Best Sump Pumps in 2022 – Life Saviors

Is there a pump that will keep my basement dry along with being quiet enough for me to sleep? If these are your concerns, consider investing in the best sump pump. Sump pumps with their advanced and smart designs are potent enough to prevent your home from becoming a pool even under heavy downpours or snow melts. Also, they are ultra-quiet and ensure that you sleep well with peace of mind.

Best Sump Pumps

Since the market is flooded with hundreds of options, it can be challenging for you to choose a pump that is exactly in line with your needs. In order to simplify the process for you, we have reviewed the ten best sump pumps you can find today. Also, we have added a comprehensive buying guide, in the end, to help you make well-informed decisions.

Best Sump Pumps Overview

Budget Friendly Budget Friendly Superior Pump
  • Voltage : 120 V
  • Material: Thermoplastic
  • Flow Rate: 30 GPM
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Heavy Duty Heavy Duty WAYNE 1/2 HP Sump Pump
  • Voltage : 12 V
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Flow Rate: 85 GPM
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Premium Pick Premium Pick Liberty Pumps 257 pump
  • Voltage : 115 V
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Flow Rate: 50 GPM
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Best Overall Best Overall Wayne 58321-WYN3 CDU980E 3/4 HP Sump Pump
  • Voltage : 100 V
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Flow Rate: 77 GPM
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk
  • Voltage : 115 V
  • Material: Engineered Thermoplastic Base, Cast Iron Switch
  • Flow Rate: 43 GPM
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Top Pick Top Pick WAYNE Waterbug 1/6 HP Submersible Pump
  • Voltage : 120 V
  • Material: Brass
  • Flow Rate: 23 GPM
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Aluminum Sump Pump Aluminum Sump Pump THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Model BW1050 1/2 HP
  • Voltage : 100 V
  • Material: Aluminum, Cast Iron
  • Flow Rate: 73 GPM
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Best Overall Best Overall WaterAce WA50PSW Sump Pump
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Flow Rate: 60 GPM
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More Durable More Durable Superior Pump 92551 1/2 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Pump
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Flow Rate: 60 GPM
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Aluminum Sump Pump Aluminum Sump Pump AmazonCommercial 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Sump Pump
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Flow Rate: 50 GPM
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Top 10 Best Sump Pumps Review

1. Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump

Budget Friendly

Superior Pump 91250



  • Removable suction screen
  • 1800 gallons per hour
  • Easy to install
  • Great suction

Next on our list of best sump pumps is Superior 91250 ¼ Hp. It is one of the best-selling options on the market and combines efficient performance with a reliable design. This submersible pump is an affordable unit that is made for light to medium-duty use. The maximum flow rate this pump can handle is 1800 gallons per hour. With this flow rate, it can handle a sufficient amount of rain and snow melting water and helps you keep your basement dry and free of humidity.

The unit features thermoplastic construction to ensure long service life. With a 10-inch cord and top-suction design, it ensures that you will be able to pump the maximum amount of water from a height of around 10 feet. The top-suction design eliminates the issue of air bubble formation and also prevents debris from entering the pump.

In addition to that, it features a 1-¼ inch NPT discharge that takes its performance to a whole new level. This geometry makes it fully compatible with the residential piping and you will be able to pump the maximum amount of water with ease. In addition, you will get ¾ inch garden hose adapter making the pump even more versatile. In order to lower the maintenance requirements, this pump uses a solid screen that can block upto 1/7 inch solids.

With a reliable construction and smart design, this pump lasts longer with little to no maintenance. The unit comes pre-assembled and features multiple hookup points for quick and effortless installations. We found it pretty easy to install and you can fix itself with a little knowledge about the pumps. It is backed by the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty which is a bit limited considering its heavy-duty application.


  • Highly affordable
  • Factory tested for build quality
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Effortless installation


  • limited power and flow rate
  • Limited warranty

If you’re looking for a reliable sump pump without breaking the bank, this is probably the best option you can have. This pump is made with premium-grade thermoplastic and comes pre-assembled making it one of the best sump pumps on the market.

2. WAYNE 1/2 HP Sump Pump with Integrated Vertical Float Switch

Heavy Duty




  • Back-Up ready
  • Efficient design
  • 1 Million cycle for long lasting use

Next on our list of best sump pumps is Wayne- ½ with an integrated float switch. With this ultra-powerful sump pump, say goodbye to the flooded basements as it ensures that you never run out of power no matter how heavy the flow rate is. This sump pump is designed with heavy-duty application in mind and is among the most expensive sump pumps on the market.

