Is Spray Paint Toxic – Hazards of Spray Paint

Are spray paints harmful to your health? You may have never thought about it before using spray paints. Spray paints are helpful because they dry sooner than other paints. You do not need some extra skills to use these kinds of paints. You may have used them a lot in the past but are unable to think about their pros and cons. The pros are they dry earlier than other paints and are cheap.

Unfortunately, all of it is not roses because they seem easy to use but may turn hazardous for your health if you use them incorrectly. These spray paints are made of various chemicals and no one knows about the vicious side effects of these chemicals.

Is Spray Paint Toxic? – Getting Started

Is Spray Paint Toxic

As a matter of fact, these chemicals cause some major health dangers. Such as skin inflammation, eye irritation, eye redness, and painful eyes. As well these chemicals are the reason for nervous system damage, depression, dizziness, nausea, and nose irritation. The poisonous chemicals in the sprays are called VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds.

Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Formaldehyde (CH2O)
  • Benzene ( C6H6)
  • Ethylbenzene (C8H10 )
  • Carbon black (C)
  • Methyl ethyl ketone (C4H8O)
  • Acetone (C3H6O)
  • Xylene (C₈H₁₀)
  • Toluene (C7H8)

Most chemicals used in the formation of spray paints are mentioned on the back of their covers. But there are various companies that make spray paints, so it depends on the quality of these paints and on the company. Not all these chemicals are present in every spray paint but some of them are mostly there.

There are five chemicals that most companies use for their spray paints Acetone, Xylene, Benzene, Formaldehyde, and Toluene. These chemicals are good for the quality of spray paints but unfavorable for your health. You may think about how they damage your health. These chemicals are inhaled through your nose or mouth when you are breathing and through the skin in case of exposure.

The spray paint fumes stay in the air even when you are done with the paint. Fumes are produced by spray paints and hover in the air for a long time. Breathing in this toxic environment makes it easy for these fumes to go inside you. People, who stay a long duration in the spray fumes environment reported blurry vision, lung damage, and kidney damage.

Side Effects of Major Volatile Organic Compounds

Side Effects of Major Volatile Organic Compound

1. Acetone

You may face short breath and breathing irritation after using spray paints. The spray fumes go through your breath and cause irritation while inhaling and exhaling fresh air. These fumes damage your nervous system and in consequence, you suffer from nervous system disorders. Spray fumes and skin exposure may cause a skin disease called dermatitis.

2. Toluene

Maybe you never heard about this compound but now you need to know the dark side of it. The exposure to its fumes in the form of inhalation and skin exposure is harmful. These spray fumes are much more dangerous than acetone. These fumes cause eye irritation, and breathing difficulty and also affect your lungs. Researches support that these fumes cause nausea and stomach problems but it depends on the quantity of consumption.

Skin problems such as irritation, redness, pain, and inflammation are commonly reported by consumers. In the case of ingestion, these chemical fumes cause vomit and disturb your digestive system. This chemical can cause hearing loss and affect color vision.

3. Xylene

This compound could be anonymous but now you should know that xylene can put you in bed for weeks. Xylene has similar side effects to acetone such as dermatitis and depression. Moreover, this compound causes eye redness and eye pain. As well as abdominal pain could result in case of ingestion. Xylene also damages your nervous system and causes a sleep disorder known as insomnia.

4. Benzene

Exposure to benzene may lead you to headaches because it directly impacts your nervous system. This compound affects your immune system. Basically, benzene is one of the most dangerous chemicals, the benzene fumes damage the immune system and affect your kidneys. These fumes can impact your red blood cells which carry oxygen to your brain. While it depends on the amount of consumption, this compound may give you pale red dots, burning eyes, and blurred vision.

5. Formaldehyde

The last dangerous compound is formaldehyde, a poisonous chemical. In case of eye exposure, this chemical can damage your vision and cause irritation in the eyes. If you have inhaled the formaldehyde compound fumes you may suffer from throat irritation, nose irritation, and breathing difficulty.

