Types of Sump Pump Noises

Are you a sump pump user? There is some advice for you to never ignore sump pump noise because this can be the most significant sign of a problem in its functioning. Also, by analyzing its sound, you can judge its health. If you ignore such sounds, you might end up in a flooded house due to a damaged sump pump. However, it is crucial to differentiate the sounds as not all coming sounds are a matter of concern because only some specific sounds need your attention. Also check out different types of sump pumps.

Types of Sump Pump Noises

If you are unaware of the types of sump pump noises, read this article carefully. In this piece of writing, I will cover everything you need to know, from the normal sound of a sump pump to sounds that indicate a problem. Moreover, after diagnosing the issue, it is important to find the right solution. Therefore, this article includes how you can resolve the issue. To get this knowledge, read this carefully.  

What Does a Sump Pump Sound Like? 

The sump pump has its unique hammering sound that might bother you and your family. However, due to water flow, it is a must. Along with this sound, you will experience some other noises that can make you confused while finding the problem. But before getting into the sounds that indicate the problem of a sump pump, it is essential to recognize the normal sound of a sump pump. 

When you note a hammering sound that comes due to water touching the pipe and water flow, it is normal. It is an obvious sound while using a sump pump. However, if you cannot bear this sound and are looking to stop it, you can reduce it to an extent where you cannot notice it. For this, you can use a quiet check valve, set the pipe placement, and insulate the pipes. The recommended silent check valve is spring-loaded due to its high quality. You can ask for professional help for replacement. 

Types of Sump Pump Noises

There are so many sounds that you will experience while owning a sump pump. Each noise is directed toward a specific issue. Once you understand the problem, you can resolve it on time. These are some types of sump pump noises with their possible solutions. 

Types of Sump Pump Noises

1. Humming Sound

Usually, a sump pump produces a sound that is similar to humming. Often that sound is unnoticeable, which means the sump is working fine. However, if you notice a louder humming sound, it is time to check your sump pump to find the problem behind that sound. You can resolve this issue by yourself. 

There can be many reasons behind this noise. The most common one is clogging. To treat the issue, clear the pipe. If this is not the problem, look for an off valve that blocks the water discharge. Turn it on, and it will work fine. Weather can also be a culprit of this sound as cold weather causes clogging due to ice. You can resolve it by using heat and melting the ice. 

If you fail to find the problem by yourself, take help from professionals to diagnose the problem and resolve it. This is not a common thing, and mostly you can do it without any special assistance. Look for all mentioned issues and act accordingly. 

2. Grinding Sound

The grinding sound from your sump pump is not a common and unignorable issue. You will experience this sound due to a faulty, broken, or clogged impeller. Unfortunately, it is challenging to resolve this problem for a person. So, if you hear this, call a professional to do this task for you. 

However, you can save money by doing the right thing on time. Ask for professional help instantly after noticing the sound. They will look for the problem and come up with a suitable solution. This sound comes due to a fault in the impeller, which can be resolved by cleaning or doing a minor fix. A delay costs you more because it results in irreversible damage, and you have to replace the impeller instead of just a clean-up. 

3. Banging Sound

Banging noise seems horrible but the issue behind it is not that severe among all types of sump pump noises. So without being worried, check the discharge pipe. This happens because of an unsecured discharge pipe and proper binding will help you to resolve the issue. If you are sure about the location from where the sound comes, add a bracket to that point and it will instantly stop that noise. 

However, if you are a bit confused about the damaged part, consult a professional for diagnosis and adjust it. You experience this sound when the pipe and floor have a space between them. Try to fix this problem as soon as possible because it feels so bad to hear and delay makes the issue worse by losing up the other brackets. 

4. Gurgling or Slurping Sound

A gurgling or slurping sound from your sump pump indicates the backflow of water down the discharge pipe. This happens due to a damaged or loose check valve. A check valve stops the backward flow of water and makes sure that things are working fine. It plays a vital role in enhancing the sump pump working. 

If you face this problem, check the valve and adjust it in case of a loose valve, adjust it. However, this is a rare case. When you hear this noise, this mostly happens because of a damaged check valve. You need to replace that part with the help of a plumber. You can do it by yourself if you are a bit literate about plumbing. Instead of replacing the check valve with a similar one, you can use a silent check valve for peace of mind. 

5. Vibrating Sound

When the water flows inside the pipe, it often creates vibrations that can disturb you or make you think that there is a problem with your sump pump. Also, excess vibration results in the clanging of pipes that slowly damage them. But no worries, as it is normal and you can reduce both vibration and clunk by wrapping a foam or placing rubber grommets. 

You can wrap a good material to reduce the vibration sound if the problem is only vibration. Sometimes, this happens because of a wrong pipe position during installation. A straight pipe placement reduces the chances of vibration. Check your sump pump’s pipe and if the plumber places it wrong, ask for instant adjustment. It is important to correct the pipe as soon as possible to ensure a smooth water flow and to keep the pipes away from clanging. 


What does a failing sump pump sound like?

A failing pump makes strange noises such as gurgling or clanging etc. Different disturbing noises indicate different damage, such as you can hear a grinding sound when the impeller of a sump pump is clogged or damaged.

Should a sump pump make noise?

If your sump pump is creating low noise, it is expected due to its functioning. But if the noise increases to a disturbing level, you need to investigate. A sump pump makes noise due to any damage to the impeller, misplacement of discharge pipes, or some technical default.

Why does my sump pump sound like a washing machine?

A sump pump makes a slurping and gurgling noise like a washing machine if the automatic turn-off level is not adjusted accurately, as a slurping noise is produced due to the dryness of your pump. Moreover, water creates a gurgling sound at the time of discharge. So, consider replacing the valve at the discharge pipe with a spring-loaded valve.

How do you stop a sump pump from making noise?

If you hear a noise from your sump pump, it usually indicates something is wrong with the impeller or discharge pipes. So, find the problem and immediately fix it yourself or seek help from a professional. It can also demand the adjustment of the shut-off level of valve change.

How do you know when your sump pump is going out?

When you notice that your sump pump is frequently cycling on or off and is not working efficiently as your basement is still wet, you need to replace it. This can happen due to overworking if the basin of your sump pump is not large enough to handle the water load. 

The Bottom Line

Now, you are sure why a sump pump creates disturbing noises. A strange noise actually demands your attention. You have to investigate the issue and fix the problem immediately by looking at the types of sump pump noises. This article will be helpful in diagnosing the problem. But if you still find it challenging, ask a professional plumber to locate the damage and find the best possible solution.

Moreover, you also need to ensure annual professional testing and maintenance of your sump pump. So, your sump pump will run effectively to keep your basement dry without creating strange noises. This quieter sump pump will allow you to live in peace.

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