The feature that sets it apart from its inexpensive counterparts is its incredible flow rate. It works over an impressive flow rate of 5100 GPH and with a single recharge backup, it can handle upto 10,000 gallons. It means that the pump keeps your home dry even with no electricity. Also, these figures reveal that the pump is powerful enough to deal with heavy-duty flow rates and is the perfect option for both residential and industrial applications.

Although it is a bulky unit that uses a heavy-duty motor you will get an ultra-quiet operation and it will never disturb you at night. Additionally, this sump pump is made with the industry’s best material and features a dependable design for low maintenance requirements. It is proudly assembled in the USA and it will not take you more than fifteen minutes to get everything in place.

With low maintenance and effortless installation, the pump saves you a lot of money in the future. Its top-suction design ensures that it can pump the water efficiently even from a height of 10-feet. Also, it is designed in a way that air bubbles and debris cannot block the pathways and it works smoothly without regular maintenance  The design of the pump has been tested for over 1 million cycles and is backed by a 5-year warranty.


  • Best-in-class flow rate
  • Battery-powered backup
  • Silent operation
  • Effortless installation


  • Expensive

Wyne ½ HP gives an incredible peace of mind with its impressive battery-powered backup. The unit can pump a high volume of water at an impressive flow rate and keeps your home dry even under flooding situations.

3. Liberty Pumps 257 pump

Premium Pick

Liberty Pumps 257 pump



  • 50 Gallons per minute
  • Easy to install
  • Efficient design reduce electricity usage up to 40%

Liberty Pumps are known for their reliable and long-term performance and the next option on our list is liberty 257. It is one of the best sump pumps for the money. It comes with a decent flow rate of 3000 gallons per hour. With medium-grade power and mediocre flow rate, it is a perfect choice for light to medium-duty residential applications.

This sump pump by liberty features a single-piece cast-iron housing. This rust-resistant construction ensures a long service life and also protects the motor from internal damage. Since the motor is not exposed to external environments you will not face frequent performance issues. Also, the motor is highly efficient and you will not face any performance issues with this pump. They prevent debris and clogging this pump uses a 1.2-inch screening profile.

It eliminates the need to frequently remove debris and gives you peace of mind over an extended period. What we loved most about this pump is the power efficiency. It uses a thermally stable motor that uses 40% less energy as compared to regular sump pump motors. Also, it is permanently lubricated for a smooth and excellent performance.

With immersive power efficiency and minimum maintenance requirements, it is overall a cost-effective solution that you must try if you are on a budget. For smaller pits, this pump uses a magnetically operated VMF switch making it a versatile option on the market. With a reliable construction and well-protected motor, the manufacturer is confident to offer a 3-year warranty for this competitively priced sump pump.


  • Competitively priced unit
  • Power-efficient motor
  • Magnetically operated VMF switch
  • 3-year warranty


  • The flow rate is limited

Liberty 257 is an efficient sump pump with a unique one-piece cast iron construction and power efficiency making it the best choice for homeowners. With a decent flow rate and low maintenance requirements, it stands among the best sump pumps on the market.

4. Wayne 58321-WYN3 CDU980E 3/4 HP Sump Pump

Best Overall




  • Great suction power
  • Heavy-Duty Motor
  • Durable
  • Efficient

Wayne ¾ HP sump pump with a flow rate of 5490 GPH is one of the most powerful options on the market. No matter how heavy the flow rate, it can handle large amounts of water and prevent flooding in the basements. The pump comes packed with a heavy-duty motor and can pump heavy water flow of rain and snow melting with maximum efficiency.

The feature that we loved most is its reliability. With durable and corrosion-resistant construction it promises a long service life with low maintenance needs. You will get a stainless steel motor, fasteners, and housing. Along with that, its volutes are constructed with premium-grade cast iron offering a reliable performance over extended periods. Its pumping ability is very impressive since it has a dependable top-suction design. This smart design prevents the airlocks and also reduces the chances of clogging.

Wayne 58321-WYN3 CDU980E

With this efficient design, it can pump at a rate of 3490 GPH even for a height of 10 feet which is quite impressive. The unit is assembled in the USA and is perfectly in compliance with local government rules and guidelines. The trustable quality and installation make it perfect for home use and offer a trouble-free experience. Its vertical float switch has been tested for million cycles making it a future-proof investment.

