Why Is Spray Paint So Expensive? – Detailed Guide

You might be familiar with aerosol or spray paints if you are a DIY enthusiast or a painter. People widely use these to complete their projects or change their old racks’ colour. They are easy to use, do not waste any product, and help you paint at the target spot. Even after being expensive, they are widely used, which is confusing. Let me discuss some of the reasons why is spray paint so expensive below. You can read the article carefully to know why the spray is high-priced and not readily available on the market.

Why Is Spray Paint So Expensive?

Why Is Spray Paint So Expensive?

What Is A Spray Paint?

Spray paints, also known as aerosol paints, come in a can. This can is sealed with pressure, and you can use it by pushing the nozzle. The paint is mixed with gas and chemicals, pushing the product upside when the button is depressing. People widely use them because of their ease of use. DIY enthusiasts are fond of using spray paints in most projects because they are less messy and ready to use.

Spray or aerosol paints can also be used professionally as they are semi-permanent. These cans have a nozzle that can easily reach the points where access is limited. You have to ensure the surface underneath is clean and smooth for an even finish. These are widely used by people who like making graffiti on walls. Spray paints are available in different sizes and textures. You can get your hands on the appropriate paint for the project you are currently working on.

Why Does Spray Paint Cost So Much? Causes of Its Shortage

As mentioned above, spray paints can be used for multiple projects and have different textures. They can cater to people according to their needs but are expensive. The price of these spray or aerosol paints varies depending on the company and the textures. They come in a can with a nozzle pressed when you want the paint to come out. The main reason that spray paints are costly is that they are made with a combination of different materials.

You get them in a can sealed with pressure, and they are ready to use. Unlike other paints, you do not have to mix them with other materials before using them on walls or surfaces. These are ready to use and packed with great care, as the cans are also dangerous. They are mostly short in the market, which also tends to increase in price. The average price range of spray paint ranges between $6 to $25, depending upon the company and the size of the can.

These take a long time to prepare, so they are mostly expensive and not easily available in the market. The spray or aerosol paints are mixed with different materials and then left for a couple of hours to heat up so that everything is mixed. As you can tell, this process is very time consuming, but extremely important for the paint to get thick for storing in the spray can. You cannot skip this part, as spray paints have to be prepared in such a way that they retain their properties.

Another reason these paints are expensive is that they are prepared using unique ingredients and equipment to buy and maintain. You have to use gas propellants, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, etc., for manufacturing, which makes it costly. The colours commonly used by people have a higher price tag than the others. For instance, you will notice that black, silver, white, golden, etc., have a higher price than other colours, such as blue, green, pink and orange.

There are high chances that spray paints are not manufactured everywhere and are transported from one place to another, which adds up to the cost. They might not be available in your nearest shop, but you can order them online. As they are manufactured with a combination of different materials, including gas fuels, they must be transported carefully to avoid mishaps or accidents.

Why Do People Prefer Using Spray Paints?

Spray paints or aerosol paints are still preferred even after being expensive because they dry quickly. They give a powder finish and are set onto the surface without additional coating of spray paint The compressed air makes sure to paint the specific area. Hence no waste of product is done. These are incredibly convenient because they can help you paint several objects within a few minutes. Therefore, these reasons are enough for people to use spray paints even though they are high-priced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spray Paint More Expensive?

Yes, spray paints are more expensive than other paints because they are manufactured with a combination of different materials. These can be used on surfaces such as plastic, metal, and glass and have different textures.

Why Does Paint Cost So Much?

The spray paint costs so much because it has a very time-consuming process when being made. It must be heated continuously for hours to get hard before getting stored in the cans.

What’s The Average Price To Spray Paint?

The average price of spray paint can vary according to the manufacturers, but it can range between $6 to $25. Common colours such as white, black, and gold are priced higher than the other paints.


A brief article on why spray paint cans are so expensive is given above to clear the confusion. Some of the primary reasons are discussed so people can know the reality. These spray cans are extremely easy to use and help you paint areas with limited access. You can get your hands on the spray paint can and use it on any surface. I hope the article has all the information to clear some misconceptions about spray paint.

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