Can You Spray Paint Shoes: All You Need To Know

Do you want to avoid the same monotonous colors of shoes available in the market? If you are planning a customizing session and want to know what base you should use, spray paints might get your attention. This is because they are massively popular for their ability to provide you with a lasting finish.

If you are wondering if you can spray paint shoes, you should look into this detailed guide. It answers all your queries regarding the composition of spray paints and how you should use them. However, many people refrain from using them because they might need to be compatible with their shoe design. So, let’s get in for more.

Can You Spray Paint Shoes

Can You Spray Paint Shoes

Does Spray Paint Wash Off The Shoes?

The spray paint doesn’t wash off the shoes, as they have an oil-based formula. These compositions are designed to resist damage caused by weather and are completely dry, even if you soak them wet in the water. However, it is also important to note that spray paints will lose their color when exposed to UV rays. So, if you do not want the color to fade away, only wear them occasionally and avoid going into places where they can get easily damaged.

Is It Better To Paint Or Spray Paint Shoes?

Well, it all comes down to the material you are working with. For instance, if you are most likely to use shoes made up of leather, vinyl, canvas or even rubber, you are absolutely good to go with spray paints. Other than this, you need to use other fabric paints. Similarly, you also need to look into the surface area you will use, such as leather shoes taking less than usual work. However, with sneakers, you will have to work double the amount in comparison.

In addition, while painting your shoes, you need to look into the shoe size and how much product it will consume. Hence, for a small shoe, you will only use one small spray container, and so on. All in all, it is always better to use spray paint for a uniform finish and certain materials. If this is not the case and you want a raw look, regular fabric paint is the way to go.

What Type Of Paints Should I Use For My Shoes?

Now that you can use spray paints for shoes, you may wonder what paint works for you. Well, you must know some basic prerequisites before venturing into this process. For this, it must have a composition that can protect the surface against water.

First of all, you should ensure that the paint you will be using is easy to clean up, so when you are done working, it is convenient to clean up the mess.

Similarly, you should look into the ingredient list and ensure it is safe. You should refrain from using toxins in the formula as they can damage your health.

It is equally important to have a paint composition with a long-lasting finish. I would always prefer oil-based formulas as they are uniform and last the longest.

How Do I Spray Paint My Shoes?

Well, to begin with, you will need some basic equipment. For preparations, here are some things you must make sure you have present at your working station;

  • Acetone or rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swabs or pads
  • Newspaper to work on
  • A Masking tape
  • You must also invest in safety precautions like masks, gloves, and goggles.

Now that you are all ready for the process follow these simple steps to customize your shoes;

First of all, it is absolutely important to clean the dust and debris from the shoes. For this step, use acetone to remove the contaminants from the shoes. Also, ensure you have washed your hands afterward to remove any leftovers.

Once you have a clean canvas, you can start working. However, make sure you have used a newspaper to place it on the floor. Place the shoes in the plastic bag and leave a breathing space between the shoes and the load.

After this step, always apply masking tape on all the areas where you do not want your shoes to have paint. This will make sure you get consistent and uniform results.

Given that working with spray paints can be difficult because of the strong stain and the chemical they have used for the composition, I recommend you wear gloves and goggles before proceeding.

Finally, it is the moment to spray paint your shoes. Open the paint and leave a 2-inch distance between the nozzle and the shoe. Gradually make your way through the areas where you want the stain. After one clear coat spray paint, let it rest and wait until it is dry for the next coat.

In the end, you are done, and when the paint is completely dried, ensure you have gotten rid of the excess paint by using cotton balls. This will help you in getting a uniform and consistent paint application.

Tips For Spray Painting Shoes

Now that you have decided to paint your leather shoes, I will help you through the journey. This is important to note if you have yet to use any paint for your shoes. So, before you proceed, follow these simple tricks to make the job convenient and effective for the most part;

First of all, it is always ideal to leave the shoes overnight to dry. Another thing that can help you with a lasting color is leaving them in an airtight container. This will also leave them fresh and clean-looking.

Similarly, it is important to only take them out of the bag the next morning. This will keep your shoes from appearing dull and losing their luster.

If you use light and soft shoes, it always makes sense to wrap them in newspaper.

Also, if you are fond of metallic colors, I recommend you use a base coat in the same color, yet in a non-metallic form. This will save you from the hassle of keeping the color consistent, as it will do the job for you. This tip is important for an even surface area when using a metallic coat.

It is equally important to note that light colors always go first. So, if you use multiple colors for your shoes, start with the lightest shade and go to the darkest one.

Never use a wool dauber for the paint; they only work on drying something and will leave you with an endless mess.

Finally, based on the formula you will be using, you should always use the manufacturers’ instructions on the spray paint container.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Spray Paint The Shoes Without Them Cracking?

The paint cracks on the shoe, only because you apply it directly on the shoes without any additional prep. Hence, getting rid of all the dirt, debris, or contaminants on the shoe is important before you even paint. Also, invest in a base coat, as it provides a long-lasting finish and prevents cracking.

How Do You Seal Spray Paint On Shoes?

Once you are done painting the shoes and drying them overnight, it is time to seal the stain. For this, before drying it, ensure you have used a cotton swab to eliminate all the excess on the shoes. Similarly, always apply the base coat and ensure you have yet to expose them regularly to the sunlight. Also, prevent them from dipping into the water for the longest stain.

Can I Use Acrylic Paint For Leather Shoes?

Yes, you can certainly use an acrylic formula on leather shoes, yet, ideally, you have a non-toxic composition. It is equally important that you have properly cleaned the shoes before you start the painting process. However, I always prefer spray paints for leather as they are consistent and cover the area smoothly. You also don’t have to be perfect at the job because you will be using oil formulas.

Final Thoughts Of Spray Paint Shoes

In the end, spray paints might get your attention if you are planning a customizing session and wondering what base you should use. This is because they are incredible at providing you with the most perfect, consistent, and uniform application in the simplest way possible. Finally, after reading this in-depth guide on their composition, I hope you can use spray paints for your customization project.

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