How to Get Spray Paint off Brick – Detailed Guide

Do you want to remove the paint from the bricks safely? Then you are at the right place because I will tell you how to get spray paint off the bricks easily. Spray paints are easy to use, and that’s why they are used widely. But when it comes to the removal of the spray paints, the practice seems difficult. Because spray paints are stronger than other paints. However, there are different ways to get spray paint off brick.

People use pressure-washing or sandblasting techniques to remove the spray paint. But these are short and non-professional ways that will damage your wall. These techniques will make your walls weak and clumsy. There is another professional way to get the spray paint off the brick. Let’s get into the details.

How to Get Spray Paint off Brick

How to Get Spray Paint off Brick

Pieces of Equipment and Material Required

Before we go through the steps you need some equipment and materials. These materials and equipment are important for the safety of the wall. As well as these materials will also provide your security.

So first you need to gather these pieces of equipment and materials. Remember you need all the equipment or alternative because if there is a deficiency of equipment and materials you will be unable to get the spray paint off the brick.

Pieces of Equipment and Material Required

Pieces of Equipment

  1. Paint brushes
  2. Clean bucket
  3. Gloves
  4. Glasses
  5. Wire brush
  6. Plastic bags
  7. Face Mask


  1. Paint stripper
  2. Plastic sheets
  3.  Tape
  4. Lead paint’s kit
  5. TSP

The right type of equipment is required for the safety of the worker. If you are a worker then you should wear gloves, a mask, and glasses. The spray paints are made of toxic materials. These materials can damage your lungs if you inhale the toxic chemicals.

In case of skin exposure, the chemicals can damage your skin. These chemicals also enter the body through the eyes. So, save yourself with your pieces of equipment otherwise you will be unable to get the spray paint off bricks and also end up harming your health.

How to Get Spray Paint Off Brick – Step-by-Step Guide

Now you have gathered all the necessary pieces of equipment and material required to work, it is time to start the work. Suit up yourself, and wear glasses, gloves, and a mask. You have to follow the step-by-step guide to get your work done smoothly. Do not skip any step otherwise, all of your efforts will be useless and you will have to repeat the process.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get Spray Paint Off Brick

Step 1. Check Spray Paint

First, you need to check if the spray paint is lead or not. For this purpose, you need to remove a small amount of paint and send it to the laboratory. If the lead test is negative you can remove the paint but if the test is positive then you need a professional for the removal. Lead is dangerous for the health as well as if there is lead you cannot remove the layers of the paint because the paint is hard. 

Step 2. Cover the Ground with Plastic

When you find the negative test results, then you have to cover all the areas with plastic sheets. Cover the ground with a plastic sheet extending to 3 feet and all the furniture or other items in the room. Because the spray stripper can damage the other objects’ paints. So, cover all the other objects with the sheets.

Step 3. Clean the Walls

When you have covered all the area around the walls, you have to clean the walls. To clean the walls you need TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) and warm water. Mix the powder in a bucket and then pour warm water. Wear kitchen gloves otherwise, your hands may damage. Now dip a sponge in the mixture and then clean the wall with it. The purpose is to remove dirt from the wall surface. Dirt may cause resistance in the process of removing the spray paint from the surface. 

Step 4. Remove the Paint

You have completed three steps, now you are ready to remove the paint. Dip the brush into the paint stripper box and apply a thick layer to the wall. If you apply a thin layer, it will dry too quickly. So, avoid the thin layers and apply a strong layer on the walls.

Step 5. Test the Paint with Knife after applying Thin Layer

After applying a thin layer, test the paint with a putty knife. The paint will be soft and will fall quickly. Scrape the whole wall with the help of a paint scraper. There are chances that pain will be hard in some spots. If the case is tough then leave those spots and remove the pain from all over the wall. During the process make sure you are wearing gloves, a mask, and glasses because the toxic spray paint chemicals can damage your lungs. 

You can use steel wool if the spray paint scraper does not work. Because the steel wool is helpful and stronger than the paint scraper. Try to use a professional spray paint scraper instead of using a local spray paint scraper.

Step 6. Apply a Thick Layer of Paint

You have scraped the whole wall but there are some hard spots that are hard to remove. Do not worry about them, just apply a thick layer of the paint stripper on the spots. As well as if there is some spray paint remaining because of the dry stripper layer, apply another layer to it.

Step 7. Rub the steel wool

Now use the putty knife to test if the paint is soft or not. Now rub the steel wool as soon as possible. Because if the paint stripper dries, the spots will be stronger than before. Remove the rest of the paint. The purpose of using steel wool is that steel wools are stronger than the spray paint scraper. Use professional steel wool instead of using local steel wool. 

Step 8. Pack the rubbed Paint and through out of the house

Maybe you are imagining that the plastic bags you need are useless. You have to pack all the rubbed paint into the bag and throw it out of the house. Do not touch the remains without wearing kitchen gloves. Because the toxic spray paint chemicals can damage your skin.

Precautionary Measures while Removing Paint from Brick

It is important to follow precautionary measures when removing spray paint from the bricks. These measures allow you to safely carry out your work without getting injured. Following are the must-follow measures that you should keep in mind when working.

  1. When you have removed all the spray paint, do not enter the room because the molecules of toxic chemicals stay in the air. If you enter the room wear gloves, a full face with a head cover, and a safety suit.  
  2. Do not use a scrapper if you have no idea about it. Because a scrapper has a sharp face that can hurt you.
  3. Do not use steel wool until the scrapper stops working because steel wool is for stubborn spray paints.
  4.  In case of skin exposure or inhaling the chemicals contact your doctor. If you find your eyes turning into red balls then the chemicals are damaging your eyes. So keep your body covered.
  5. If you are unable to remove the paint in 3 to 4 attempts then you need a professional. Do not waste your material and energy on the wall, call a professional for this job.

FAQs about Paint Removing from Brick

How do you remove spray paint graffiti from brick?

To remove the graffiti from the brick you need a heavy-duty spray paint stripper. The graffiti is hard to remove so you need to apply a thick layer of the stripper for 24 hours.

What is the best way to remove old paint from bricks?

The best way to remove the old paint from the brick is trisodium phosphate solution. Apply the mixture of TSP and warm water for 10 minutes and use a paint scraper to remove the paint.

Does vinegar remove spray paint from brick?

If you fail to remove the pain with the help of a paint stripper and TSP, then vinegar is the best solution. Place a cloth of vinegar and remove the spot with the help of a sponge.

Does wd40 remove paint from brick?

Yes, WD 40 is helpful to remove the paint. Spray WD 40 over the pain and then wipe it or use a paint scraper. Repeat if the paint remains otherwise WD 40 is strong which does not allow the paint to stay on the surface. 

How hard is it to remove paint from brick?

Removing the spray paint is tiresome because it is a manual process. Sometimes the paint stays in place and is unable to be removed. In such cases apply the double layer of the paint scraper or WD 40. If you still fail to remove the paint then contact a professional.  

Concluding Guide to Remove Paint from Bricks

It is hard to get the spray paint off brick. There are many other methods but these 8 steps are the easiest and simplest. Other ways are tiresome and require more money than a layman can afford. All you need is to follow each step carefully. Do not skip any instructions.

Safety is first so suit yourself, wear kitchen gloves, glasses, and a full face mask. The spray chemicals contain toxic chemicals, these chemicals can cause cancer. So, keep yourself covered.  

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