Types of Sump Pump Switches – Which One is Better?

Do you know what is even more important than a sump pump itself? It is the switch that controls it. I mean, what good is a sump pump, or any other devices for that matter, without a switch? None. There are multiple types of sump pump switches available in the market these days. These include a vertical switch, a horizontal switch, a tethered switch, and an electronic switch. All of these types of switches have their own pros and cons linked to them. Now, the question is, which one to buy?

Types of Sump Pump Switches

Tell me something, have you ever bought something that you didn’t think was the best? I’m sure you didn’t, and why would you? It is not very smart to throw away your hard-earned money on something that is not worth it. The same goes for the sump pump switches. In order to get the best, you have to learn which one is the best. But don’t worry because I am about to lay down all the facts related to each type of sump pump switch in front of you. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading!

Types of Sump Pump Switches

1. Vertical Switches

Vertical switches are hands down one of the best sump pump switches that I have ever come across. It is super easy to install and you have to do nothing whatsoever to do with it once it is properly installed because it is an automatic sump pump. When the water level in the sump rises, the float switch moves along to the point where it actually triggers the sump pump to turn on and start pumping water out of the sump. The only downside to this fantastic sump pump switch is that it is only suitable for shallow basins. So, if you have a deep basin then you must check out other alternatives.

2. Diaphragm Switches

The diaphragm switches are the exact opposite of vertical switches but ultimately do the same job i.e., turning the sump pump on. Unlike a vertical switch, a diaphragm switch stays in place at the bottom of the sump pit. The phenomenon that words behind a diaphragm switch is pressure and that is exactly the reason why it is installed at the bottom. The pressure on the switch increases as the water level rises. Once the water in the sump basin reaches a certain level, the switch triggers the pump to start pumping the water out of the pit.

Types of Sump Pump Switches

3. The Tethered Switch

A Tethered switch is a modified version of a vertical switch. It includes a small sphere that holds a small steel ball inside. This steel ball is attached to the sump lid or the pump itself. Now, what happens is that, when the water inside the sump basin rises, the floating sphere rises with it. The switch rises to the point where the steel ball inside triggers the pump and it activates. However, there are a few drawbacks to the tethered switch. For instance, there is a high risk that the cord may get tangled or stuck onto the pump, and is only suitable for wide basins.

4. Electronic Switches

The electronic switches are the most sophisticated switches of all. The best and most distinguishing feature of an electronic switch is it is not controlled by movements. In fact, these switches have pre installed water sensors and or probes. While sensors detect the motion of the water and monitor the water levels, a probe is installed to the highest water level that is supposed to trigger the sump pump. So, if you’re looking for an accurate and more ingenious switch for your sump pump, then the electronic switch is your best bet.

The only downside to this switch is that it is expensive. However, if you ask me, the price is fully justified given the enormous benefits you get from it. Amongst many other benefits of using this switch, the most prominent of them all is that the control box of this switch is located outside the sump pit, as a result, it is less prone to wear and tear and has a much longer lifespan.


Is there a switch on a sump pump?

Yes, of course, there is a switch on a sump pump. How could there be not? There are four different kinds of sump pump switches available in the market, including a vertical switch, a horizontal switch, a diaphragm switch, and an electric switch.

Are sump pump float switches Universal?

Yes, most of the sump pump float switches are universal. It means that they can be used with almost all of the sump pumps excluding a few exceptions. However, these pumps are short-lived because as the name suggests, these switches float in the water all the time. And what better degenerative agent can there be than water? But these switches are very low priced, so it is fair.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all from my side. I hope that you got all the information that you came looking for. I tried to be as concise as I could be. Now it is up to you to decide which sump pump switch to get. However, if you ask for my opinion, I prefer an electronic switch because it is a lot more durable and reliable than the other alternatives. Besides, it is better to have a switch that is not directly controlled by the level or pressure of water inside the basin, however expensive it might be. But feel free to ignore what I said if you are comfortable with any other type.

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