Also, this pump offers ultra-quiet operation making it an excellent option for residential applications. Another impressive feature is its effortless installation. The unit comes with ½ inch NPT discharge that is fully compatible with local building codes. Since it came fully assembled it took us only 20 minutes to get everything in place. The pump is slightly expensive, but it is priced well against the premium-grade features it offers. Its low maintenance requirements and reliable operation help save you money in the future.


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Assembled In USA
  • Effortless installation
  • Efficient top-suction design


  • Expensive

If you are not on a budget and looking for the most reliable and best sump pump for the basement this option by Wayne is the best choice on market. With a powerful motor and smart top suction design, it delivers ultra-smooth performance over an extended period.

5. Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump

Editor’s Choice

Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate



  • 2500+ Gallons per hour
  • Reliable
  • 9ft long power cord
  • Easy to install

Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate is one the most popular choices as it fulfills the need for small to average households and combines efficiency with reliability at a very competitive price. This ⅓ hp submersible pump is designed to deal with low to medium grade flow rates and keeps your home dry during rain or snow melting.

The flow rate of this submersible pump is 2580 gallons per hour. It is somewhat limited as compared to some other options on the list. However, with this flow rate, it does the job for the houses situated in areas with an average water table. Also, it is perfectly sized for the shallow basement where an oversized pump fails to deliver. The unit is handy and can handle solids upto ½ inches. This feature is very useful as it lowers the chances of blockage and clogging, giving you peace of mind over an extended period.

Although it is an affordable unit it does not compromise quality and features the industry’s best build quality. Its cast-iron housing ensures that the motor is safe from any external damage. Also, the switches are made of cast iron and we didn’t notice any performance issues. Also, its engineered thermoplastic base makes it essentially stable and promises long-term performance. This pump comes pre-assembled and offers an effortless installation.

However, it is critical to ensure that your discharge piping is stable with the pump flow rate to avoid low-pressure issues. It comes with a 9 ft power cord and vortex impellers. The oil filled motor with thermal overload ensures stability and reduces the chances of internal damage. The biggest downside of this pump is that it lacks power efficiency. Also, the presence of impellers makes the dry operation a bit risky.


  • Dependable design
  • Can handle solid upto 1.2 inches
  • Premium build quality
  • Highly affordable
  • Easy to install


  • Lacks power efficiency
  • Uses impellers

If you live in an area with a low to moderate water table, Zoller M53 is a perfectly sized option for you. It is an ideal solution to deal with residential sewage water issues and the reliable power output ensures a smooth process even under challenging conditions.

6. WAYNE Waterbug 1/6 HP Submersible Pump

Top Pick

WAYNE Waterbug



  • Pumps 1350 Gallons per hour
  • Premium Construction quality
  • Prevent clogging issues

WAYNE Waerbug ⅕ HP is designed purposely to remove the water from tight spaces. With its multi-flow technology, it works equally great for tight spaces like window wells and open spaces like basements. This a is lightweight and compact unit that can remove the water from your home in a matter of a few minutes.

Since this pump is designed for compact spaces with low water levels, you can expect high flow rates. It works on a flow rate of 1350 Gallon per hour and is the perfect size for shallow waters in small households. This unit can handle solids upto ⅙ inches and its performance is limited to heavy-duty applications. However, this multi-purpose water DeBug pump works great for light-duty water removal applications.

WAYNE Waterbug

Another standout feature of the pump is the side discharge. This feature aids in the removal of the standing water from the yard, buckets, well, or basement. Even with the limited flow rate, the side-discharge feature ensures that maximum water is removed in a limited time. Like all other Wayne sump pumps, it also boasts premium quality construction. With its cast-iron housing and rust-resistant brass discharge outlet, it ensures reliable and long-term performance.

The unit is assembled in the US and offers a straightforward installation. With its tethered cap outlet, it easily fits with regular garden hoses. Also, its design is fully compatible with the regular house plumbing lines and we didn’t face any incompatibility issues. The pump uses a strainer screen to block the large solids and prevents serious clogging issues in water pathways. It features a stable motor but dry operation is not recommended. It is advised to turn off the pump immediately when the water is removed.


