Best Hot Water Recirculating Pump For Tankless Water Heater Review

If you think that getting a tankless water heater can lower your outlays, then you are definitely mistaken. Even if you opt for an on-demand heater because of its power-saving propensity, sadly it will still contribute to wasting energy and high household bills. This is because of the colossal amount of cold water that goes into the drainage system unused. You might be wondering then what is the best way to economize on power and outgoings. The solution to your problem is a water recirculating pump.

Believe me, it will do wonders. Especially when it comes to providing hot water to the entire house as the need arises. You no longer have to wait or use bone-chilling water in winters, thanks to a recirculating hot water pump. This tool will stop the wastage of water and energy by directing the unused cold water back towards the on-demand heater.

Can I use a recirculating pump with a tankless water heater?

Yes, recirculating pumps can be used with a tankless water heater. It will increase the efficiency of the water heater, lower the power consumption, and decrease the amount of water that is wasted. There are many tankless water heaters that have a built-in recirculating pump. Otherwise, you can buy a separate hot recirculating pump and attach it to your tankless heater.

Best Hot Water Recirculating Pump For Tankless Water Heater Review

Best Hot Water Recirculating Pump For Tankless Water Heater

Here I have brought to you the most reliable and best hot water recirculating pump for a tankless water heater that will help you enjoy a soothing hot shower even in the snowy season. Scroll down to find out.

1. PROZRTED Instant Recirculating Pump System

Best Overall

Best Hot Water Recirculating Pump For Tankless Water Heater



  • Power Source: Dc
  • Flow Rate: 6.1 GPM
  • Weight: 4.64 lbs.

If you are too tired of the glacius water supply whenever you go for a shower or open a tap? Then the PROZRTED Instant Recirculating Pump System is a dream come true for you. It can be listed as the top-most recirculating pump for any on-demand water heater because it has everything that you can ever think of. It is affordable, durable, efficient, user-friendly, and comes with a thermostat. All these phenomenal features have forced me to list it at the top.

It has an efficient motor that powers the pump to push water at a high speed. So, the users can get their warm water supply in no time. The motor has a 24 Volt DC electrical potential. It is designed to have high power and less commotion. The brushless design reduces the friction and heat produced which will increase the durability of the pump. This pump comes with a pipe that is 12 inches in length, so you don’t have to worry about finding the closest possible location to install it.

The PROZRTED Instant Recirculating Pump System has one of the best mechanisms which enables it to provide hot water supply even if it is at the other end of the house. The modern-style motor can force water at a speed of 6.1 Gallons Per Minute. It is a pump with an automatic on and off system instead of the continuous run ones. So, it contributes to lowering the power consumption. These pumps will stop working if the temperature is above the selected temperature.


  • Triple working modes
  • Compatible with on-demand and tanked heaters
  • Safe for drinkable water


  • Complicated manual

The PROZRTED Instant Recirculating Pump System has a thermostat and timer. These two features along with the smart logic system help the pump to keep control over the whole working of the heater. The timer will help you in setting a time limit. Whereas, the thermostat helps the pump to start working at times when the water becomes colder. This will not only help the users reduce the amount of water that is wasted but will also help them in reducing energy wastage.

2. Taco 006 ST4 Stainless Steel Circulator Pump

Heavy Duty

Taco 006 ST4 Stainless Steel Circulator Pump



  • Weight: 4.3 lbs.

The Taco 006 ST4 Stainless Steel Circulator Pump by no means is less than the PROZRTED Instant Recirculating Pump. The Tacos 006 lacks behind in the race for the best hot water recirculating pump because of its continuous running mechanism.

Apart from that, it is without any doubt the best continuous running recirculating pump. It provides the same benefits as that provided by the ones with smart logic systems. The makers have gained a reputation in the market by providing the best products for about a century.

It has a high-power motor, so the pump can work continuously even for days without any interruption. The motor of the Taco 006 ST4 Stainless Steel Circulator Pump has a 115-volt electrical capacity. The DC-powered motor contributes to lowering the electricity bill. This motor will reduce power consumption because it doesn’t waste the water by forcing it down the drainage system. Rather it moves the water within the pipelines associated with it. The pump has a power capacity of 40 Horsepower.

The Taco 006 ST4 Stainless Steel Circulator Pump is a user-friendly model. Unlike the noisy recirculating pumps, this model is designed while keeping the comfort of the users in mind. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about it once it has been installed. It has durable and premium quality material used in it. The motor is made up of high-quality stainless steel. The non-toxic material used in the making of this pump makes it suitable for recirculating warm drinking water too.


  • Easy to use
  • Self-lubricating motor
  • Small built


  • Can’t be placed far from the heater

You don’t have to keep a check on the motor as it has a self-lubricating mechanism that helps it keep working for a long time without any need for maintenance. Apart from all these qualities, one of the other best features about the Taco 006 ST4 Stainless Steel Circulator Pump is that it comes with a three years long warranty by the manufacturers. You can fit one of these easily even if you are not much aware of how to do it, thanks to the easy instructions and installation procedure.

3. KOLERFLO Hot Water Pump

Editor’s Choice

KOLERFLO Hot Water Pump



  • Power Source: AC
  • Flow Rate: 5.28 GPM
  • Weight: 5.61 lbs.

The KOLERFLO Hot Water Pump is the one if you are looking for an affordable recirculating pump that can get the job done for you. Because of its easy installation, stainless steel, and aluminum build, numerous color options along with triple speed settings like the previous two pumps, I am forced to list it in the top three. Even though it has a high power intake and no warranty, still many users including me have found it to be far better than the other high-end brands in the market.

The motor of the KOLERFLO Hot Water Pump is made up of stainless steel which adds to the durability. Whereas, the housing is made up of aluminum. These materials used in the making of this recirculating pump make it durable and lasting. The motor needs around 110 to 120 Volts of power supply to efficiently pump the water through the pipes. Unlike the previous two, this pump has an alternating current source.

The impeller of the KOLERFLO Hot Water Pump has resistant material which allows the pump to pump the water uninterruptedly for hours at a flow rate of 5.28 Gallons Per minute. You can get one of these for your tankless as well as tanked water heaters. It will help you have warm water available within 20 seconds of turning it on. This pump reduces energy consumption thanks to the one-phase motor.


  • Affordable
  • High flow rate
  • Resistant impeller


  • No warranty

The KOLERFLO Hot Water Pump comes in different color options, so you can match it with your interior. It comes in Green, Red, Blue, and sea green color options. This hot water pump is a small recirculating pump with an alternating power source. It has a dimension of 8.9 inches in length, 6.8 inches in width, and 7.1 inches in height. This amazing pump weighs around 5.61 pounds. Installing one of these is a piece of cake. You will not need any fancy tool to help you connect one of these pumps to your heater.

Final Remarks

I hope that now you know which ones out of the tremendous variety available in the market are suitable for you. No one wants to have a shower of cold water in winter. It can be quite traumatic if one has to. Thanks to the recirculating pumps you don’t have to go through such a devastating experience ever again. Here are some of our top picks for the best hot water recirculating pump for tankless water heaters.

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