How Old Do You Need to Be to Buy a Spray Paint? – Detailed Guide

When we talk about spray paint, it comes with many restrictions. Although it is not something that is harmful, it still has laws related to its buy and use. This sounds weird as spray paint doesn’t seem illegal. But still, to buy spray paint, you have to follow some rules.

The answer of how old do you need to be to buy a spray paint varies from state to state as each has different laws for this. For example, if you are living in the US, you can buy spray paint at any age, but if you are not an adult, you need adult supervision to purchase and use spray paint.

So if you are looking for the answer, read this article. In this article, I will share with you how old do you need to be to buy a spray paint in different states. Also, you will learn why buying and selling spray paint is restricted. Do you want to know how to sell and buy this paint without violating the laws of your state? Keep reading.

How Old Do You Need to Be to Buy a Spray Paint?

How Old Do You Need to Be to Buy a Spray Paint

An adult can buy spray paint anywhere in the world without any restrictions. The age limit for this is 18 years and above. However, you must show your ID card to prove your age. This is not enough; they also ask for residence proof. For this, they ask for a driver’s license, utility bills, passport, and other documents that can confirm your residence. This rule is almost applicable in all countries.

Why Should Your Age Be 18 to Buy Spray Paint?

This is quite concerning why you must be 18+ to buy spray paint. So many reasons make this law valid, as this is a significant safety concern nowadays. The first reason for the age limit is vandalism incidents that are often done by minors. By proving the age and residence, in case of any such incident, police can reach out to the person easily.

The second reason for this law is to save public properties as so many artists can use spray paint to do graffiti. Without any fear, young students damage public property. Over the last few years, police arrested so many such lawbreakers. Providing spray pain under a law makes people conscious and reduces the chances of such mistakes.

Lastly, the purpose of making such laws is to keep people safe as its components are hazardous to health. The immediate effects include skin allergy, eye irritation, or breathing issues. However, the long-term problems are severe as they can damage the lungs, kidneys, or liver to a greater extent.

Also, the solvent present in this product can make people high. Due to all these safety reasons, many states and countries are moving toward this weird law.

Can You Buy Spray Paint From Online Platforms?

Anyone above 18 can order spray paint online, which is entirely legal. There are many online platforms providing spray paints, like Amazon. However, here you must fulfill all requirements that a regular store asks, i.e., ID, driver’s license, passport, etc. Once you confirm your age and residence, you can order unlimited spray paints.

Is Spray Paint Illegal in Australia?

You can use spray paint in Australia after you buy it according to state law. If you are painting your own property, like the garage, walls, etc., no one will ask; however, if you are working on someone’s property, it is essential to take consent from the owner.

Some Important Spray Paint Laws by State

For a safe art project, it is important to confirm that you are buying the product without violating the laws of your state.

Some Important Spray Paint Laws by State
Infographic: Spray Paint Laws by State

1. California Spray Paint Law

You should be more than 18 years old to buy or sell spray paint in California. Even with adult supervision, no one can purchase paint before the age limit. Also, there are some other rules related to painting, and you should know that for the safe use of spray paint in your state.

  • You cannot carry spray paints in public places with spray paint prohibited signs.
  • It is strictly restricted to spray paint any sidewalk or wall on the street as this will be considered public property damage.
  • Making any signs and messages with spray paint on the road is called vandalism. If you do this, you have to pay a fine as well as experience imprisonment.

2. Guam Spray Paint Law

This state has strict laws for selling and purchasing spray paints. These laws are additionally strict for minors to avoid vandalism. Spray paint law has the following restrictions:

  • Painting any public property or building is prohibited.
  • Having spray paint with any harmful intentions.
  • Minors cannot carry spray paint anywhere without the property owner’s permission.

3. New Jersey Spray Paint Law

When you go to buy paint in New Jersey, you will see warning signs with the product as well as on the counter. The purpose of these signs is to keep customers aware of the laws. If you violate the spray painting law in New Jersey, they will suspend your driver’s license for a whole year. Furthermore, if you repeat the same mistake, the punishment becomes double, i.e., two years. 

4. Rhode Island Spray Paint Law

Here minors cannot own spray paints because minors can be a severe danger or public property in this state. All spray paint sellers display a notice that mentions this law. However, here if you are not 18, you can still buy spray paint but with adult supervision.

5. Texas Spray Paint Law

In Texas, spray paints are strongly prohibited. The retailer needs a permit letter to sell this product and follows some rules. They have to display a notice that mentions the law that it is prohibited to sell this product to kids. Also, it is vital to keep spray paint at a visible location; otherwise, it can lead to punishment.

6. Chicago Spray Paint Law

You cannot buy or sell spray paints in Chicago under the 1992 law. The purpose of this law is to eradicate graffiti culture. Even if you are over 18, you can only buy spray paints from adjacent suburbs.

7. England and Wales Spray Paint Law

The age limit to buy spray paint in these locations is a bit low. If you are above 16, you can have spray paints. If a seller lets a kid purchase spray paint, they have to pay a hefty fine.

FAQs about Spray Painting Age

Is it important to show an ID to buy spray paint on Amazon?

Laws to buy spray paints are getting tough daily as these are dangerous for the environment and health. If you want to buy this product on Amazon, they will ask for an ID to ensure that you are above 18. If you fail to prove your age, you cannot get it.

What happens if you get caught graffiti in Australia?

The laws against this crime are pretty challenging as you have to pay a minimum of $1,100 for having these paints without fulfilling the requirements. In contrast, you must pay a $440 fine for posting bills. Above all, if you are not new to this crime, the result can be 12 months of imprisonment.

Is spray paint toxic?

Spray paints are bad for the environment as well as for health. After working with spray paint, the instant effects include irritation in the eyes, breathing problems, and skin infection. In contrast, the long-term results include damage to the liver, nervous system, or kidney. To avoid these hazards, it is advised to wear a mask while handling spray paints.

Do you need an ID to buy spray paint at Walmart?

When you want to buy spray paint at Walmart, you have to have your ID. This is an important step to verify that you are 18 years old. Also, to track your residency, they can ask for a passport, driver’s license, and other documents. The government doesn’t want to provide paints to minors as they can use them against the law, and that’s why they ask for proper identification.

Is buying spray paint legal in the United States?

It is totally legal to buy spray paint in the US. However, you have to follow some rules, fulfill their age limit criteria, and you are good to go. After purchasing this product, please avoid carrying it to places where spray paints are not allowed. Otherwise, you end up paying a considerable fine and might go to jail for breaking the law.

Bottom Line

If you want to buy spray paint, you need to know that buying one for your project is not easy now. You know how old do you need to be to buy a spray paint and which documents you must show. It is important to follow laws for spray paints. Otherwise, you will face severe consequences from high fines and imprisonment. Therefore, stay aware to stay safe.

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