  • Ideal for compact and tight spaces
  • Supports top and side discharge
  • Perfect for standing water removal
  • Easy to install
  • Premium-grade construction
  • Clears the water upto 1/16 inches


  • Limited flow rate
  • Does not support automatic operation

Wayne Waterbug with a ⅙ HP rating is designed to remove the water from compact spaces and also it works well for below-average water tables in houses. This pump can handle the standing and flowing water with an impressive flow rate of 1350 gallons per hour making it one of the best sump pumps for money.


Aluminum Sump Pump




  • 4400 Gallons per hour
  • Energy efficient
  • 3-Year Warranty

Basement WacthDog BW1050 has made its way to the list of best sump pumps for its incredible flow rate of around 4400 GPH and maximum energy efficiency. These sump pumps are specially designed to drain out the rainwater from basements and keep your home from becoming a pool even during a heavy downpour or snow melting.

The pump is perfect for people living in low-lying areas where the chances of heavy flooding are higher. With a flow rate of 4400 GPH at 0 feet, it ensures the removal of water at an impressive pace. Since it is a powerful pump its flow rate is not affected much by height and even at 10 feet, you’ll be able to get a flow rate of 3450 Gallon per hour which is quite impressive. What sets this pump apart from its counterparts is its power efficiency. It uses a split capacitor motor that saves electricity without sacrificing performance.

The reliable flow operation makes it one of the best sump pumps for basements. The float switches come protected in a cage. The cage protection prevents the switch encounter with debris and helps you enjoy a flawless experience even with a little maintenance. Float switches are efficient and select the water table to begin the pumping process when it reaches a certain level. The unit is designed compactly and also the float switch is adjustable making it a perfect choice for tight sump pits.

The construction quality is not impressive and it doesn’t offer long-term performance like some of its counterparts. The Carbon-ceramic housing coupled with a Buna-N shaft sealer protects the motor well but can not resist the weathering. It is backed by a 3-year warranty and the manufacturer offers a free replacement if irreparable damage has occurred within the warranty period.


  • Best-in-class flow rate
  • Top-suction design for maximum efficiency
  • Split capacitor energy-efficient motor
  • Little maintenance requirements
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • The adjustable float switch mechanism


  • Slightly overpriced
  • Lacks durability

If you live in the plain ground and low-lying areas that are highly susceptible to urban flooding, this ½ HP pump by Basement Watchdog is an excellent option. With an energy-efficient motor, dependable design, and least maintenance requirements, it is one of the best sump pumps you can buy today.

8. WaterAce WA50PSW Sump Pump

WaterAce WA50PSW



  • Easy to install
  • 4000-5200 Gallons per hour
  • 1/2 Horsepower

WaterAce WA50PSW Sump pump features a submersible design for quiet operation and brings impressive power to deal with heavy flow rates. This sump pump with a 1/2 HP power rating works at an impressive flow rate between 4000-5200 Gallons per hour depending upon the height.

Its top-suction design makes it quite efficient while working in the deeper basements. The unit uses an efficient motor that comes protected in Anodized aluminum housing. It is protected against all external damage and promises a long service life with little or no maintenance. The housing itself is rugged and resistant to corrosion making it one of the most durable sump pumps.

The biggest downside that we noticed with this sump pump is that it uses semi-open thermoplastic impellers. It can pass the solids upto ⅜ inches but its plastic build doesn’t work well when it comes to passing small stones and debris. The pump doesn’t come pre-assembled but you can download all the information related to assembly, installation, and troubleshooting from the official WaterAce website. No warranty information for this product is available which is another downside of this pump.


  • Efficient top-pumping design
  • Ultra-quiet submersible design
  • Incredible flow rate
  • Can move solids up to ⅜ inches


  • No warranty information
  • Sues plastic impellers

WaterAce WA50PSW is a reliable and powerful sump pump that is designed to handle heavy flow rates and works best with deep sump pits. With an ultra-quiet operation and effective top-suction design it is undoubtedly one of the best sump pumps in 2022.

9. Superior Pump 92551 1/2 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Pump

Superior Pump 92551



  • Stainless steel
  • Adjustable automatic switch
  • Easy to assemble

The superior ⅓ HP pedestal pump offers a flow rate of 300 GPM making it a solid choice for households with average water pumping requirements. This unit is made with the needs of deep basements in mind and its above-the-floor motor delivers efficient performance even under heavy loads. The biggest perk of getting a pedestal unit is that it gives you easy access to the floating switch.

You can control the pump operation with added convenience. Also, it has low sedimentation and debris build-up issues hence reducing the maintenance requirements making it perfect for household use. With a 1.3 HP motor its offers a flow rate of around 330 Gallons per hour which is perfect for areas having an average water table.

