How To Reset A Sump Pump

Sump pump is the most important and helpful equipment that is used to regulate the water flow and circulate it in the house. The best part of the sump pump is that it protects the house and basement from flooding, water damage, and many other issues. Like other important home appliances, sump pumps also need to be maintained periodically for increasing their durability and performance. Furthermore, they are also sensitive to power surges and power outages.

How To Reset A Sump Pump

Carelessness regarding maintenance of the sump pump can lead to improper functioning which may result in failure to perform the basic function. If you are facing a similar issue then it’s high time to reset your sump pump and make it functional. How to reset a sump pump? The process is very easy and involves some basic simple steps and fewer tools. For further guidance, stick to this article till the end.

How To Reset A Sump Pump?

Switch Off Power Button

The first and foremost step in resetting the sump pump is to turn off the power button at the breaker and then disconnect the power cord. Most of the sump pump problems are related to electricity therefore it is very important to take precautionary steps and disconnect all the electrical connections while resetting the pump.

How To Reset A Sump Pump

Removing The Pump

After disconnecting all the electrical connections, the next step is to remove the sump pump (here’s how you can safely unplug the sump pump) out of a sump basin. This is done by disconnecting all the drainage pipes without bending or damaging pump connectors or pipes. After removing the pump from the basin, place it on the old trap or towel since it will be dirty and wet due to water coming out of the check valve.

Clean The Sump Pump

Cleaning the sump pump is one of the most important steps as many of the issues of the pump are caused by the small pebbles or stones, dirt, or debris that get stuck into the pump. If the sump pump is equipped with a filter, make sure to clean it every month. With the passage of time, the basin pit and sump pump collect dirt and debris, and cleaning both of them will increase the lifespan of the sump pump, preventing future issues.

Checking Of Drainage Lines

This is another significant step that the user needs to follow. Before reconnecting the sump pump, make sure that there should not be any blockage in the discharge pipes and drainage lines and should be clean and clog-free. This will increase the lifespan of the sump pump and will function properly.

Reconnect The Pump

The last step is to reconnect the pump properly. Connect all the drainage lines and discharge pipes and then place it in the basin pit. Connect the power button and analyze the functioning of the sump pump. As soon as the power button is on, the pump starts functioning properly and circulates the water in the home. Hence in this way, resetting the sump pump is done.


Why is my sump pump not working properly?

Improper functioning of the sump pump can be due to dirty drainage lines and discharge pipes. Apart from this, small pebbles or stones get stuck into the basin pit which can cause pump issues. Cleaning and properly maintaining the sump pump will increase its durability and prevent it from future issues.

How do I test if my sump pump is working?

There are several ways of knowing the proper working of the sump pump. The first method is to trace the electrical cords of the pump. Unplug both the cords and only plug the pump cord into the outlet. As soon as the cord is connected, you will hear the humming sound. These sounds indicate that the sump pump is functioning properly.

How do you tell if the sump pump is clogged?

As the sump pump expels the collected water through the discharge pipes and if these discharge pipes become clogged and frozen, the whole system of the sump pump fails and this problem can be solved by simply cleaning the discharge lines.

How do you clear the sump pump blockage?

Sump pump blockage can simply be removed by loosening the clamps that are attached to the sump pump pipe after removing the drain pipe. By using the metal hanger wire, remove the blockage through these pipes. Furthermore, you can also remove the blockage easily by giving higher pressure for cleaning the inside walls and flushing the pipe.


Sump pump is considered to be the most helpful in circulating and regulating the water in the house. With the passage of time, sump pumps can stop functioning properly due to blockage in drainage pipes or when the small stones and pebbles get blocked into the basin pit. The best solution to this problem is to reset the sump pump. It involves simple and basic steps that are listed above that the users need to follow in order to make the sump pump functional.

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