Best Small Sump Pumps – Reviews & Guide

A sump pump is a Godsend commodity, especially for those areas that receive heavy annual rainfall. If you don’t already know, a sump pump is basically a water discharge pump that is installed in the basements to prevent water from accumulating.

Moreover, some sump pumps that are smaller in size can be used for smaller water removing issues. You can find large and small sump pumps easily. In this article, we will review the 3 top sump pumps so that you can have a glance at the features before buying.

Best Small Sump Pumps Overview

Best Overall Best Overall V-Pump Multipurpose Submersible Water Pump
  • Weight : 0.25 lbs.
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
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Heavy Duty Heavy Duty ECO-FLO Products EPC50 Pedestal Sump Pump
  • Weight : 19.3 lbs.
  • Power Source: AC
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice SumpMarine Water Transfer Pump
  • Weight : 5.89 lbs.
  • Power Source: AC
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Top 3 Best Small Sump Pumps Review

Best Small Sump Pumps
Featured Image: Best Small Sump Pumps

1. V-Pump 060400 Multipurpose Submersible Water Pump

Best Overall

V-Pump 060400



  • Efficiently pumps the water
  • 1200 gallons per hour
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable

If you are searching for an affordable small sump pump, V-pump 060400 is your way to go. The pump weighs 0.25 pounds and measures 4.15 x 1.53 x 10.5 inches therefore, you can easily accommodate it in tight spaces. The best thing about this sump pump is that it works without electricity. The pressure from the water can efficiently operate it while the electric power is out.

Though V-pump is a small pump it has the capacity to remove 1200 gallons of mud and water from anywhere. You can easily install it anywhere you think it would be needed. For instance, you can install this pump in your basements, gardens, kitchen, etc. Unlike large sump pumps, V-pumps do not come with a filter. It has the capability to remove small debris, and mud particles without needing a filter.

In this way, other sump pumps installed in your house would be safe from getting clogged because this pump initially removes larger particles. V-pump is a venturi pump which means it can easily remove garden leaves, tiny stones, and much more. The pump needs no complex installation, you can easily connect it with your garden pipe to remove excess water.

This pump offers multitudes of services, that is: you can use it to clear sludges from pools, gardens, ponds, fish aquariums, etc. This tiny pump is capable of doing so much even though it weighs only 0.25 pounds. You can also use it for basements, but due to low suction power, it wouldn’t be ideal for long-term usage. Last but not least, it is super affordable, durable, and long-lasting. Also, check out the best 2 inch sump pumps for your basement.


  • Works without electricity
  • Works without filter
  • Removes debris and sludges


  • Not ideal for long term basement use

Overall, if you are looking for a small and compact pump that is practical in the true sense of the word, you need to get the V-Pump 060400 Multipurpose Submersible Water Pump. It does not need electricity to function, which is its biggest advantage. Moreover, it does not require a filter because this sump pump has the ability to filter larger particles. Lastly, it is quite affordable and has many uses.

2. ECO-FLO Products EPC50 Sump Pump

Heavy Duty

ECO-FLO Products



  • Easy to install
  • Optimal pressure
  • 5000 Gallons per hour

Next from our best small sump pumps review list is this incredible pedestal ECO-FLO EPC50 pump which will make your life easier. The parts of this pump are made with cast iron which makes it super durable. It is called a pedestal sump pump because it isn’t submerged in the sump basin. You install it on top of the sump basin which allows it to perform optimally.

ECO-FLO sump pump is highly practical when you install it in the basements, as it comes with a float switch. You don’t need to personally turn it on when the water level rises. When the water level rises, the float switch will rise which will turn on the switch. ECO-FLO has a vertical design which makes it highly suitable for tight spaces because it doesn’t occupy much of your space.

ECO-FLO Products EPC50 Sump Pump

It also has a vertical top-mounted switch, therefore, you don’t have to think twice before buying it for your small basements. Furthermore, this sump pump comes with a 115-volt capacitor motor which works tremendously in expelling water that has accumulated in the sump basin. This isn’t all about it, you will be stunned to know the power of this sump pump. It has a ½ HP and has the capacity to drain 5000 GPH.

