Can You Spray Paint Laminate Furniture? – Detailed Guide

Can you spray paint laminate furniture? Yes, you can spray paint laminate furniture. But first, you should know the difference between a veneer and laminated furniture. The laminated furniture is made by pressing the plastic resin and flat paper together. On the other hand, veneer furniture comprises thin layers of plywood and wood together.

Spray painting is easy, but you should know how to paint correctly. Laminated furniture is expensive, and you may end up ruining the surface of the laminated table if you are a beginner. Spray paint is preferred because it is easy to use and provides a long-lasting color effect. As well as these paints are waterproof, dust-resistant and pollution resistant. However, it depends on the spray paint you are using. I recommend you use high-quality laminated furniture spray paint. These paints are specially made for painting laminated furniture.

Can You Spray Paint Laminate Furniture?

Can You Spray Paint Laminate Furniture?

Here I will start with how to paint laminate furniture. There are 9 simple and easy steps. You need to follow each step and not skip any instructions. Beginners who have yet to learn how to paint laminate furniture will be able to paint efficiently.

Step 1

The first step is to sand the surface of the furniture. Let’s say you are painting a table. You need 150 grits of sand to the surface. Suppose you are using sandpaper and then sand in a circular motion. However, you can use a sand machine, depending on you. Sand all the surfaces of the table. The purpose of the sand is that it helps the premier to adhere.

Step 2

After you have sanded the table successfully, fill in all the dings and scratches. You can use a bondo to fill all the dings. You only need to apply enough Bondo on the target surface, lightly fill it with your fingers, and rub it for a second. Once the Bondo has dried, use 220 grits to sand the filled scratches and dings.

Step 3

Now you have completed two steps successfully. The third step is cleaning all the tables. The purpose of cleaning is that you cannot afford any speck of dust. The sanding will cause some particles of dust on the surface. The dusty surface will take all your efforts, so clean the surface with a rag properly.

Step 4

The fourth step is to clean the table with TSP. TSP is a mixture of powdered cleaner and warm water used explicitly by painters. Those unfamiliar with TSP should note that it is unsuitable for all surface types, so always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using this product.

The TSP cleans the object surface to improve the texture, making it smooth and preparing it for adherence. Clean the surface with a TSP substitute and steel wool.

Step 5

After cleaning the particular laminate furniture with TSP substitute and steel wool, dry the surface by wiping a dry cloth. I do not recommend using a heater to dry the TSP because all the liquid can evaporate. However, you can use a vacuum to wipe all the TSP. The vacuum cleaner will dry the TSP soon.

Step 6

Once the surface has dried, leave the object in a well-ventilated area. After 15 minutes, clean the thing with a dry cloth. The purpose of cleaning again is that you are now going to apply the spray paint. If any speck of dust appears again, it will ruin all your efforts. Clean the surface lightly. Now your object is ready for spray painting.

Step 7

Now use an oil primer for laminate furniture. Primer seals the original surface so that the paint cannot access the original surface. The primer seals the stains and provides a smooth surface for the paint, which helps the paint to adhere correctly to the surface for a long time. You can apply multiple layers of the primer but do not apply a thick layer. Thick layers will end up painting to wrinkle, cracklins and chipping.

Before you apply the primer, here are the precautions. The spray primers contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals enter through the nose, mount, and skin exposure. All you have to do is to save yourself from the chemicals. You can use gloves, a face mask, and glasses because these chemicals can cause eye irritation, skin inflammation allergy, lung infection, cough, and headache.

Step 8

Leave the primer to dry in an airy place. Once the primer dries completely, sand on the surface. You need 300 grits of sandpaper. Rub the sandpaper carefully; the purpose is to prepare the surface, not remove the primer layer. After the sanding, clean the surface properly with a dry cloth.

Step 9

Now apply thin layers of the spray paint. If it is an indoor object, you can use oil spray paint . The oil-based spray paints have 4 to 6 years of service life. These spray paints do not smell bad. If it is an outdoor object, you must use water-based spray paint. These paints perform well outdoors because they can bear the sunlight colour fade effect, dust, and pollution. However, latex spray paint is best for laminate furniture. Once you apply a layer of spray paint, give a gap of 30 minutes to let it dry. If you want to know how to make spray paint dry faster then check out our comprehensive guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Laminate Furniture?

It depends on the furniture, but latex spray paint is the best option because these paints are versatile. It can be used on any laminated furniture. If you properly care for the painted object, the latex spray pant’s service life is about 7 to 10 years.

Can You Spray Paint Laminate Without Sanding?

Yes, you can spray paint laminate furniture without sand. But the purpose of the sand is to remove all the specks of dust, nail polish, and any other material that has fallen on the furniture.

How Do You Prep Laminate For Painting?

To prepare the surface for spray painting, use a combination of steel wool and TSP to clean off any dirt or debris. Once the surface is prepped, you can apply the desired paint. Clean the surface, and sand the surface with 150 grits of sandpaper.

Final Verdict

Renew your laminated furniture with spray paint. Apply multiple layers of the primer and then spray paint your laminate furniture. Before you start painting, prepare the surface. Do not use any local quality paint. Fill all the scratches and dings before you use a TSP substitute. Do not use any heater to dry the TSP.

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