Can You Spray Paint Jeans – Detailed Guide

Are jeans spray-paintable? Jeans can be spray painted. Spray paint is the best option for those who want to make their jeans attractive and good-looking. Spray paint provides a long-lasting dye and is easy to use. If your denim looks faded because of machine wash, you can dye it with the help of spray paint and create an ombre effect, color effects, or designs on your jeans.

A wide variety of spray paints can be found on the market. But for spray paint jeans, I recommend you to use fabric spray paints. If you do not know about fabric spray paints, these paints are specially made for dying fabric. These paints are made of chemicals that give your jeans a graceful look. The jeans manufacturing companies use different equipment, such as airbrush guns or compressors. But you can use fabric spray paint cans for painting your jeans.

Can You Spray Paint Jeans

Can You Spray Paint Jeans

Mostly, people prefer spray paints because they are easy to use but also toxic. Spray paints contain chemicals that are unwholesome for us. These chemicals enter our body through breathing or in case of skin exposure and can also irritate your eyes. So, before you are ready to paint your denim, there are some precautions for you. As well as you need some assistance materials. Here is a list of precautions and necessary materials.

Can You Spray Paint Jean


  1. Cover your hands with gloves to prevent spray paint skin exposure.
  2. Use a mask to cover your nose it will prevent toxic chemical inhalation.
  3. Use lab glasses for your eyes protection

Materials You Will Need

  1. Scissor
  2. Spray Fabric Paint
  3. Cardboard
  4. Tape
  5. stencils

Now you have all the things you will need for spray painting jeans. Let’s move forward to dye your jeans. Painting a pair of jeans is not a big deal. Once you learn how to paint jeans, you can paint anytime. There are straightforward 8 steps you have to follow. You can dye any pants or shirt with the help of these steps. All you need is to follow each instruction.

Step 1

A common mistake people commit is that they dye their jeans and then wash them. But the correct way to perform this task is to wash your jeans before you dye them. The purpose of washing is that washing powder will eliminate all the dust and dirt. It will clear all the marks on the worn-out jeans. As well as washing before dye will provide you with long-lasting color paint.

After washing and drying the jeans, you need to iron them out. The reason is that wrinkles on the jeans can disturb you while painting. Although wrinkles do not damage the boundaries of color, the paint will seem strange if you iron the jeans after paint.

Step 2

After you have washed the denim, your next step is to prepare your surface. Overspray or spraying on the surface is a significant problem using spray paint. As well as, you need a well-ventilated place. I recommend covering the surface with a sheet or drop cloth to prevent overspray. Spray paint is hard to remove once the paint has dried. So, instead of struggling to remove the spray paint from the surface, use the newspaper to cover the area around the target point. Try to control the trigger of the spray paint can.

Step 3

After completing all the above steps, choose spray paint for the jeans. As mentioned above, fabric spray paint is the best option because they are designed to dye the fabrics. The fabric spray paint is an expert at eliminating tea stains. This paint will improve the look of your jeans and cover all the sun-fading effects. However, other paints are also available such as glitter or opaque paints. These paints cannot provide quality results because they are not made to paint denim. If you need color clarification, go for sky blue or bolded colors. The bolded colors, such as yellow or green, can help you create an ombre effect on your jeans, and bold color stencil designs will make your jeans eye-catching

Step 4

Well, this step is for those who will give a stencil design to their jeans. For perfect jeans, follow these steps:

  • Use the stencil.
  • Place the stencil with the help of tape.
  • You can prevent overspray on the surface by covering the area around the stencil with newspaper

Step 5

Everything is ready. Now you have to spray paint your jeans. Start painting and hold the spray paint 6 to 8 inches away from the jeans. Give short strokes because if you hold for long and try to paint all the jeans’ surfaces simultaneously, the color will look odd after drying. You should gradually paint the area with short strokes to create an ombre effect. Provide a skinny layer; otherwise, the painted area will look uneven and swollen. Creating a design for the jeans through stencils is also simple.

Step 6

For the best results, apply multiple layers on the skin of the jeans. But only apply a layer once the previous one dries. Give 30 minutes duration for each layer. Regardless of how many layers you apply, you must leave a 30-minute gap between each layer. If you apply a layer before the previous one dries, the paint will crackle. The reason behind the crackle and the swollen surface is the beneath layer will not get sufficient air to dry. In short, your jeans will wear out, and you cannot fix this problem.

To prevent color marks, give every spot the same amount of time. To ensure equal amounts of paint are applied to each layer, make sure the amount is the same. If the amount of paint differs in each layer, the paint will seem clumsy. On the other hand, the same amount of paint will terminate all chances of an absurd look.