In addition to that, the ECO-FLO pump can drain up to ⅜ inches of solid particles without blocking the filter. Other than that, this pump isn’t as heavy as other traditional sump pumps. It only weighs up to 20 pounds and its smart vertical design allows you to install it in tight spaces where the drainage isn’t good enough.


  • Smart vertical design
  • Vertical float switch
  • High HP


  • Some parts are prone to rust

Overall, this small sump pump with a vertical float switch is all you need for your basements. It has a smart vertical design which makes it apt for tight spaces. Moreover, the ECO-FLO can drain up to 5000 gallons of water per hour. In addition to that, it comes with a whopping ½ HP motor which makes it not only powerful but also the best sump pump.

3. SumpMarine Water Transfer Pump

Editor’s Choice

SumpMarine Water



  • Easy to use
  • 330 Gallons per hour
  • Great suction power

Next is this super practical and long-lasting SumpMarine water transfer pump that will keep your basements, gardens, and pools clean and dry from unwanted water. This incredible small sump pump is best for small drainage issues like clearing up seasonal drainage. It is super compact and lightweight making it good for small areas.

SumpMarine water transfer pump is our favorite because it is apt for quick water clear-ups. Moreover, it is super lightweight therefore, you can easily move it to get your quick drainage jobs done. SumpMarine water transfer pump is super durable because it is made up of thermoplastic which keeps it protected from weather damages.

It is equipped with a 1/10 HP motor which isn’t that powerful but makes it a convenient sump pump for clearing up the drainage in the daily routine. This sump pump offers a multitude of usages, you can use it to clear and remove water from aquariums, washing machines, sink basins, waterbeds, and much more. The best thing is, you can easily store it anywhere due to its small size and take it out during the time of need.

It is equipped with a 115 Volt motor which allows this pump to 330 gallons of water per hour. We love it for its easy usage, it comes with a user manual and you can easily connect it with a 6inches hose that comes in the package. Apart from that, you also get a water suction attachment so that you don’t have to purchase it separately. Check out the best portable sump pumps in the market.


  • Small and practical
  • Easy to use and store
  • Multiple usages


  • Not for heavy-duty usage

If you are looking for a small sump pump for getting small water drainage tasks done, the SumpMarine water transfer Pump is your way to go. It offers various usages, for instance, you can use it to remove water from aquariums, washing machines, and sink basins. Last but not least, it has a small size which makes it easy to store and use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is basically a pump that is submerged into a sump basin. This pump is used to discharge water out of the sump basin that has accumulated there. It is usually installed in the basements in your house and it prevents your basements from water flooding. Sump pumps are generally installed in houses with basements but you can also find some good pumps online or in the market if your house lacks one.

Is a small sump pump better?

Small sumo pumps offer multifarious usages, to begin with. The large traditional sump pumps might not be able to fulfill small drainage tasks. Therefore, the sump pumps that are small in size come in handy to get your small tasks done. For instance, they are compact and portable therefore you can easily drain garden water whenever needed. Apart from that, the small pumps are used to clear up clogged sink basins, remove sludges from ponds and pools, aquariums, and much more. Small sump pumps are easy to store and use due to their compact size.

Can you install small sump pumps in your basements?

Although the sump pumps that are small in size are specifically for small drainage clear up, they can be used for clearing up basements. The small pumps aren’t designed for removing large quantities of water from the basements because of their small motors. However, they can drain some water containing debris to protect larger sump pumps.

Concluding Small Sump Pumps Review

Sump pumps are extremely useful, especially in those regions where there is heavy seasonal rainfall. Sump pumps are used to drain accumulated water in an area where the drainage system is poor. There is a sump smaller in size that is used for removing water from small areas such as puddles, pools, and ponds. Here is our top recommended product from the above listing.

All in all, sump pumps will bring convenience to your life with their ultimate water suction abilities. The pumps that are small in size will solve all your drainage issues by effectively draining small quantities of water but before buying anything make sure what sump pump size do you need. We have listed some of the best products in the above article so that you have a convenient time purchasing one.

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