How To Get Spray Paint Off Cement – Detailed Guide

Accidents can happen, and we get the paint on surfaces we do not want where. Sometimes I prefer to avoid spray paint on specific surfaces and want to remove it. Sometimes it can be graffiti on a concrete wall, and others can be on metal surfaces. You may want to repaint it with something new, or you want it plain like before. Whatever the reason is, the question arises, ”How To Get Spray Paint Off Cement”.

So have you accidentally spray-painted a cement wall and are now wondering how to get it off? Or have some naughty kids done graffiti on you? If you think water will do the job, you are pretty wrong. That is why I have written this guide to ease your mind and help you. I will explain different methods which can be used to get spray paint off the cement. Go through this guide, “How to Get Spray Paint Off Cement”? And find your answers.

How to Get Spray Paint Off Cement

How to Get Spray Paint Off Cement

Can Spray Paint Be Removed From Cement

First and foremost, you must be wondering whether the cement can be cleaned of spray paint. There is a way to do it, so yes, it can. The key is selecting the correct method and tools to work with. You can easily damage the cement wall if you do not select the correct method.

Tips to Follow

Before I look into what methods I can use to get spray paint off the cement, there are some tips you must follow. The following are the tips you must remember when you start working. These tips are constructive, and they not only save your time but teach you the proper method

  • You can remove spray paint from cement no matter how bad the condition looks.
  • Choosing a method that does not involve scraping to keep the cement safe is best.
  • You must be extra careful when removing spray paint from the cement surface.
  • Before you use any paint remover, use warm soapy water.

5 Effective Methods To Get Spray Paint Off Cement

No matter if you have to remove the spray paint, these methods are known to be the most effective. They can quickly help you get spray paint off the cement. But before you use any of the 5 methods I mention here, safety measures should be your priority.

Safety Measures

  • You must wear heavy-duty safety gloves.
  • Dust and chemicals can harm your eyes, so wear eye protection glasses.
  • You should wear an N95 mask which filters out the dust and chemical smells and lets you breathe comfortably.
  • Ensure you avoid skin contact with chemicals used to avoid allergy or injury.
  • It is best to change into clothes that you would not worry about getting dirty.
  • The clothes must cover your arms and legs adequately.
5 Effective Methods to Get Spray Paint off Cement

1. Graffiti Remover

The market is full of specialized graffiti removers. These chemicals are designed to remove spray paint from cement surfaces and give them a clean look. You need a scrub brush and a graffiti remover bottle to finish the work. Working on the project can be accomplished by following these steps.

  1. The very first thing you have to do is spray the area you want to clean with the graffiti remover.
  2. Now use a stiff scrub brush to clean the area.
  3. You must move the scrub brush in circular motions where you sprayed the remover.
  4. You can reapply the graffiti remover as you deem it necessary to clear the cement wall completely.
  5. After you are done, you can wash the cement surface with water to clear off the spray paint.
  6. If you still find some residue paint marks, you can wash them with warm soapy water with the help of the scrub.
  7. Allow the area to dry off properly.

2. Trisodium Phosphate

This chemical is the best solution to get spray paint off the cement. If you use it, you must take precautions to avoid irritating your skin. It will save you time and effort. Following is the way you can use trisodium phosphate;

  1. First, mix 1/4th (60 ml) of trisodium phosphate with 3.75 litres (1 gallon) of water in a tub.
  2. With the help of brittle scrub, you are to scrub the spray-painted area after applying the trisodium phosphate mixture.
  3. You can apply more if necessary and let it stay on the cement surface for at least 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. Keep on scrubbing and applying the mixture till you get the desired results.
  5. Wash the cement surface with water after you are done.

It is best to use soft, brittle scrubs for scrubbing the paint off. Using metal or wire scrub brushes can ruin the surface of the cement. Plastic and vinyl brushes also do the job if you apply the mixture with proper measurements.

3. Citrus-Based Paint Stripper

This is one of the easiest methods to use. The paint strippers help a lot with removing the spray paint from the cement surface. It is best to use gel-based paint strippers as they stay well on the surface compared to liquid surfaces. Following is the method of using a citrus-based paint stripper.

  1. You are to apply the gel citrus-based paint stripper on the affected area according to the instruction manual that comes with it.
  2. Let the paint stripper stay on the surface for 30 mins or so.
  3. You can use a paint scraper tool to get the loosened paint off the cement surface.

4. Power Washer

If you have tried the above three mentioned methods and the paint still would not budge, you can resort to the power washer. Spray paint can be easily removed from cement surfaces with this method. This method can be followed by following the steps below.

  1. You can rent a power washer from any hardware store in your locality.
  2. Attach the power washer with your garden hose and power supply.
  3. Next is to set the pressure of the power supply at 3000 PSI.
  4. It is best to apply a gel citrus-based paint stripper on the surface of the cement before using the power washer.
  5. After 30 minutes of paint stripper application, it is time to spray at a distance of 12 to 18 inches.
  6. You are to set an angle and spray in that way to get the best results.

5. Angle Grinder

This is the last resort to getting the spray paint off the cement surface. Before you use this method, you must be aware that it will remove the upper layer of your cement surface. That is why using chemicals and scrubs is the best way to prevent your surface from getting damaged. Follow the following steps to get the work done;

  1. Remember the safety measure mentioned above before working with an angle grinder.
  2. You must use the specialized paint stripping wheel on your angle grinder to keep the surface from getting damaged.
  3. To start the grinding evenly, you must place the angle grinder flat on the surface.
  4. You must work slowly and peacefully to keep the cement surface from being damaged.
  5. Move the angle grinder slowly and flat on the surface.
  6. You must stop the angle grinder at once if the cement surface appears slightly damaged.

Experienced users should use this method. Even if the method seems easy, it is a heavy-duty job as you must be very careful when working with it. The angle grinder must be handled peacefully when removing the spray paint from the cement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Method To Remove The Spray Paint Off Cement?

The best method is to use a gel citrus-based paint stripper. After that, you can use water or a power washer to strip the paint completely off the surface.

Does WD 40 Remove Spray Paint From The Cement Surfaces?

The WD 40 can remove latex spray paint from cement surfaces. It is a light-penetrating oil for the removal of paints.

Will Bleach Remove Spray Paint From The Cement Surface?

No, bleach is never a good choice for spray paint removal. It lightens and stains the surface it is used upon. It is better to use a paint stripper or trisodium phosphate.


Getting spray paint off the cement surface can be a hectic job. But you can quickly get the work done with this guide I assembled to help you. I have mentioned 5 effective methods for your ease in getting that spray paint off the cement. Best of luck, guys, with getting your work done..

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