French Drain vs Sump Pump – Which One is Better?

It is a nightmare to see your house flooded with rainwater. It can not only damage your belongings but also the repair will cost you an arm and a leg. Want to save yourself from such problems and stress? You must have an efficient drainage system for it.

If you are perplexed in deciding what kind of drainage system suits your house then you must keep on reading to find out. I can completely understand the ordeal of a flooded basement can cost you extravagant expenses.

French Drain Vs Sump Pump

When it comes to selecting an ideal drainage system for your house you might also find it difficult to answer the debate of french drain vs sump pump.

French Drain vs Sump Pump

These two types of drainage systems, similar to any other product out there, have their own pros and cons. These two are the best ones for their respective specialized tasks. Here I have brought everything that you need to know about sump pump and french drain that will help you select the best one for you. Scroll down to find out.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is for sure a life-saving product for householders who usually find it difficult to drain out the rainwater that makes the whole basement soaked in water. It is quite alarming as your basements hold the entire structural base of your house. If it becomes weak your whole house is prone to collapse. The sump pump is like a motor that pumps the extra water out of your basement keeping it all clean and dry.

What Is a Sump Pump

You will have to make a basin on your basement floor and inside it, you will have to place the sump pump. There is a special valve or switch inside the basin that stimulates the sump pump to turn on and extract the water that is entering the basin from your basement and push it upwards. There is a pipe that takes the extra water upwards and from there you must connect a water hose to the pipe. The drainage hose will transfer the pipe from the basement to the drainage system, pit, or storm sewer. If you want to learn more, I have a detailed article on “what is sump pump“.

What is a French Drain?

A french drain is named because of its place of origin. It is similar to a pipe drain system. It is a very simple and old method of draining water out of the accumulated area. You can use this kind of drainage system for places where there is a little medium level of flooding. A french drainage system consists of a pipe that is placed inside an excavation pit. You will first have to dig a channel near the area which is likely to become flooded during rain.

French Drain

The channel must lead the excess water away from your house. Then you will have to place a pipe that has holes or small openings that can let water out in the trench. After you have placed the sieved pipe inside the pit, now you will have to cover it with gravel which will act as a drainage bed for the water. The excess rainwater flows through these pipes and empties into the main drain system or storm sewer.

What Are Pros Of Sump Pumps?

  1. Sump Pumps are proved to be the most efficient drainage system for basements and areas below ground level like pits, pools, and wells.
  2. Sump pumps with high horsepower can pump large amounts of water, this makes them suitable even for large homes.
  3. It has an automatic system that activates the machine when water exceeds a certain level. There is a special switch or valve which triggers the pump when the water reaches its level.
  4. Sump pumps take very little time as compared to french drains as it might take a day or two in digging.
  5. Sumps pumps are available in many different styles, you can have a pedestal pump or a submersible one. There are the electric ones and the ones with batteries.
Difference Between French Drain and Sump Pump
Difference Between French Drain and Sump Pump

What Are The Pros Of French Drains?

  1. The french drain does not need any machine or pump to work as compared to the sump pump.
  2. The french drain system drains the rainwater quietly as compared to the sump pumps.
  3. The french pumps allow you to drain the extra water even when there is no power supply because of its simple and machineless working phenomenon.
  4. The french drain is based on gravity as the water moves from an area of higher to lower concentration.
  5. You can use french drains for your basement, gardens, and walls.

Will a French drain prevent water in the basement?

No, a french drain system is not suitable for keeping water from interesting your basement. This type of system is specially designed to lead the excess rainwater that might be flooding your basement out of your house. The trench is dug in order to form a channel through which the water flows out of your house. The french drain system will empty the water in the main drainage system, making your house safe, dry, and clean.

Concluding Comparison of French Drain and Sump Pump

I hope that now you have found the answer to the French drain vs sump pump debate. The french drains and sump pumps work efficiently. The efficient working of both depends upon your purpose and place of installation. If you want a perfect drainage system for a place lower from the ground level, then the uphill pumping of sump pumps will work. If you want to drain areas like gardens then you must use a french drain system.

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