Should Every Basement Have a Sump Pump – Detailed Answer

A sump pump is a lifesaver and is a need in every basement whether you live in mild weather conditions or in extreme weather conditions. Moreover, it has several benefits apart from just draining out the flood water, which I am going to explain to you today.

So spare some time, read the article and then make your own decision about whether every basement should have a sump pump or not.

Should Every Basement Have a Sump Pump?

Should Every Basement Have a Sump Pump?

If your basement is not prone to flooding or if you live in a hot weather area even then it is better to install the sump pump as there are many reasons other than flooding which can damage the foundation of your basement. In those cases, the sump pump plays a vital role and acts as a shield to protect your basement from moisture and other water problems. Some of the reasons other than flooding include:

  • Improper installation of the sewerage lines
  • Leakage of the water drain pipelines
  • The weak foundation of the basement
  • The improperly installed rain gutters around the house
  • Groundwater issues in your area
  • The aging of the house makes the pipes and concrete weaker allowing the water to pass through the walls easily

All the above-mentioned problems might look smaller for a time being but as time passes these problems start to turn into major problems as they develop mold and some unbearable moisture in the basement.

Moreover, the continuous leakage from poorly installed drain pipes can generate gallons of water in the base, and at that time sump pumps help to get rid of this nasty water. Now let’s talk about the benefits of installing the sump pump.

Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump

  • The ambiance of the basement remains fresh and moisture free.
  • Less mold growth and less bacterial growth inside the basement.
  • Increases the price of your house making it more attractive.
  • Furniture and edibles are saved from bad bacteria in the air.
  • Less humidity in the basement.

Substitute to Sump Pump

Substitute to Sump Pump
  • You can install a dehumidifier in the basement if your basement is not prone to flooding.
  • Keep the construction of your basement strong so that water doesn’t pass through the walls.
  • Choose the best plumbers to install pipes so that the drain pipelines and another water line around the house are not poorly installed.

Apart from all this, if you still have a choice and have enough budget then I would recommend you to install the sump pumps instead of substitutes. The sump pumps can manage to deal with the burst pipes and malfunctioning washing machines which humidifiers and better drainage lines cannot manage at once as they cannot drain gallons of water per minute like sump pumps.

Furthermore, hire a professional to install all the drain lines, especially the one connected to the sump pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sump pumps do I need in my basement?

A basement should have at least 1 primary sump pump and one backup sump pump. In case of a power outage, the backup sump pump will manage to do all the tasks in an emergency.

Should I avoid buying a house with a sump pump?

No, a house with a sump pump is a great opportunity to consider as it indicates that the owner has considered each and every detail while building a house. But before you buy a house just make sure that the pipelines of the sump pump and the sump pump itself work properly.

Can you install a sump pump in a finished basement?

Yes, one can install a sump pump in a finished basement but it will cost too much because you will need to distribute all the pipelines throughout the house again according to the size that suits the sump pump.

Final Remarks

Installing a sump pump in your basement is totally your decision but if you ask me then I would say that every basement should have a sump pump. Moreover, it is not necessary to install a  sump pump only if your basement is prone to flooding as the sump pump can also work wonders if the drain line bursts or if there is leakage in the poorly installed water ground pipelines around your home. Lastly, make sure that you take professional help for installing the sump pump.

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