Step 7

You have spray-painted jeans, but they’re not yet ready to wear. But it is still not ready for use. You need to dry the painted jeans. However, the fabric spray paint dries fast. But you should give it a proper time of 24 hours to dry. Please do not use a dryer because it will spread the jeans’ color and demolish the boundaries. Do not touch the painted area to check the dry status because you can print your fingerprints on the paint if the paint has not yet dried.

Step 8

You can remove the paint. This step is for those who do not like the color. Removing it is easy because the fabric spray paints provide a thin layer. You can rinse the jeans as much as possible to remove the paint. If the color layers remain stubborn, you can use stain remover. When you have removed the fabric spray paint from the surface of the jeans, you can repaint your jeans following all the above steps.

Tips For You

Tips For You

Practice Before You Paint

Practice makes a man perfect. First, practice spray painting on newspapers or useless clothes. If you are an artist, you can paint the jeans without effort, but a non-professional guy needs to practice skills before he uses them. Only start painting with guidance. Try to follow a proper design, and for the best results, follow a prototype. Seek help from video guides and make a mind map before you start work.

Color Combination

Choose an attractive color combination. In the world of fashion, people like to prefer bold colors. If you are a denim lover, you must know that bold-colored jeans look more than excellent. However, mix colors carefully. If you apply a mixture of yellow and blue or any color, try it on a newspaper.

Follow A Plan

Before painting, plan what you want to paint on the jeans and the equipment you need. As well as organize each step and work according to plan. For example, if you want to paint an ombre effect, you need tape and newspaper to cover the area around the target. If you want to have a lion or star, you will use stencils.

Use A Quality Spray Paint

The difference between quality spray paint and local paint is not only price. The quality spray paints provide you with a long-lasting color effect. Because these paints are made of solid chemicals, another difference is that the local paints are made of cheap chemicals, which are lethal to our health. These chemicals are not durable as a quality spray.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Spray Paint Jeans


Advantages of Spray Paint Jeans

Recycling The Jeans

Instead of wasting your expensive jeans because of tea stains, oil stains, marks, dust, or sun fading effect, you can recycle the jeans. Saving time and money is possible this way. The spray paints are fast, and you can use them 2 to 3 times if the color of the spray paint fades over time.

Customize Your Jeans

Sometimes you like the stuff of the jeans but not the design, or you want to customize your new denim for a coming party. It is best to use fabric spray paint for this purpose. You can give the jeans different color effects or create stencil designs according to your desires.

Easy to Use

You do not need some extra skills to use the spray paint. However, airbrush guns and compressors are difficult because to operate them you have to learn all the work processes. But spray paints help you to perform this task comfortably. All you need is to push the trigger, and within a few minutes, you will complete the task. You can paint not only jeans but also cotton pants and shirts.


Disadvantages of Spray Paint Jeans

Rubbing Off

The spray paints provide a thin layer. The layer can rub off over time. When you wash jeans, the color does not stand against the strong chemicals. As a result, the color fades with time. You can repaint the jeans following the above 8 steps to solve this problem.

Dangerous For Skin

The spray paint contains toxic chemicals. These chemicals can result in itching, skin irritation, rashes on the skin, and skin inflammation. The spray paints can also damage your lungs if the chemical molecules enter your body via breath.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spray Paint Work On Jeans?

Of course, the spray paint works on the jeans. There are different types of spray paints available. I recommend you use the best quality fabric spray paint for jeans with astonishing results. It will provide a long-lasting color with a graceful look.

Does Spray Paint Wash Out Of Denim?

Well, it is near impossible for the spray paint to wash out of jeans. The spray paints are stronger than stains and marks on your jeans. They are unlikely to fade because they are made of nonremovable chemicals. However, they can wash out if the paint stains are not dried.

How Do You Spray-Dye Jeans?

First, you need to wash your jeans, then prepare the surface. When you have done these two steps, choose a paint brand and color combination. If you are going to give an effect, then tape the stencil. Further, you have to paint the target spot, and in 30 minutes, you can apply another layer. Dry the jeans, and if you want to change the effect, follow all these steps.

Will Spray Paint Stay On Clothes?

Spray paint can stay on the clothes. If you use spray paint to renew your clothes, use fabric spray paint. The fabric spray paint is made for painting clothes

How Long Does Spray Paint Take To Dry On Fabric?

The spray paint provides thin layers. Thin layers dry fast, so the paint dries after an hour, but if you want perfect dry, wait for 72 hours.


Creativity has no limitations. You can customize your jeans and make them according to you. If you want to attract people and impress them with your elegant outfit, customizing the outfit is the best way. However, painting seems complicated when painting a cloth because a little mistake can ruin your expensive dress. But I have tried to explain the simplest ways to paint your jeans. The above 8 steps will help you spray paint jeans carefully without misadventure.

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