Sump Pumps Brands – Most Reliable Ones

Finding the best sump pump in today’s saturated market is indeed a really tough job. It is not necessary that all the highly-priced sump pumps are the best. You need to be as selective while buying a sump pump as you are while ordering your meal because it is the one thing that keeps your house basements dry and you worry-free. But the question is which one to buy?

Sump Pump Brands

This question can be daunting especially when you are naive. But you don’t have to worry about anything because I have done a survey of the market on your behalf and come across a few authentic names that have been around for decades. So, all you have to do is go through the following list of the top four sump pumps brands that users, including myself, find hundred percent satisfactory. Also check out the major types of sump pump.

Sump Pumps Brands


In 1928, WAYNE company was founded by Norbert G. Berghoff. This company was based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and manufactured oil burners, water and space heaters, industrial ovens, and boilers. However, the oil burners were the only things that got the customer’s attention. Now, the problem was that the oil burners were seasonal which means that the company failed to generate revenue during the spring and summer. A decade later, in 1940, WAYNE got into the water pump business when it acquired Zepher Pump Company originally based in Illinois.


The WAYNE company shifted its headquarters to Harrison, Ohio in 1991 where it spread its products further. Now, as of this date, this brand is manufacturing high-quality and completely reliable basement protection products and so much more. The one thing I love the best about this brand is how efficient its customer loyalty service is and how they go over and above to provide top-notch services to its customers. You are guaranteed to be highly satisfied with their products, especially their sump pumps.

2. Zoeller Pump Company

Zoeller Pump Company is the largest family-owned business in all of North America. It was founded in 1939 and has managed to not only survive till date but to flourish and make its mark upon this world by manufacturing some of the finest water pumps including sump pumps. Its objective is to provide quality products and top-notch services to all its customers. Currently, this company is based in Louisville, KY.

Zoeller Pump Company

Staying true to its mission statement, this brand has managed to provide highly innovative products and is still striving to do the same. Their sump pumps are super easy to maintain and are highly durable. To top it all, their pumps have high life spans allowing its customers decades of unhindered and unflinching services with minimal upkeep required.

3. Superior Pump

Superior Pump is yet another excellent sump pump brand that you must check out. This company was started in 1999 and is currently headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are best known for the durability of their pumps. This company ensures the good durability of its products by using high-quality components that go well with each other. Further, they are also known to sell budget-friendly products so you must check them out.

Superior Pump

The sump pumps manufactured by Superior pump are one of the best I have ever come across. These pumps have longer lifespans and give the best performance possible. Besides, they are very easy and cheap to maintain. No calling in professional services for regular upkeep every few months. They come with detailed manuals that cover all the essential points for installing and maintaining the pumps yourselves.

4. The Basement Watchdog

The basement watchdog is yet another one of the most outstanding sump pump brands currently in operation. This company was founded in 1986 but it took three years to be able to sell a single product. And that is when the word spread, people finally paid heed to them. However, this brand has managed to flourish and become one of the finest and most sought-after names today.

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The basement watchdog manufactures a variety of products including sump pumps, backup pumps, utility pumps, combo pumps, and sewage pumps. This company strives to manufacture high-quality products with high durability and longer life spans. Besides, their pumps are quite affordable as compared to their counterparts.

FAQs about Sump Pump Brands

How many years does a sump pump last?

The number of years a sump pump lasts depends upon how you use and maintain it. On average, a sump pump lasts for about ten years, which amounts to a decade. Some brands promise a longer life span, but the thing is that with careful use and regular maintenance, you can prolong its average life by years. At the same time, rough usage and minimal upkeep will definitely take a toll on your sump pump’s lifespan. So, if you want your sump pump to keep on working at its optimal past its average lifespan then you’d better take good care of it.

Are Wayne sump pumps any good?

No, Wayne sump pumps are not just good, they are the best! These sump pumps feature powerful motors and an efficient water pulling system. They are highly durable and extremely reliable. They have good customer service and also provide after-sales services.

Final Thoughts about Top Sump Pump Brands

So, these were some of the most outstanding and renowned sump pumps brands. Their products may vary in affordability and durability but one thing that is common amongst all is that they are all premium quality pumps that are guaranteed to provide you maximum satisfaction. I have been fortunate enough to use sump pumps of all four aforementioned brands and in my opinion, WAYNE is the best amongst all. You may disagree with me but that’s alright as long as you are satisfied with the brand you prefer over WAYNE.

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