How Many Cans Of Spray Paint To Paint A Car – Detailed Guide

How many cans of spray paint to paint a car, a van, or a truck? How long will it take to spray paint different vehicles? These are the questions that all young enthusiasts face when they decide to spray paint their own vehicle. And if you are here, then you must have encountered these questions as well.

If that is the case then you must know that you are not the only one facing these queries. We all went through the same phase and trust me the answers are quite simple. I have drained all my years of knowledge into this article, you just have to take a few minutes to read out what I have to say on this matter. So, let’s get started!

How Many Cans Of Spray Paint To Paint A Car

How Many Cans Of Spray Paint To Paint A Car?

How Many Cans Of Spray Paint To Paint A Car

1. Spray Paint Cans to Paint Small Car

A small car with a comparatively lower surface area takes a lesser number of spray paint cans. To be more precise, you will not need more than ten to twelve spray cans of 500 ml each.

If I talk about my own Nissan Silvia, it took me ten cans of spray paint of 500 ml each to cover it all fully. It would have taken a lot less, so I decided to go overboard and sprayed four coatings. And as far as the time duration is concerned, it took me about two hours to get finished. Please take note that I let the spray paint dry out before applying the next coat.

2. Spray Paint Cans to Paint Medium Car

A medium-sized car will obviously need more spray paints. You can expect to use at least fifteen spray cans of 500 ml each. However, I would recommend you get extra cans just in case you run out of spray cans in the middle of your project.

If you decide to go cheap and only buy a limited number of spray cans, chances are that you will run out of spray cans and you might not find the same color. This will seriously hamper your performance and you might start procrastinating and never get it done. So, always keep spare spray cans before you get started.

3. Spray Paint Cans to Paint a Van

Moving on to estimating the number of spray cans that you will need to spray paint a medium-sized van, you will need approximately twenty to twenty-five cans of spray paint each of 500 ml.

The reason why it takes more spray paint is that it has a larger surface area given the lack of windows in the rear part of the van. But I would recommend you to keep a stock of at least a minimum of thirty cans of the same color in store just in case you need more. All in all, it will take about eight to nine hours to get finished if you take fifteen minutes to breathe between each coat.

4. Spray Paint Cans to Paint a Truck

A truck is the easiest of all vehicles to spray paint on. This is because they don’t have a roof and have lesser paneling to focus on.

Moreover, it takes only as many cans as a medium-sized car would require. That would mean that you will need twelve to fifteen spray cans of 500 ml each to get your entire truck spray painted in one go. It will take you about two to three hours to get finished. However, my advice is still the same, keep extra cans on hand just in case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cans of spray paint does it take to paint a golf cart?

A golf cart is relatively easier to spray paint because it has lesser panels. Moreover, it is easier to take all the parts of the golf cart apart for spray painting. As a result, you will get finished in a lot less time than it would take you to spray paint a small-sized car. Coming back to the original question, it will take about a total of three to four spray cans of 500 ml each to spray paint an entire golf cart! And that too with a double or a triple coat if needed. So, stop lazing around and get that gorgeous golf cart shining!

How many cans of spray paint does it take to paint a motorcycle?

Spray painting a motorcycle is a tricky business. You will have to carefully tape all the extra parts in order to keep the spray from getting everywhere. This careful work will take much longer than you would expect so you’d better do it on your day off so that you wouldn’t have to rush anything. All in all, it will take six to eight hours to get a motorcycle painted. It would take a lot less time if you separated the sprayable parts. And as far as the spray cans are concerned, it will take you about three to four cans.

Final Thoughts on Cans Of Spray Paint To Paint Different Vehicles

So, this was all from my side. I tried to be as precise with the quantities and the time duration as I could. And if you have read the entire article, you shouldn’t have any confusion regarding this matter.

However, in the end, I would like to remind you that you must keep a store of spare spray cans before getting started on any project. It might seem like a smart move to only get the required number of cans you will need but trust me, it will only feel dumb in case you run out of spray cans and don’t find the exact color in the market.

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