Types Of Angle Grinder Discs – Which one to use?

Working with metals can be a tricky business given the sheer amount of accuracy and precision that is required to shape up a rather normal-looking metal into something extraordinary. Just by looking at a fine metallic ornament or a piece of furniture, you can tell how much effort has been put into it.

There are different tools that are specifically made for cutting, cleaning, furnishing, and polishing metals. One example of such a tool is an angle grinder. It is a universal kind of a tool that can be used for almost all metallic work.

Types Of Angle Grinder Discs – Getting Started

Types Of Angle Grinder Discs

There are different types of angle grinder discs available in the market. You can purchase them at different prices depending upon their quality. However, you need to be very mindful of what each type of disc does and when to use it to get the desired results. But don’t worry because I have prepared a list of some of the most commonly used grinder discs with brief explanations of what each of them is used for. So, let’s dig into further details.

Types Of Angle Grinder Discs

1. Grinding Wheel

Whenever you think about angle disc grinders, the grinding wheel is the first and foremost angle grinder that comes to mind. This is because it is the most commonly used grinder mainly because it can be used for all kinds of metal fabrication work. It has a ribbed edge that can smooth out the sharp edges of a metal at a super-fast speed. In any case, you must be very careful while working with a grinding wheel because a metal rubbing against another metal at high speed will definitely cause harmful sparks. So, always take full precautionary measures before you get started.

2. Flap Disc

A flap disc is yet another type of angle grinder disc that is usually used after using a grinding wheel. A grinding wheel is a rather harsh grinder that often leaves scratch marks and uneven edges on a metal surface. So, a flap disc is used to even out the bluntness left behind by a grinding wheel. It will smooth out the scratches on the metal surface and smooth the edges of the metal piece you are working on with a high level of precision. It means that there is no way that you can get around the metal business if you don’t already own a flap disc to accompany your grinding disc.

3. Cut Off Wheel

Cut Off Wheel

A cut-off wheel, as the name suggests, is used to cut into a metal surface. It is basically used to slice large metal sheets into two halves. It is available in various sizes varying in the diameter and thickness of the disc. You have to be very careful with the selection of the correct size of the cut-off wheel. The rule is to use a thicker and larger disc to cut into a thicker metal sheet so that it will not break or get damaged easily while you work with it. On the other hand, you must use a thinner disc while working with a thin metal sheet to achieve a higher level of precision.

4. Wire Wheel

A wire wheel is yet another very essential tool to equip yourselves with if you are in the metalworking business. It is basically used for abrasion work such as removing paint or other stuff stuck to the metal surface. So, it provides great help for cleaning your metallic surfaces before you send them in for fabrication. There is just one thing that you must keep in mind and that is to be very careful while buying a wire wheel. You will find lots of crappy wire wheels at reduced prices. Be mindful to avoid all such poor quality products otherwise, it may cost you in other ways.

5. Strip Disc

Strip Disc

If the metal surface you are working on has a lot of resins or adhesives stuck permanently to it then it is a good idea to fortify your tool kit with a strip disc. Just bear in mind that a strip disc is not an alternative to a wire wheel but you can use it in addition to it. A strip disc is a lot more gentle than a wire wheel and enables you to work with more accuracy and precision. It is made up of a Poly-fiber material that does not scuff the metal surface after it removes the paints, resins, and epoxies from the metal surface.

What kind of discs do I need for an angle grinder?

There are many different kinds of grinding discs that you can use with an angle grinder. All of these discs have different functions and must be used specifically for the purpose they are made for. For instance, a strip disc and a wire wheel is used for removing pains and resins from the metal surfaces. A cut-off wheel is used for slicing large sheets of metal into smaller ones, a grinding wheel is used for smoothing out the edges and furbishing the metal. And a flap disc takes away any bluntness left behind after the use of a grinding wheel. It also buffs off any scratches.

Final Thoughts about Types of Angle Grinder Discs

So, now you are all privy to some of the most basic types of angle grinder discs. Make sure that you keep in mind the function of each and everyone so that when you start to work with them you will not have any confusion about what each and everyone is supposed to do.

It is also very important to know the true function of each because only then will you be able to carry out your tasks effectively. However, if you ever find yourself confused about the function of any of them, you can always come back to this article. And always make sure that you take all safety measures.

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