How to Thin Latex Paint for Spraying – Detailed Guide

Thinning the latex paint isn’t a big deal until you know the right steps and it is not even time-consuming. With a few easy steps, you can bring the consistency of this paint according to your desire. But you have to keep in mind that the steps should be followed accurately.

In addition to this, check the type of spraying gun you are using as this has a huge impact on the spray paint coats. Moreover, I will also explain why it is necessary to thin the latex paint for spraying and will also explain some other types of spray paints too. So spare 5 minutes and join in to know about paints.

How to Thin Latex Paint for Spraying

How to Thin Latex Paint for Spraying
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Process of Thinning the Latex Paint

To thin the latex paint for spraying you need a 5 gallons bucket, water as needed, and a funnel. Firstly add the paint to the bucket and then add water to it. But keep in mind that for each gallon of paint you have to add only ½ cup of water. Mix both the liquids well with each other and then check the consistency of the paint.

Checking the Consistency

To check the consistency of the paint, place the funnel in another empty bucket and pass the paint through it. If the paint passes thoroughly through the funnel then it means the latex paint is ready for spraying. But if the paint passes slowly through the funnel then it means the paint is still thick and can’t be used with a spraying gun.

Before you start the Process of thinning latex paint

As this process might be messy you need to place the paint can and the bucket in the backyard or in your garage, wherever you can mix up these items freely. Moreover, make sure that there is no expensive thing around while you are following the procedure because that could get damaged by the paint. Lastly, don’t forget to wear a face mask and hand gloves as the paint is made of sticky material and has a strong odor.

Two Major Categories of Paint: Which one is Better?

There are two major categories of paints, that are, oil-based paints and water-based paints. The water-based paints are called latex paints and the oil-based paints are called alkyd paints. Oil paints are the older ones and are thinner than water-based paints. Moreover, they can be used in spray guns easily as they are low in thickness and these paints don’t dry up the nozzle.

Latex paints (water-based paints) on the other hand have thick viscosity but the best part is you can turn their consistency down by adding an accurate amount of water to them. Moreover, these paints are more durable and do not turn yellow with time, unlike oil-based paints.

Advantages of Latex Paint

Latex paints have various advantages and some of them are as follows:

  • They won’t peel off easily and have a longer lifespan than other paints.
  • These pants don’t get yellow with time, unlike oil paints.
  • These paints are easy to touch up.
  • Latex paints dry up easily and get ready faster for another coat.
  • They are non-flammable.
  • They don’t crack up easily and thus they are durable.
  • They can be cleaned with water.

Why is it Necessary to Thin the Latex Paint?

Basically, latex paints are thicker than oil paints. Due to their thick consistency, they are not able to give a smooth finishing over the surface. Thus it is necessary to reduce the consistency of these paints so that they can be applied easily and can be able to give a smooth and even finishing over objects. Fortunately, one can bring its viscosity down by mixing the right amount of water with these paints.

Another reason to thin the latex paints is to make them flow easily through the spray guns. If the viscosity of the latex paint remains thick, it won’t be able to pass through the nozzle of the gun. So to get the desired results it is better to prepare the mixture first, check its consistency, and then use it in the spray gun.

FAQs about Latex Paint

Can you use latex paint on furniture?

If you are thinking of using latex paint over your wood project then it is recommended that you should use a primer first. Without using a primer the latex paint won’t give a smooth and even finish.

Is latex paint washable?

Yes, latex paint is washable. If you want to remove stains then it is recommended that you make a mixture of mild soap and water. Spray this mixture over the mark or stain and then lightly rub it with the cotton cloth.

Is latex paint waterproof?

No, latex paint is not waterproof paint at all. Although you can make it waterproof by giving a coat of acrylic gloss over it. Make sure that the latex paint is totally dried before applying the acrylic gloss over it.

Which paint is better to use: latex or alkyd?

It is totally a matter of choice. Each type of paint has its own pros and cons. However, the majority have started to like latex paints because they are washable and they have a longer lifespan than oil paints.

Conclusion of Latex Paint Thinning Guide

Next time when someone asks you how to thin the latex paint for spraying, tell them that adding ½ cup of water to each gallon of paint can help you make the right consistency of latex paint for spraying. But if you don’t get the desired results you can add some more water, (around 1/8 cup of water per gallon) to get the desired consistency. Moreover, don’t forget to wear face masks and gloves during this process and try to do the procedure in the backyard. Best of luck!

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