Can I Unplug My Sump Pump

The answer to your question, ”Can I unplug my sump pump” is pretty simple, and that’s ”Yes” you can, but there are terms and conditions applied to this procedure. Moreover, do you know the side effects of unplugging the sump pump? Do you know how long you can keep the sump pump unplugged? What to do after you unplugged it?

Can I Unplug My Sump Pump

Another vital question is can you plug the sump pump back? There are multiple questions that arise after you have unplugged this machine. Well, today I will discuss all the questions and their answers to make everything easier for you regarding the sump pump. Let’s begin then.

Can I Unplug My Sump Pump

There are two major cases when one needs to unplug the sump pump: either to reset it or to clean it. Well, for the first case I would say that one should always install a sump pump that has an automatic reset button. Actually, a reset button is needed when the sump pump is not working properly. If unfortunately, you don’t possess the sump pump with a reset button then it’s time that you unplug it and after a few minutes plug it back in and check if the sump pump has started working properly or not.

There are chances that you might unplug the sump pump in order to reset it and when you replug it you won’t find any difference. This might be due to the clogged pipes or some mechanical issue in the sump pump. So without any delay try to detect where the issue lies and solve it if you know the basic plumbing. If you don’t know how to fix this machine then call the plumber immediately before it’s too late.

Now comes the second condition which is when you see that the sump pump requires cleaning. Obviously one cannot clean the sump pump while it is connected to the power source as this could be fatal. It is better to shut off the sump pump. But just after you have cleaned the sump pump it is necessary that the first thing you do is plug in the sump pump so that it comes back in working order.

If you are unplugging your sump pump to save power units, then it’s a bad idea. Never ever unplug your sump pump in any other case. Obviously, sump pumps are installed in the areas where there is too much rain. Thus it could be dangerous for the basements if you unplug the sump pump and forgot to plug it back. A few expensive units of power are better than full-fledged basement destruction.


Can I unplug my sump pump in winter?

Never ever unplug your sump pump especially when you see clouds in the sky and there is a forecast of rain. Moreover, in winter the snow can melt at any time and a flood can hit the grounds at any time.

Will unplugging the sump pump reset?

Yes, in the case when one’s sump pump does not have a reset button, then you can unplug the sump pump for a minute or two in order to reset it. But the condition applies that you should immediately replug the wires before you forget.

Will my sump pump freeze?

If you live in extreme weather conditions and your sump pump stops working there are chances that the sump pump is blocked due to frozen water inside the pipes. Even the sump pump reset cannot unclog the pipes.


There are 2 major cases when one can turn off the sump pump but if there is no emergency other than these then you should never ever unplug this life savior machine. Furthermore, even in those two major conditions, it is important that you plug back the sump pump as soon as you are done with your work. If the sump pump is not connected back to the power source, it might cause some bigger problems for you later on.

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