Difference Between Booster Pump and Pressure Pump

Sometimes people face many problems regarding water pumping because of the inaccurate water booster system. There are many water motors and different water pumps that supply water to your taps. The two best water pumping systems are the booster pump and pressure pump, which provides consistent water pressure to your household.

Well, to reduce the water pumping problem you need to install any of these to get the best flow of water. Obviously, it will be difficult to select one precise pump according to your water system. Follow the article to reduce your confusion about which pump you should install in your home for the best results.

In this article, I have explained the difference between a booster pump and a pressure pump, which will make your selection straightforward.

Booster Pump vs Pressure Pump Comparison

Difference Between Booster Pump And Pressure Pump

If I talk about the difference between a booster pump and a pressure pump then both of these are best to supply a smooth flow of water to your shower and spigot. To clearly know the difference between both of these pumps you need to understand how it actually works.

I have separately explained the working of a booster and pressure pump to know the basic functions.

Booster Pump Working Mechanism

Booster Pump

Before you install a booster pump it is important to know how it works so that you can install it accordingly. A booster pump is an automatic machine, which has a centrifugal force to pump a good quantity of water at a time. It has more impellers, which boosts the water pressure to increase the water flow. The pump impellers have fans that spin faster, which improves the water pressure and boosts its flow.

The pressure of the booster pump is so good that it supplies the water in your valve fluently and with full force. A booster pump supplies the water to the exact location with full pressure and incoherently. In other systems of water pumping, it mostly happens that water loses its friction and does not reach its desired location or its pressure slows down because of its inaccurate pumping force.

Whereas, in a booster pump water reaches its suitable location with full pressure without losing its friction or flow. A booster pump maintains the flow of water by using a spinning propeller that recovers the energy and supplies water rigorously. It sucks the water forcefully from the tank and supplies it to your faucet with great pressure.

Components Of Booster Pump

  • Impellers
  • Pressure or Flow sensing device
  • Motor
  • Inlet and Outlet

Pressure Pump Working Mechanism

Pressure Pump

A water pressure pump works almost the same way as a booster pump as it supplies the water with great pressure towards the showers, taps, and valves of your home. The pressure pump already has a pump in it that exerts water with much pressure towards its desired location. The already existing pump pressurizes the water to reach the faucet forcefully and fluently.

There is an airbag inside the pressure pump, which regulates the water in it and then compresses the air to develop pressure. After developing pressure in the water through the airbag the water flows forcefully towards its required location.

There are different types of water pressure pumps, which are single-stage pumps, and multistage pumps. The difference between a single-stage pump and a multistage pump is that the single-stage pump has one impeller while a multistage pump has multiple impellers.

Components Of Pressure Pump

  • Impeller
  • Body
  • Inlet or Outlet valve
  • Impeller Blades
  • Volute Casing

Difference between booster pump and pressure pump

As I have separately explained both the water pumps, so now you can easily differentiate between them. Both of these have different performances, which is quite obvious. Both of these pumps differ in terms of installation, control, operation, and range of application.

A booster pump can be installed on the inlet pipe whereas the pressure pump is installed on the return pipe so the installation process is different for both pumps. Both of these pumps also differ in their range of applications: the booster pump uses an application of central heating while the pressure pump uses the application of solar energy.

The system of operating both pumps is different too; the booster pump is automatically operated while the system of pressure pump is manually operated. There is a tank inside the booster pump that pressurizes the water while the pressure pump has an airbag that forcefully pumps the water.

FAQs about Booster and Pressure Pump

What is a pressure pump used for?

The pressure pump is a water pump that pumps the water strongly at a particular location with full strength and pressure. The pressure pump increases the flow and pushes the water towards your faucet.

Why do you need a booster pump?

If you are facing a problem with your water flow system then obviously you need a booster pump that will increase the water pressure and will locate it towards its assigned location.

Do you need a pressure tank with a booster pump?

No, you do not need the pressure tank with a booster pump because it already has impellers in it that increases the water flow.

Conclusion Booster Pump vs Pressure Pump Comparison

I hope that you have got a clear idea about booster pumps and pressure pumps. Now, you can select any of these according to your water system and the one which suits you best. Both pumps are best to use but are different in their operation, and installation. But, if you already know how each pump works, you can select yours according to your requirements.

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