Vertical Sump Pump Vs Submersible Pump – Which one is best?

Mostly in the under-developed and developing countries, landowners feel the compulsion to install a sump pump in all their homes. The reason is that poor irrigation and broken drainage systems lead to flooding of the soil surrounding the houses leading to the accumulation of water in the foundations of the house. This accumulated water can have devastating impacts on the foundations because it creates an ideal atmosphere for the infestation and growth of harmful microbes such as water molds, that eat away at the concrete thereby weakening its structure.

In the worst-case scenario, this microbial infestation can spread rapidly throughout the entire building thus weakening the whole structure, if not taken care of properly and on time. And within months, the entire structure of the building crumbles to dust. So, to avoid this kind of thing happening, it is very important to install a sump pump.

Vertical Sump Pump Vs Submersible Pump

Vertical Sump Pump Vs Submersible Pump

For this purpose, two kinds of sump pumps have been made i.e., vertical sump pump and submersible sump pump. However, the question is which one to buy? So, the following is an analysis of vertical sump pump vs. submersible pump.

Benefits Of Vertical Sump Pump

A vertical sump pump is, in my opinion, the best option because it is highly affordable. The price of an average vertical sump pump ranges between a hundred to three hundred dollars.

Furthermore, it is super easy to maintain because it does not come in direct contact with the underground water as its motor stays above the sump pit. It means that you wouldn’t have to call in professional help at the end of every quarter of the year for regular maintenance.

The best thing about a vertical sump pump is that it has a longer lifespan than a submersible sump pump. The reason being, that a vertical sump pump is not submerged inside the water which has devastating surface weakening qualities. So, unlike a submersible sump pump, it is not exposed to such weakening effects of the water.

Vertical Sump Pump Benefits and Drawbacks
Vertical Sump Pump Benefits and Drawbacks Comparison

Drawbacks Of Vertical Sump Pump

There are two main drawbacks of using a vertical sump pump. The first is related to low power. A vertical sump pump does not pack enough power to pump large quantities of water at a time which means that during heavy rainfall or during times of flooding, a vertical sump pump would be highly inefficient, allowing the accumulated water to damage the foundations of your home.

Another problem with a vertical sump pump is the space it requires. Since it stays above the water, you will have to install it in the basement or the ground level in case there is no basement. It means that you will have to allocate a separate space for its installation and also keep your kids away from the pump constantly.

Benefits Of Submersible Sump Pump

The submersible sump pumps are quieter than the vertical sump pumps because they are installed underground, and outside your house in most cases thus, stifling their noise to a great extent. Furthermore, it does not take any space above the ground at all. So, you will not have to allocate any separate space for your sump pump.

However, the biggest and most relevant benefit of using a submersible sump pump is that it has the power to be able to pump large quantities of water at a time thus, making it more suitable for heavy flood areas.

Submersible Sump Pump Benefits and Drawbacks

Cons of Submersible Sump Pump

Amongst many other drawbacks posed by a submersible sump pump, the biggest amongst all is that it is very hard to maintain. This sump pump requires more frequent upkeep. Plus, you wouldn’t be able to maintain it yourself because of its underground positioning. So, you will have to call in professional help every other month and pay for the repairs and damages. Also have a look at the difference between submersible and pedestal sump pump.

Moreover, as a submersible sump pump is located underground and underwater, it is more prone to wear and tear because of the corrosive nature of impure water. Thus, it has a shorter life span than a vertical sump pump and is more difficult to fix. It means that you will have to replace your sump pump every few years. Besides, it is very expensive, which means that not everybody has the tendency to be able to afford this sump pump.

Are submersible sump pumps worth buying?

Yes, submersible sump pumps are absolutely worth buying because they pack a great amount of power and can pump large quantities of water and solid wastes from the sump pump. They are a helluva lot quieter than all other kinds of sump pumps and take up no space above ground. However, submersible sump pumps are highly expensive but still, in my opinion, it is the best kind of investment you can ever make in your home.

Final Thoughts about Submersible Sump Pumps

So, folks, this was all from my side. I did my utmost to gather up all the facts pertaining to the vertical sump pump vs submersible pump and explained everything in the simplest words possible. You can read all the pros and cons relating to both the sump pumps again if you still feel confused.

Just make sure that you make a well-informed decision that will benefit you in the long run. I suggest you consider your needs and budget limits very thoroughly before settling on one of these sump pumps. What good is something you can’t afford or don’t need?

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