is a bit slower than multiple hoses.

FAQs about Portable Sump Pumps

How does a portable sump pump work?

A portable sump pump has a special sensor that transmits signals to the suction ticker when the water level rises. There is an activator that floats over water and automatically turns on and off the pump based on the water pressure or level. This phenomenon works on a standard water level which is specified as ideal.

How long can a portable sump pump run?

That depends on the capability of the sump pump you’re using! Usually, a good-quality sump pump can suck water for an entire day without any break. Water pumping also depends on other factors like water content, power source, and more.

What is the difference between a submersible pump and a sump pump?

A submersible pump is one of a kind of sump pump that is integrated with motors. The motor is sealed within the body of the entire pump. These pumps are based on the phenomenon of submergence as they dip into the fluid to pull out the water. On the other hand, the second type of sump pump is called a pedestal pump which works differently.

Concluding Portable Sump Pumps Review

The sump pumps are great for preventing your basement from fungus outbreaks, flooding, seepage, corrosion, and more. They also improve indoor temperature and air quality by regulating the water levels moderately. Regardless of external weather fluctuations, you can peacefully live inside your home by permanently installing the best quality sump pumps. To get all those benefits, you need to have a picture-perfect pump like:

  • Trupow Sump Pump for its convenience, portability, and suitability for home tasks.
  • Wayne Sump Pump for its durable construction, multi-flow system, and user-friendliness.
  • Superior Pump 91250 for its reliability, easy handling, and rugged build quality.

In conclusion, an excellent quality sump pump is a must-have to perform a variety of indoor or outdoor tasks at your home like cleaning pools, water tanks, sinks, aquariums, or for irrigation, gardening, and so on. I have explained some best portable sump pumps which are worthwhile options in today’s market, so make sure to read the blog thoroughly. Good Luck!

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