Why is My Sump Pump So Loud – Detailed Guide

A sump pump is a motor system that takes out all the extra water from floods. Most houses have these installed in their basements to stay safe from the floods. Now if all of a sudden the sump pump starts making loud noises, it is a matter that you should not overlook. If the noises start getting louder, the problem should be addressed by the professionals.

Some noises are pretty common also in sump pumps, which do not need to be concerned about. But still, you should not be careless about the loud noise your sump pump is making. Most of the time being ignorant about it leads to a major loss of the sump pump burning down completely leading to complete replacement.

Why is My Sump Pump So Loud?

Why is My Sump Pump So Loud
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In this article, I will highlight what different loud noises from the sump pump could mean, what is causing them, and what could be possible solutions.

Noises that Can be Observed and Their Solutions

Noises that Can be Observed and Their Solution

Normal Noise

It is normal if your sump pump makes a water hammering noise when turned on and taking out water. This sound is normal and does not signal any problem that needs to be fixed. It can be quite noisy for you and your family. There is a simple fix for it, you just need to install a quiet check valve which is also known as a spring-loaded check valve. Call a professional from the sump pump company and get the work done.

Humming Sound

A low humming sound is quite normal from the sump pump when turned on. If the sound starts getting louder than usual or the water is not pumping properly, it definitely needs a check. You should check the vent hole for any clogs and get them cleaned. If that is not the case, check whether the check valve is stuck or not and is pointed to discharge.

If the weather is cold, then check for frozen pipes and use a heater to warm and melt the ice. Last but not least check whether the impeller (a fan-like part that sucks the water) is damaged or not. In case the impeller is damaged, call a professional to fix it.

Grinding Sound

If your sump pump is making loud grinding sounds, it is time for you to get it checked immediately. This sound is often caused by a damaged or clogged impeller. The sound is disastrous and the sump pump should be checked by professionals.

Banging Sound

Now if your heavy-duty sump pump suddenly starts making banging sounds, you just have to secure the discharge pipes properly. It is better to use a 12-gauge wire to secure the pipe in its place. If you are able to find the area which needs fixing, then it is better to use pipe brackets. These are to be firmly attached using wood screws. The experts should be called for this fixture.

Gurgling or Slurping Sound

Now if you are facing a loud gurgling or slurping sound from your sump pump, you might need to replace the check valve. The check valve should be replaced with a spring-loaded valve near the discharge line. You can also try adjusting the automatic turnoff level of your sump pump’s basin. These little adjustments done by the experts will fix those gurgling or slurping sounds in no time.

Clanging Sump Pump

Now some sump pumps can cause heavy vibratory sounds which can be quite disturbing. To fix this, you might need to wrap the pipe in insulation to dampen the sound. This sound can also be silenced by putting rubber grommets under the pump pipe under it. Other times to silence the pump is by placing the discharge pipe in the correct position.

Other Factors that Cause Sump Pump Noise

Other than all the issues that may be causing your sump pump to make loud noises, there can be other reasons too. Following are the other factors that you should check as the cause of loud sounds from the sump pump;

  • How airtight the sump pump is.
  • The type of sump pump installed.
  • The amount of lubrication on the pipes and pump.

The location of the pump as compared to the sump pit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my sump pump loud all of the sudden?

There can be numerous reasons which cause the sump pump to be loud all of the sudden, one of them could be the sudden change of pressure in the pump and hoses.

How do you know the sump pump is going bad?

You can check for a faulty sump pump by noticing if it is making loud strange noises, has irregular water pumping cycles, vibrates excessively, etc.

How can I make my sump pump quieter?

You should adjust the pipes, add insulation, keep the pipes unclogged, and install a spring-loaded valve. If these few precautions do not help, seek the help of a professional.

Concluding Reasons of Sump Pump Loud Noise

There can be numerous reasons involved in the cause of loud sump pump noises. You should all keep track of the performance of your sump pump. It is better to call a professional if the problem or loud sounds persist. Other than that, always take care of the maintenance of the sump pump, as they are prone to malfunction if not cared for properly.

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