How To Fix Spray Paint Drips? – Self-Tested Methods

Spray paint drips are the most annoying and torturing thing for the painter that not only frustrates him but also makes him lose his confidence. Where the spray paints give you the perfect look of the paint, contrary to it, sometimes they give you so much stress, explicitly when you have to deal with the drips.

When I was in this profession, it was the most stressful thing for me to deal with the drips caused by these spray paints. Because I have this experience and I can say how annoying it can get. To help you with the best of my experience, I have come across the seven different ways to fix spray paint drips. Here are the details so that you can understand and select the best option.

How To Fix Spray Paint Drips?

How To Fix Spray Paint Drip

These 7 ways tell you how to fix spray paint drips easily and effortlessly so that you do not have to suffer from annoyance and frustration that most of the time create a mess during painting. Before starting the methods I would like to tell you a tip so that you can make the right choice of selecting the right method.

Tip: I recommend you check the texture of the dripped paint so that you can make the correct choice of the method of its removal. This is because each of the following mentioned drip fixing methods have its pros and cons and specificities. Some of them are recommended for dried dripped paints and some of them are reliable for freshly dripped paints. Select the method by first looking at what is the texture of the paint you want to clear.

Tested methods to fix spray paint drips

How To Fix Spray Paint Drip

1. With The Use Of a Brush Or Rag

This is the most reliable method of removing paint drips from the painting surface. It involves the use of a rag and brush. What you have to do is to select the brush with soft bristles so that the surface where you are painting doesn’t get damaged in any way. After selecting the best, adequate paint brush, get some thinner with you and dip the brush in it. And then dab that paintbrush onto the drippings of the paint.

Alternatively, if you have a rag with you, you have to dip it in the thinner in the first step and then should wipe the dripping of the paints attentively. In this way, you will get rid of all the paint drippings that are causing the mess in your painting. Let us look into the advantages and disadvantages of using a brush or rag to remove the paint drippings.


  • Effortless to do


  • It may spread the paint to other surrounding areas and also

2. Putty Knife/Scraper

A Putty knife and scraper work like a blade but they can also be used for wet and freshly dripped paint. Make sure the scrapper or knife you are using has a sharp blade. What you have to do is to put the scraper in between the surface and the dripped paint. Make sure this step is taken with proper care and attention.

As soon as you notice that you have placed the scraper in between the surface and the paint, quickly scrap it off. This is a reliable technique but it is not recommended for beginners. Like other techniques, it also has some advantages and disadvantages, let us have a look at them.


  • Quick & Easy
  • Only for professionals


  • Can damage surface
  • Demands extreme attention

3. Via Slight Sanding

Check the texture of the paint you want to clean. If it is not dried up and not really fresh and lies somewhere in between, you can go with the method of using sandpaper for its removal. Select finely made sandpaper and rub it slightly on the surface of the paint.

Rub it until it comes off. It not only will help you in getting rid of the extra paint but also will help you get a finer and smoother look. Like all other methods, we have our pros and cons to tell you.


  • It involves less effort
  • Gives additional smoothness
  • Reliable


  • If the paint is very fresh, it will create more mess for you

4. Razor Blade

Razer Blade is another method that is used for removal of the paint drippings, from the surface you’re painting on. It is extremely reliable but only for those drippings that have been dried off. Otherwise, if you use it for the fresh paint dripping, it will make your work look messier and poorer.

What you have to do is to purchase a sharp razor blade. Make sure the blade is sharp. Scratch the surface, where the paint is dripped and dried. Scratch it until this dried dripped paint is removed properly. It is a comparatively effortless and very inexpensive method. Let us discuss some pros and cons so that you can make the right choice.


  • Effortless and very easy to do
  • Affordable
  • Comparatively quicker than others
  • Ideal for dried paints


  • Risky
  • Unreliable from the safety point of view
  • Extreme rubbing can cause scratching of the surface

5. Hair Dryer

In case, you have no razer blade, neither scraper nor brush, just don’t worry, as we have a solution. Hair dryer! It is almost present in every household. You can go with the selection of hair dryers, to solve the issue of spray paint drippings. Heat, in combination with air, makes it possible for you to shrink and dry the dripped paint quickly and effortlessly.

