What to do When Sump Pump Alarm Goes Off

Attention!! An alarm going off can be really dangerous and should definitely be checked before anything goes wrong. But don’t fret as with the few tips mentioned in this article, you can manage to set back your sump pump alarm in a couple of minutes. Three to four steps can set your alarm back in its original position. Follow the steps accurately and you can set back the alarm without any professional help.

What to do When Sump Pump Alarm Goes Off

As the sump pump deals with the water discharge and remains in the pit, its engineering can be affected at any time, so it’s not a big deal and can happen anytime with anyone. But keep an eye over the sump pump alarm as it could be fatal especially if you live in rainy areas. So let’s begin with the solution.

What to do When Sump Pump Alarm Goes Off

Checking the alarm system is necessary as it can save you from a huge loss and disaster. I agree that sump pumps are unnoticed operators due to the place they are fixed (in the basement) and due to their functioning, (they perform in heavy rains only) but you cannot neglect them as they play a vital role in maintaining the house.

As soon as you see that the water is failing to discharge out of the house you need to check a few things. These things can be managed by you yourself if you know the basic plumbing. So let me start with the first and foremost point which is the only issue in most cases and that is the indicator light of the alarm, then comes the other most common reason: the power check, then comes the float switch, and then the screws.

What to do When Sump Pump Alarm Goes Off

Alarm Circuits

It is one of the most common reasons. In this, the alarm might be working perfectly but the indicator light might turn off. To make sure that the alarm is working use a multimeter, which is easily available in every market, and find out the working condition of the alarm circuits. If the alarm circuit is off then jump onto the next step which is the current supply.

Check the Power Supply

Basically, sometimes the circuit breaker turns itself off due to the fluctuations in the current to save the appliances. Check whether the power supply is accurately coming or not. To check this, reach out to the circuit breaker and see if all buttons are in the ON direction. If the button is On then just reset the circuit breaker button connected with the sump pump and check if the alarm is still not working. 


Now comes the third point which is checking the screws just after checking the power supply. If everything is right with the current supply then get ready to tighten the screws. Sometimes screws get loose or due to the rust development, the connection doesn’t remain strong. Tighten the screws again and check if the alarm is in working condition or not.

Float Switch

The fourth and major point is the float switch as it has a main connection with the alarm. Due to the float switch, the alarm recognizes that the water is at a dangerous level. What happens is, that sometimes the debris is collected between the sump pump body and the float switch due to which the float switch doesn’t perform the desired role and the alarm doesn’t work. Thus clean the debris every now and then if you want the alarm to work efficiently. Also check out the types of sump pump float switches.


What causes the sump pump alarm to go off?

When there is too much water in an area that the sump pump cannot handle, the alarm goes off.

Is there a reset button on my sump pump?

Most of the sump pumps are designed with a reset button on them, and if there is one then you can get rid of several problems by using it.

Why is my sump pump beeping?

Mostly, this is the indicator that the batteries in the alarm are weak but there might be other reasons as well.


Now as you know that as soon as the sump pump alarm goes off the first thing you have to check is the alarm circuits that whether they are in a working condition or not, then check the current supply, if it’s all right then tighten the screws, and then in the last check the float switch. If all these things are working efficiently then it’s time to call the plumber immediately to find out what could be the other reason.

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