It is perfectly sized for regular household needs and with an ½ inch NPT discharge you will not face any compatibility issues with the local plumbing lines. The biggest issue we experienced with this unit was that it is noisy. Unlike submersible pumps, it doesn’t offer ultra-quiet operation.

It comes with a rust-resistant construction that ensures a long service life. The stainless steel shaft and rust-resistant floating balls help it stand among the most durable sump pumps. Another standout feature of this unit is its fully adjustable automatic switch. The adjustable metallic switch coupled with a 100-foot power cord makes it highly versatile and also enhances its ability to perform in compact and tight spaces.


  • Dependable design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Impressive build quality


  • A little noisy

Superior 92551 with pedestal design and cast iron housing is one of the best sump pumps you can buy in 2022. This sump pump is made for the needs of low to medium duty pumping applications and suits most household pumping requirements.

10. AmazonCommercial 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Sump Pump




  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • 3060 Gallons per hour
  • Works efficiently up to height of 29 feet

The final option on our list of best sump pumps is the Amazon Commercial ⅓ HP. This is one of the most affordable sump pumps that can handle a flow rate of upto 3060 Gallon per hour at zero feet and keeps your home dry. It features a smart top-suction design that ensures the efficient removal of water even in challenging situations. It efficiently works upto a height of 29 feet.

The power efficiency is another impressive part of this unit. It comes with a split capacitor motor that uses the power efficiently and helps you reduce the electricity bills. The motor is protected in an aluminum housing to ensure long service life. The rugged housing resists corrosion and protects the motor from external damage.

The thermoplastic impellers are efficient but do not promise reliability. Although impellers do not perform well while passing the small stones and debris. Also, the suction strainer filters the debris and prevents the water pathways from clogging. Its submersible design offers a quiet operation and helps you sleep well.


  • Dependable design
  • Decent flow rate
  • Quiet operation
  • Affordable


  • Thermoplastic construction

If you are looking for a reliable sump pump at a competitive price, this option by AmazonCommercil is a definite way to go. This unit features a solid aluminum housing and energy-efficient motor making it one of the best sump pumps for the money.

What To Look For While Buying A Sump Pump?

The power failure of a sump pump during rain can cause serious damage to your valuables, property, and appliances. Therefore it is crucial to make a well-informed decision and consider all the key essentials and features of a sump pump.

Submersible sump pumps are available in multiple horsepower options, pumping mechanisms, and accessory options. The presence of so many features can confuse you and it is crucial to understand its key features. To help you make the right decision, we have composed this guide discussing all the essentials of the best sump pumps.

Best Sump Pumps Buying Guide
Infographic: Best Sump Pumps

1. Size of a Sump Pump

Do not believe in the saying “Bigger is Better” for sump pumps as an oversized sump pump is never recommended. For a reliable and efficient water suction, you need a properly sizes sump pump installed at your residency. Oversizing a sump pump leads to constant cycling and ultimately results in premature burning. Similarly, an undersized pump brings the same issues to you.

In order to figure out the right size for a sump pump, you need to consider the Horsepower. It is the power that the pump uses to pump out the water from the sump pit. If you are replacing your sump pump the equation is very simple and it is recommended to get the same HP as the previous one.

However, if you are installing it for the first time, you need to carefully look for the Pump Curve and “recommended use” of a sump pump. This information is provided in the product description. If you are unable to figure out your sump pit requirements, it is advised to seek help from a plumbing professional. Do not buy a product whose pump curve is not clear or does not mention the recommended uses. Here are some common HP options available on the market

1.1. ⅓ HP

It is the most common pump size that is used in the residential areas experiencing average water table. ½ HP sump pump uses a horizontal pipe between 3feet-25 feet and can tackle 7-10 inches vertical lift from the sump pit. The sump pit also requires a 90 degrees elbow that runs through a horizontal pipe. ⅓ HP sump pump usually works at a flow rate between 40-44 Gallons per minute.

1.2. ½ HP Sump Pump

If you have to deal with a slightly higher vertical lift between or along the horizontal pipe, it is advised to look for an option offering better pumping capacity and flow rate. The pumping capacity of ½ HP pumps is around 40% higher than the ⅓ inch pump. If you live in areas with an above-average water table it is recommended to use a ½ HP sump pump. These sump pumps work on an average flow rate of 60-70 gallons per hour.

