Why Is My HVLP Spray Gun Spitting – Detailed Answer

Are you searching for why your HVLP spray gun is spitting? Well, the major reason for spray gun spitting is the loose screws of the nozzle. Over time the spray gun starts spitting and dripping because the nozzle screw is not tight enough.

Sometimes, when people replace the nozzle, they do not tighten the screws properly. Well, there are also minor problems that cause HVLP spray gun spitting. Let’s talk about each reason in detail.

Why Is My HVLP Spray Gun Spitting

Reasons of HVLP Spray Gun Spitting

Why Is My HVLP Spray Gun Spitting

1. Unsuitable Air Caps

There are countless attractive air caps available in the market. The issue comes when you try to adjust an unsuitable air cap with your spray gun. Some spray guns are versatile, you can adjust any air cap with them. But most of the HVLP spray guns do not support these air caps because of built-in design differences. As well as, over time the air cap starts loosening and causes spitting.

2 Low Pressure

The HVLP spray guns require a standard amount of pressure to work properly. Low pressure can cause spitting. If the pressure is low, the spray does not come out of the pump and the HVLP gun starts spitting. To avoid this problem, first, check the pressure.

3. Fluid Nozzle Blockage

Nozzle blockage is one of the major reasons for HVLP gun spitting. The reason for nozzle blockage could be a thick material or damage inside the gun. The fluid nozzle blockage can also occur if the nozzle is not adjusted properly. While replacing the nozzle, people do not tighten the screws appropriately. It causes a space between the nozzle and tip. When the air enters the gap, the nozzle blocks automatically and the HVLP gun starts spitting.   

4. Dried Paint

If you leave the paint in the gun for a long time, it dries in the nozzle and tip. The dried paint blocks the nozzle, and as a result, you face paint spitting. To eliminate chances of dried paint problems. Wash the gun after you complete the task. Check the gun and clean all the dried paint. Your HVL gun will stop spitting.

FAQs of HVLP Spray Gun Spitting

How do you stop a spray gun from spitting?

There are several reasons for spitting but the major one is loose screws of the fluid nozzle. Tight the screws of the nozzle, clean the all dried paint, and use the gun under standard pressure. 

How much pressure does an HVLP gun need?

The HVLP guns are low-pressure guns, they need 8 to 10 PSI.

Should HVLP guns be cleaned between coats?

Yes, you should clean the HVLP guns between coats, if you are using different colors or switching from paint to lacquer.

Final Thoughts

The HVLP guns are durable and easy to use. But sometimes gun spitting can ruin your project. Well, the major reason for gun spitting is the loose screws of fluid nozzles.

However, dried paint, unsuitable air cap, and low pressure can also cause HVLP gun spitting. To avoid these problems, clean your gun between coats, tighten all the screws properly, use the gun on standard pressure, and change nozzles occasionally.

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