How Long Can A Sump Pump Run Continuously – Detailed Answer

How long can a sump pump run continuously? With all that heavy rainfall and poor drainage system in underdeveloped areas, you might notice your sump pump running overtime for hours or even days without stopping.

On one hand, it is a good thing but on the other hand, it can make you worried about the safety of the sump pump motor. After all, a sump pump is an expensive investment and you can not get a new one just like that. So, it is natural that you are worried about the safety of the sump pump motor.

In any case, the answer to this question is not as simple. There are a lot of factors that determine the duration for which a sump pump can run continuously. For instance, you can take the quality of the sump pump as an example. The better the quality of a sump pump, the longer it will be able to run continuously without burning out permanently.

For further explanation, I suggest you read this article until the end to find out everything there is to know about this topic.

How Long Can A Sump Pump Run Continuously?

How Long Can A Sump Pump Run Continuously

On average, a sump pump can run continuously for about six to twenty-four hours if need be. It means that no matter which sump pump you get, it will run for at last twenty-four hours without burning out or shutting down.

However, if you live in an area where it pours more than that then you must get a more powerful sump pump than an average one. In any case, the following is a brief explanation of what determines the efficiency and run time of a sump pump motor.

Motor Design Determines Runtime Of A Sump Pump

There are two types of sump pumps that you can install in your home. The first type is an intermittent-duty motor and the second one is a continuous-duty motor. Both of these sump pump motors are unique to their own kind and work efficiently. However, they both have different running cycles and run times. For further clarification read out the following paragraphs.

1. Intermittent Duty Motor Sump Pump

An intermittent-duty motor sump pump works exactly as the name suggests. It does not run continuously but rather continually when required. It means that when there is heavy rainfall, a high water table, or excessive flooding in your area, this sump pump motor will actively pump the water out but will take short breaks in between the work.

This short break will allow the motor to cool down and regain its efficiency before it can start running again. Hence, it has a lower chance of burning out or getting damaged due to excessive overload.

2. Continuous Duty Motor Sump Pump

A continuous duty motor sump pump is again what the name suggests i.e., it works continuously without any break. This is the major difference between the two kinds of motor and the only one that determines how long a sump pump can run continuously.

During heavy rainfall and flooding, this sump pump will keep on pumping all that water out of the sump pit until the water level falls below the threshold. It might look like a good thing, and it is, but this kind of sump pump runs a greater risk of burning out due to overload.

Problems With Continuously Running Sump Pump

Pumping the flood and rainwater out of your house basement is what a sump pump is supposed to do in basement. However, if your sump pump is running continuously without any reason then chances are that your sump pump is damaged. Following are a few issues that might be causing this problem.

  1. Faulty sump pump switch
  2. Broken valves
  3. Lack of maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK for a sump pump to run constantly?

Yes, it is alright for a sump pump to run continuously during a rainy spell. And it can go on running for a minimum of six hours and a maximum of twenty-four hours. However, if your sump pump is running continuously during a non-rainy season, you should worry about it. Constantly running motor will eventually heat up and burn out permanently.

How long can a water pump run before burning out?

A good quality sump pump with high voltage can keep on constantly running without stopping for a maximum of twenty-four hours. However, an average sump pump can keep on running for six to eighteen hours before it heats up and shuts down.

Can a sump pump overheat?

Normally a sump pump does not heat up because of the internal thermal protection mechanism in all sump pumps. However, if it keeps on running for more than twenty fours hours without ever stopping then it will definitely heat up and burn out.

Concluding Remarks about Constantly Running Sump Pump

So, this was all from my side. I hope you found all the relevant information you needed. Summing it up, it is safe for a sump pump to run continuously or continually during a rainy season depending upon the type of motor it has.

However, if your sump pump is running continuously even during non-rainy seasons then it is something you should get fixed. And for that, I suggest you call in professional help because chances are that your sump pump switch is damaged or the motor may not be taking the signal to stop. So, it is better to take a professional opinion.

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