Affecting lungs and damaging the immune system, these fumes can make you sick. People who were exposed for a long duration reported headaches and nausea.

How to Minimize Risks of Spray Paints

Now you are well aware of these hazardous spray paints. Whenever people plan to use spray paints they ignore all the risks. Some of us do not know how to use spray paints correctly. Using spray paints correctly diminishes all the risk factors. Here is a guide to using spray paints correctly.

How to Minimize Risks of Spray Paint

1. Use Respiratory Protective Equipment

There are different kinds of RPE – Respiratory Protective Equipment such as filter face respirators or elastomeric half face respirators. All you need is to use a suitable RPE according to the duration of the fumes. The RPE helps to filter the air that you inhale and eliminates all the viscous fumes. These respirators will help you to stay long in the fumes and you can easily accomplish your goal.

2. Gloves

To keep your hands safe from these toxic fumes you need to use gloves.  Keep in mind that ordinary gloves are not helpful for long-duration work. You need to use professional chemical safety gloves. Professional pair of gloves has thick layers which keep the fumes away from you.

3. Full Body-Suit

There are more chances of skin exposure than other risks. To eliminate these risks and for the safety of your skin, you need to use the full-body suit. A professional full-body suit helps you to work longer and reduces the chances of dermatitis, skin irritation, and skin inflammation.

4. Glasses

Glasses are one of the most important safety shields for your eyes. Because the spray fumes can hurt your eyes badly. In case of no glasses, you may suffer from red and painful eyes. As well as glasses diminish the chances of chemical eye effects such as blurred vision or colorlessness. It will be better if you are using professional glasses because these glasses are specially made to resist chemical effects.

5. Damaged Spray Cans

Another reason for skin exposure to spray paint fumes is damaged or leaked cans. Most of the time, cans are leaked or may be damaged during delivery. So, scrutiny of cans is most significant to keep yourself safe from the poison of chemical exposure.

6. Safety Shoes

If you have covered your body with the full-body suit and your respiratory protective equipment is saving your face, do not forget to cover your feet. Feet have pretty hard skin but they could be damaged in case of long-duration exposure to the spray paint fumes.

Ordinary shoes are made of strong materials, so it is good to rely on ordinary shoes. But if you are going to use professional shoes there will be no chance of any skin inflammation or skin irritation.

FAQs about Spray Paint Side Affects

Does spray paint damage lungs?

Yes,  the sub-standard spray paints possess toxic chemicals which can damage your lungs and respiratory system. These spray paint fumes can cause breathing difficulty. Spray paint users also suffer from throat irritation and cough.

What toxins are in spray paint?

It depends on the quality of spray paints but most spray paints possess Acetone, Xylene, Benzene, Formaldehyde, and Toluene.

How long is spray paint toxic?

You do not need to wait longer than 3 days. Within 3 days the chemicals are dried up and the smell has vanished. So you can use your room after 3 days.

What should you do if you accidentally inhale spray paint?

If you have inhaled spray paint fumes, you do not need to panic. All you need is to get out of the toxic environment, take a shower and go in the fresh air. If you have any kind of respiratory damage or lung issue contact a doctor.

Can inhaling spray paint kill you?

A persistent inhale is dangerous and can kill you. The spay fumes affect the red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen in the whole body. If these cells are damaged or less than the natural amount you may die. As well as the spray paint’s toxic fumes kill your brain cells.

Concluding Spray Paint Negative Affects Guide

Using spray paints is not harmful but when you use them incorrectly they can damage your physical health. First of all, do not compromise over quality spray paints because quality spray paints are less harmful. Your first priority should be your health and safety.

A healthy person lives longer and happier than other people. It is crystal clear that spray paints are hazardous to health. These paints are made of different alarming chemicals. The spray fumes are invisible but can make you sick.

The sub-standard spray paints are always attractive because they are cheap and provide an efficient job. But, such spray paints are destructive. So, make sure whenever you use these paints you are wearing your full-body suit, glasses, gloves, respiratory protective equipment, and shoes.

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