Does Spray Painting Bathroom Fixtures Last – Detailed Guide

The best and easiest way to give a renovative look to your bathroom fixtures is to use spray paint rather than regular paint. Spray paint gives a colourful and fabulous look to your bathroom fixtures. It feels good to add colour to a bland space like your bathroom. Regular paint takes more time to dry, whereas spray paints are easy to use and provide satisfactory results. If you’re curious about “Does Spray Painting Bathroom Fixtures Last,” you may find the answer here to help you understand spray paint on bathroom fixtures.

Many people wonder if the spray paint lasts for a more extended period. Well, this article will tell you how long the spray paint will last on your bathroom fixtures and what is the benefit of using it.

Does Spray Painting Bathroom Fixtures Last

Does Spray Painting Bathroom Fixtures Last

A tricky question but yes the obvious thing to know is how long the spray paint lasts. When you paint the cupboards and fixtures of your bathroom, it takes a few days to dry them out. You feel very restricted to use your bathroom. What could be an alternate and easy way of giving a fresh look to your bathroom fixtures?

Well, the answer is quite clear, the spray paint gives full coverage quickly to your bathroom fixtures. Spray paint makes your work more accessible, and in just a few days, you will see the new look of your bathroom. The best thing about using spray paint for your bathroom fixtures is that it dries quickly and lasts longer because of its waterproof nature.

Spray Paint On Bathroom Fixtures

Before you think of using spray paint for your bathroom fixtures, it is essential to know the materials you can use. Most bathroom fixtures are made up of different materials like metal, brass, chrome, plastic, or stainless steel, so you need to check the nature of the material first. Well, spray paint is highly safe to use on all materials, but still, you should react differently on each material.

The spray paint shows different effects on different materials. If your bathroom fixtures are made up of brass, metal, or stainless steel, then you should use a primer before you apply spray paint on them. These materials must catch up with the colours frequently and yield the expected results. Primer makes its surface catchy, so the spray paint quickly shows the best-required results after using primer.

Before you use the spray paint, check the material of your fixtures to make your work easier. Whereas if your bathroom fixtures are of brass, spray paint shows fantastic results just in a single go. Chrome makes it hard for the spray paint to give the appropriate results, but after some rounds, it gives the desired colour.,

How To Use Spray Paint

If you want your bathroom fixtures to remain fresh and new for a more extended period, then you should know how to use spray paint. When you know the proper use of spray paint and the results on each material, your spray paint will last longer. Here are the proper steps to use spray paint to maintain it longer.

  • Firstly, you have to cover the bathroom wall area to prevent stains. You can cover the underneath area of the fixtures with tape or sandpaper to prevent spray spots.
  • If you see any dust or rust on the fixtures, use grit paper to remove all the dust from the spray paint faucet.
  • Once you clean all the rusty areas of the spray paint faucet, you can cover the back wall with a plastic sheet to spray easily without worrying about the bathroom walls.
  • You can get the best results by using the primer on the fixtures and letting them dry.
  • Shake the spray paint and spray it on the fixtures back and forth continuously unless it gets the required colour. Please wait until it gets dry, remove the tape and plastic to see the final look, and you are done.

How Long Spray Paint Lasts On Bathroom Fixtures

The durability of spray paint depends on the material and how it is used. If you have correctly used the spray paint on your bathroom fixtures, it will last for almost 5 to 10 years. You should spray it twice for a more robust coating to let it last for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Spray Paint On Bathroom Fixtures?

Yes, you can use spray paint on bathroom fixtures as it gives your bathroom a stylish and new look for a more extended period.

Can You Paint Over Chrome Bathroom Fixtures?

Using spray paint on chrome bathroom fixtures is challenging, but using the proper technique will get the best-desired results

Can You Spray Paint Metal Towel Bars?

Yes, you can spray paint on metal tower bars, but before that, use a primer.


Some people use paint but face problems as it remains wet for almost a day or two. To give a new look to your washroom stuff, it is essential to know how to use the spray paint on it to last a more extended period. Follow the article to ensure you properly use the spray paint to get the desired results.

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