This helps you to minimize the paint dripping and block it by drying it. It is slightly complicated to use because if you are not attentive while using the hair dryer for drying the dripped paint, you may end up having more mess.

Always keep in mind that, if you are using the hair dryer for textured surfaces, always use it in collaboration with sandpaper or some cleaning pad. It also has its pros and cons. Some of them are listed below.


  • Quick and efficient
  • Uses both air and heat at a time
  • Ideal for textured surfaces


  • If not used properly, can spread the paint more

6. Heat Gun

If you are looking for some tools and prefer selecting the reliable one, I will recommend you to select the heat gun. This is the most trustworthy product that is used for the fixation of paint drippings. The heat gun uses its heat to dry the paint quickly by shrinking it. The heat gun is preferred because it takes only a few minutes to dry up the paint.

Moreover, this not only clears the paint but also fixes it with the surface in a better manner. The heat gun is the only method in our list that has only one disadvantage. Let us look into both pros and cons mentioned below.


  • Saves time
  • Very quick
  • Makes the paint look better
  • Prevent the paint from dripping more


  • Needs extra care

7. Foam With Water

Using foam and water for cleaning the dripped paint is another reliable method that can give you a clear painting again. If you have some drops of paint dripped onto the surface where you are painting, and it is all dried up, then using foam and water is the best available method that is both inexpensive, effortless, and trustworthy.

For this, what you have to do is to wet the foam with water and put some water via this wet foam onto the dripped paints. It softens the paint quickly. Wait, until it softens. Now you can use your fingers or some cloth to take off the paint from the surface. This is another reliable method that you can use to take out the paint. But you have to make sure that the paint has not been dried up for longer.


  • Inexpensive
  • Doesn’t create any mess
  • Makes the paint look better
  • Involves only foam and regular water


  • Can’t remove all drips

FAQ of Paint Dripping

What are the key steps to prevent paint dripping?

The first step to preventing paint dripping is to use high-quality paints. They give you the best results, without causing any dripping issues. Then make sure you are holding the paint sprayer at least 6 to 8 inches away. This gives you the best and smooth results of painting. The third thing that will help you prevent paint dripping is to move the can of the paint spray continuously without pausing it. And the last thing is to apply thin coats several times. These four are the most reliable steps that you can take to minimize dripping.

What causes paint to drip?

The first and foremost reason that causes the paint to drip is that you may not have shaken the paint properly, before opening it. On the other hand, there is this second reason that tells us that there are some specific paints that most often cause dripping. And the third reason is that maybe, you are not spraying properly.

What you have to do is to make sure that you are shaking the paint again and again for at least 1 minute before spraying it. Then look for features and select the product with top-quality construction. Moreover, always select the best adequate method of spraying to make sure that the results you are getting are the most perfect ones.

How to fix spray paint drips on glass?

For this, you can go with the use of a simple standard glass cleaner. In case, there is spray paint on the glass, you can clean it with some general window cleaner. For this, what you have to do is simply spray on the area and leave it until it dries. Then use a paper cloth or some towel to clean the surface and remove any of the extra stains or paint left.

What can I do if the paint drips down my arm?

The first and foremost thing is your safety. So make sure you are using the spray paint after protecting yourself properly. Alternatively, if the paint drips down your arm quickly, wash the paint with water and plain cloth. I will never recommend you to go with solvent or chemicals for the removal of the paint that is dripping on your arm. This is because this may damage your skin more.

Which method is the best method for the removal of the paint drippings?

Several methods can be used for the removal of paint drippings. But the first thing that you have to make sure of is to check what is the texture and condition of the dripped paint. This is a very important thing as this will depict what method you can go with. We have foam and water method, scraper method, razer blade method, brush method, and many others. All of these are not only effortless to do but also quick and effective. Check the texture and then select the method, so that you get the best results.

Final Thoughts on Sprat Paint Dripping

Hopefully, you have gone through the details, I have tried to explain in the above-mentioned article. All these seven methods are reliable but always make sure that whatever method you are selecting, you are performing it carefully and attentively. What is important is to check the texture of the dripped paint, before finalizing the method. In this way, you can make more adequate choices.

Moreover, what I will recommend to you based on my experience as a painter is to always make sure that you are using high-quality paints and are selecting the right method of painting, specifically when you are dealing with spray paints. This will help you create less mess of the dripped paint and a more smooth and fine final look.

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