At What Height You Should Install a Check Valve On Sump Pump?

A sump pump is an essential component of a waterproofing system. Its primary purpose is to treat wastewater that has accumulated beneath the basement floor before it may cause damage to space. A plumbing component known as a sewage and sump pump check valve is employed exclusively in sewage pump or sump systems.

These valves assist in preventing the wastewater that’s been pumped out from returning to the pit. Without a check valve, your sewage system will have to work considerably harder and more frequently to pump out the same volume of wastewater. By fitting one of these valves, you may significantly lessen the strain placed on your pump.

These valves also conserve energy by reducing how much time it needs to run. The method of setting a drain pipe’s check valve is quite simple. However, you must know what you are doing because your pump can malfunction due to improper installation, causing system damage.

Height To Install a Check Valve On Sump Pump

Height You Should Install a Check Valve On Sump Pump

Following are some recommendations for installing a sump or sewage check valve:

  • In order to reduce the volume of water that pours back into the basin, mount the check valve as near to the base as you can. The recommended height is less than 2 feet above the ground.
  • Inspect the valve to make sure it is placed properly. The valve frequently has a directional indicator on it. The valve won’t open when the pump starts if it is not fitted in the proper orientation.
  • In order to have a leak-free seal, test your connection. Whatever form of connection you have, make sure that it is securely sealed.
  • Use a flexible connection only if your system has a height of less than 10 feet. Solvent welding is the suggested connection type for systems with more than this quantity.
  • Installing the valves vertically is standard protocol. Some valves can also be placed horizontally, only when the equipment specifically authorizes it.

Notice: Make Sure To Test The Check Valve After Installation

Start the pump and check to see if it works. Once more, fill the pit with water and wait for it to start working. When the water surges and then pauses, you could hear the internal flap of the check valve. Verify to check whether any water flushes into the pit after the pump empties the water. Your sump pump check valve installation is performed satisfactorily if there’s none and no leakage throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sump pump check valve?

The sump pump check valve’s main purpose is to prevent water from returning to the sump pump pit lining after being pumped out through the discharge piping.

At what height should a check valve on the sump pump be installed?

The recommended height to install a check valve on a sump pump is less than 2 feet above the base.

What are other protections that a check valve provides?

Due to the sump pump check valve, insects and rodents cannot potentially access the sump pump’s impeller chamber through the discharge pipe.

Concluding Guide about Height to Install Sump Pump Check Valve

Any sump pump system must include sump pump check valves. The sump check valve, which is installed in the discharge pipe leading from your sump pump, keeps your pump from being forced to re-pump water that has already been released.

However, sump pump check valve installation is advised by manufacturers to be three ft (36 inches) above the sump pump. The check valve should be installed 12 inches (one foot) just above the sump pit cover or 12 inches above the ground because many sump pump pits are about 24 inches (two feet) deep.

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