How To Adjust Sump Pump Float?

Sump pump is highly functional equipment that circulates the proper amount of water into our home. The sump pump is equipped with the most significant feature called the sump pump float switch. The basic function of this float switch is to adjust the timings of the sump pump. Furthermore, the height of the water is also adjusted by the sump pump for pumping the required amount of water when needed.

How To Adjust Sump Pump Float

One of the major issues with the sump pump float is its adjustment. If it is not adjusted properly, it will either stop pumping and regulating the water or not be activated. However, The adjustment method is very easy and only requires a bucket of water, a screwdriver, gloves, rubber boots, and a flashlight. For further guidance on the adjustment of the sump pump float, stick to this article till the end.

How To Adjust Sump Pump Float?

Switch Off Power Source

The first and the most important step for adjusting the sump pump float is to turn the power button off. This is considered to be the safest step to do while repairing the sump pump. As electricity and water don’t go well together and carelessness will lead to an electric shot. Therefore, switching off the power source is the necessary step to follow.

Adjust Sump Pump Float

Adjust The Float

The next step is to adjust the float. Float adjustment can be done manually or electronically. Using a manual float will require the removal of the cover plate by using a screw that is located at the bottom of the sump pump. Once the float is loose, lift it in an up and down movement for activating the pump accordingly. Also, the user will need to open the access panel in order to activate the electronic switches. After that, press the button for proper and desired settings.

After the float is properly adjusted, the user has to make sure that it is set at the desired place. For further verification, observe the float and make sure that it does not move. If, in case, the float is moving and returning back to its original position, then you’ll need to reset the sump pump again. Furthermore, the adjustment of the electronic float is easier as it comes with remote control, allowing the users to adjust the settings easily without going inside.

Test The Pump

Once the float is working properly, the next step is to fill the reservoir with water. For this, the user will have to make sure that there should be a high water level for preventing the sump pump from deactivation. After that, make sure that the pump is actively working properly. If the pump is still making some issues, then the user needs to add more water until it’s filled up to the desired level.

On the other hand, if the pump is working properly, then you need to drop the level of water which can be done in two ways. One of the methods is to completely drain the water tank by switching off the power source and letting the water flow through the pipes. By using this effective method, the pump starts to work actively.

Float Switch Replacement

For proper functioning of the float switch, make sure that replacement of the switch is done with a similar type of switch. This will not only enhance the working of the sump pump but will also ensure that the water is flown smoothly and is properly transferred into the house. Hence by following these steps, one can easily operate the sump pump.


Where should the sump pump float be set?

The proper placement of the sump pump float should be at 6-7 inches below the ground level. At this place, the sump pump starts functioning properly and circulates the water in the house.

Are sump pump floats adjustable?

If the sump pump float is not adjusted properly, it will make the sump pump either fail to stop pumping or will make it inactive. Furthermore, the adjustment of the sump pump requires basic steps and does not require more tools.

How much water should be in the sump pump pit?

It is very important to know the level of water if the size of the sump pump pit is known. For the 18” in diameter of the sump pump pit, each inch of water is equal to 1 gallon. Furthermore, 24’ diameter is equal to 2 gallons.

Why does my sump pump fill up so fast?

The basic reason behind the fast filling of the sump pump is its limited capacity and size. Higher ground level, stuck pump switches, and clogged valves can also be the basic cause of this issue. This can be resolved by replacing the valve, upgrading, and also by manually turning on the switch.

What level does a sump pump on?

When 20 liters of water is poured into the pump pit and the float rises, at this point the sump pump starts functioning and circulating the water into the house.


Sump pump is one of the most important equipment whose function is to regulate the water in the house. The functioning of the sump pump can be interrupted by improper adjustment of the sump pump float. This makes the sump pump inactive and also stops regulating the water flow. However, by following the above-listed basic steps, the user can easily adjust the sump pump float and can activate the sump pump by making it functional.

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