1.3. ¾-1 HP Sump Pumps

These pumps are installed where the vertical uplift requirement is between 20-30 feet and the horizontal pipe length is upto 250 feet. These are the most powerful options and are installed in low-lying areas that are highly susceptible to flooding. These sump pumps are usually installed in commercial settings or big homes having deep basements.

The flow rate of these sump pumps is higher than 5200 GPH and they are powerful enough to keep your home dry even under heavy loads. If you are installing such a powerful pump, it is crucial that the discharge pipe diameter is large enough to handle a higher flow rate. The incompatibility of discharge pipe size with the pump can lead to serious issues.

2. Flow Rate of Sump Pump

The flow rate of the pump is also determined by the HP of the particular pump. If you live in areas having a higher torrential downpour you need a pump that can handle a higher flow rate. The flow rate of the sump pump is measured in Gallons per minute or gallons per hour.

3. Sump Pump Core Construction

Core construction should be among your top concerns. It is recommended to buy a sump pump with a cast iron core. Cast-iron cores last longer than plastic ones and also offer better protection for the internals. The motors protected inside a cast iron housing are not susceptible to internal damage. The thermoplastic core is not a good choice if you are on a budget.

4. Sump Pump Switches

A float switch is the best option you should look for while buying a sump pump. It automatically detects the level of water and when it reaches a certain limit it activates the electrical circuit to pump the water in or out of the pit. If your sump pump doesn’t include a float switch you can pair it up with the aftermarket float switch later on. Also, it is advised to avoid pressure-activated switches and prefer mechanical switches. Pressure-activated switches tend to fail to terminate the operation leading to motor burning or serious internal damage.

5. Sump Pump Equipped with WiFi Kit

With smart technology, you can upgrade your sump pumping system. Advanced sump pumps include WiFi-enabled technology that gives you the water alarms and also lets you know if the pump requires maintenance or if anything is going wrong with it. Also, you can buy aftermarket WiFi-enabled kits to upgrade your sump pump design.

7. Backup Sump Pumps

Backup Sump pump systems are among the most advanced options you can find on the market. These pumps use an additional battery that acts as a secondary power source when you don’t have access to the electricity or primary power source. The backup time and pumping capacity vary from model to model and these options are ideal if you live in an area that is highly susceptible to flooding.

8. Power Efficiency of a Sump Pump

Power efficiency is among the top concerns since sump pumps add a lot to your electricity bill. Advanced pumps do not use propellers to help you save a lot of power. You should avoid outdated pumps using propellers. Also, it is a good idea to pay a few extra dollars on getting a permanently lubricated, heat-stable, and power-efficient motor.

FAQs Regarding Sump Pump

How do I choose a good sump pump?

The first thing you need to consider while buying a good sump pump is the HP rating. The common HP option in sump pumps is ⅕, ½, ⅔, ¾, and 1 Hp. Also, you need to consider the build quality, flow rates, types of switch, and your water pumping needs.

What is the difference between a 1/2 hp and 3/4 hp water pumps?

The major difference between these two pumps lies in their pumping capacities and flow rates.¾ HP pumps have 40% higher pumping capacity than the ½ HP. The flow rate of a ½ HP sump pump varies between 3000-4000 GPH, while the flow rate for ¾ HP pumps goes as higher as 5500 GPH.

Should I put my sump pump on bricks?

Yes, you should put the sump pump on clean and flat bricks. While placing the sump pump make sure it doesn’t come in contact with debris that can be sucked by the pump leading to irreparable damage.

Is a bigger sump pump better?

“Bigger is always better” is not true for sump pumps. An oversized and undersized sump pump can lead to premature motor burning or short cycle issues. In the case of sump pumps, you need a perfectly sized pump that works perfectly in line with the pumping needs of a particular pit.

Does the sump pump need a stand?

Some sump pumps come with built-in stands and also you can buy an aftermarket stand to increase the service life of the pump. The stand prevents sedimentation in the base and minimizes the pump maintenance requirements.

Final Remarks about Best Sump Pumps Review

Here we come to the end of the best sump pump reviews and now it’s your turn to make a decision. The key to finding the best sump pump is calculating your water pumping needs first. All the options reviewed in this post are tested for quality and performance and but our top three picks from the list are

Power efficiency and motor reliability should be among your top concerns while buying a sump pump. A reliable and thermally stable motor ensures reliable operation even in challenging situations. Also, advanced motors use capacitor split technology to reduce power consumption.

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