How Long Does A Sump Pump Battery Last – Comprehensive Guide

We all are well aware of the fact that sump pumps are used to drain out all the extra water from your flooded basements. Now, most people have no idea that their sump pump battery is about to expire. The expired sump pump battery leads to flooded basements and becomes hectic. Now before you invest in a battery-powered sump pump you should know how long it will last!

Most people invest their hard-earned money in sump pumps with less battery life expectancy which causes problems during the rainy seasons. It is important to know that your backup sump pump is your last resort in a power outage.

How Long Does A Sump Pump Battery Last

How Long Does A Sump Pump Battery Last

So today, in this article I will go through the contents of “How Long Does A Sump Pump Battery Last”. I will make sure to thoroughly guide you through each and every aspect of the sump pump’s battery life.

Average Run-Time of New Sump Pump Battery

If you have just bought your new sump pump battery then you can consider a good backup. The average backup run-time of a new sump pump battery is 5 to 7 hours on a power outage. It will give you this backup if it is charged properly.

If the area you live in has more power outages and the sump pump is continuously pumping, then 5 to 7 hours is the maximum. While, if the area has fewer power outages, then you can easily consider 1 to 3 days of backup run-time from the new battery.

Factors that Determine Sump Pumps Battery Life

Now we know the average lifespan of the battery, but what factors determine it though? The backup of your sump pump battery mostly lies on different factors. There are four factors that in total can help you determine how long your sump pump battery lasts before the next charge. The following four factors are;

Factors that Determine Sump Pumps Battery Backup

1. Horsepower

Now if you have a small sump pump installed in your home, it will obviously consume less power as compared to larger ones. Mostly the sump pumps have a horsepower of ⅓ or ¼. The ¼ HP sump pump consumes a lower amount of energy and lasts longer giving you a good life expectancy of the battery. The sump pumps with ⅓ HP on the other hand are more powerful and consume more current which leads to sooner drainage of the battery.

2. Number of Sump Pumps

Let us talk about the number of sump pumps installed in your home. If you have more sump pumps installed in the house for the speedy drain of water, obviously, the battery’s energy will be consumed faster. Most homes are just equipped with one sump pump which does not require energy as much as two or more. So the number of sump pumps in your home determines a great deal of battery backup for the sump pump.

3. How Often the Pump Activates

The third factor is how often the pump activates. Now as I said before if there is more power outage in your area, your sump pump is going to activate more times. Every time the sump pump activates on the battery, it drains power and the battery is left with less time to recharge due to a power outage. If it activates less, then the battery is sure to last longer.

4. Charge of Battery

Last but not the least, if you charge your battery properly, then it will last longer with a good backup. Now if the battery is not fully charged, you can not expect a long backup, as it does not have enough energy to last. Also if the batteries are old, they tend to have less backup capacity as compared to the new ones.

Reasons for Premature Battery Failures

In some cases, you can face premature battery failures also even if you have bought a new battery. The reasons for that can be;

  1. You overcharge the battery.
  2. The battery water is dry.
  3. It is exposed to extreme temperatures.
  4. It is installed in an area with excessive humidity.

So you need to look out for these when caring for the sump pump battery. Other than that, if the battery has been used for around 3 to 5 years by now, you will probably have less backup life from it. If the battery time is due, it is necessary to have your batteries replaced with new ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you replace sump pump batteries?

The sump pump batteries should be replaced around every 3 to 5 years of use.

How long does it take for the sump pump battery to get charged?

There is no specific answer to this question. The charge time of every sump pump battery depends upon its manufacturer and model.

Is a backup sump pump battery worth it?

It is common to have power outages during storms. So yes, it is worth having a backup sump pump battery to keep the house from getting flooded by water.

Final Remarks

In the end, “How Long Does A Sump Pump Battery Last”, all depends upon the precautions you take and what amount of horsepower it uses. It is important to care for the battery to have a prolonged life expectancy of a sump pump battery. Most of all, you should have them replaced at the proper time. So I hope my guide helped you find the answer you guys were looking for.

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