How To Get Spray Paint Off Plastic? – Detailed Guide

Spray paints are recently getting all the hype and popularity because they are ready to use and dry quickly. The spray paint cans are pressurized and help paint the target area, but you can mess up. Plastic objects are mostly smooth, and the paint might flow down the surface. You do not have to prep the surface hours before painting it. I wrote a detailed article on how to get spray paint off plastic after trying a few DIYs. All these methods will help you clean the plastic from the paint or clean the edges if they get a little messy during the spraying process.

How To Get Spray Paint Off Plastic?

Like all the other materials, spray paint can also work on plastic and give a flawless finish. You might get the desired results, but the colour might leak, or you can mistakenly spray at the wrong place. People think that spray paint cannot be removed and is permanent. Whereas spray paints can be removed when wet or dry, they are semi-permanent. You can read all the methods carefully as they will help you easily get spray paint off plastic.

Methods To Remove Spray Paint From Plastic

Several methods can help you remove the spray paint from the plastic surface without damaging it. Before trying out these methods, make sure to know the paint type. The oil-based paints will take longer to go away, whereas water-based paints are easier to remove. Let me discuss each method separately so you can follow and apply them daily.

Methods To Remove Spray Paint From Plastic

Clean Cloth

When using spray paint, there is a high chance that you will stain the surrounding area or the edges of the plastic surface getting painted. You can use a clean cloth when the spray paint is wet to clean the plastic surface as soon as possible. Do not drag the cloth onto the paint spot. Keep it on the area for a few seconds, then wipe it carefully so the cloth does not leave stains on the surface. This very simple method can be tried at home whenever you want to remove some wet paint spots.

Soap And Water

You can use soap and water if a clean cloth does not remove the paint from the plastic surface. Dishwashing soap is perfect for cleaning dry paint as it does not damage the plastic surface. Substances with high chemicals can ruin the plastic, so combining water with soap is ideal for cleaning paint stains. Mix a litre of water with any essential oil and dishwashing soap to form a mixture.

Soak the cloth in the water mixture and rub the paint. This will wet the surface of the paint and clean the plastic as the bonds are broken. You can also use this mixture to clean your paint brushes with paint stains. All the materials used in forming this mixture are not harmful and do not change the plastic’s shape or form.

Nail Polish Remover

Another method to get off spray paint from plastic is to use a nail polish remover. The spray paint’s consistency and formula are quite similar to nail lacquer. You can use a cloth or a cotton pad to remove the spray paint with the nail polish remover. Please make sure the remover you use has acetone as the main ingredient so you can get rid of the paint stains. You will notice that after rubbing a few times, the paint stain will begin to come off.

Scraping Tools

Plastic is very sensitive, and scraping tools can damage the surface or cause scratches. A paint scraper is usually made of metals that might damage or break the plastic surface or object you want to clean. The perfect scraping tool that can be used to scrape the paint off is a small blade or a plastic knife. Both of these can be used to get rid of the paint stains that were dropped unintentionally.

The plastic knife can scrape it onto the surface so the paint comes off. Similarly, the razor blade can help you scrape the paint off the plastic without damaging the surface underneath. These tools can be used if you want to clean the edges of the objects that you sprayed. They will give a neat finish without damaging the paint sprayed at other spots.

Vegetable Oil

If the plastic putty knife does not work independently, pour a few drops of vegetable oil onto the surface before scraping. The oil will help the paint to get wet and soft so you can scrape it off easily. A razor blade can also work best with vegetable oil as it breaks the bonds of the spray paint. The advantage of using the oil is that it won’t cause scratches or damage to the plastic surface you are cleaning.


You might be surprised to see alcohol on the list as it can damage the surface of the plastic and destroy its shape. Rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol does not cause any damage but helps you remove the paint from plastic as they break the bonds. Although both of these are safe to use, wearing gloves when working with them is recommended.

You can use a cotton ball or swab and pour a few drops of denatured or rubbing alcohol on it. Rub the cotton swab onto the surface slowly until you notice the paint coming off. Keep rubbing unless the paint is gone and you get the desired results. Do not pour the alcohol onto the plastic surface directly because it might react and damage the shape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spray Paint Removable From Plastic?

Yes, spray paint can be removed from the plastic using different methods. You can use denatured or rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, or a plastic scraper to remove the paint from the plastic material. All the methods work well and do not damage the plastic surface underneath.

How Do You Clean Spray Paint Off Plastic?

Several methods can be used to clean spray paint off plastic without damaging it. You can use a plastic scraper or a mixture of dishwashing soap, water, and essential oil to remove the spray paint stains from the plastic material.

Will Rubbing Alcohol Remove Paint?

Yes, rubbing alcohol can remove spray paint stains from the plastic. You can pour a few drops onto the cotton swab and rub the surface to get rid of the paint.


A detailed article on how to get spray paint off plastic is given above, so you can use these methods daily. All of them can help you get rid of stubborn paint stains without damaging the plastic’s surface. Most of the ingredients used in these methods are available in your home, so you do not have to worry about finding them. I hope this article will help you clean the plastic without scratching the surface.

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